Millard Meiss (1904-1975)

Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Cincinatti (Ohio, États-Unis), 25-03-1904
Death : Princeton (N.J., États-Unis), 12-06-1975
Note :
Historien d'art
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0856 0983

Activities of Millard Meiss (1904-1975) (39)

Auteur du texte (34)

La peinture à Florence et à Sienne après la peste noire
Fra Angelico
La peinture à Florence et à Sienne après la peste noire
Painting in Florence and Siena after the Black Death
The Limbourgs and their contemporaries
La Sacra conversazione di Piero Della Francesca
The «De Lévis Hours» and the Bedford workshop
«Les Heures de Visconti»
The Master of the Breviary of Jean Sans Peur and the Limbourgs
The Bookkeeping of Robinet d'Estampes and the chronology of Jean de Berry's manuscripts
Grandes époques de la fresque
Illuminated manuscripts of the Divine Comedy
Illuminated manuscrits of the "Divine Comedy"
The Boucicaut master
The Late 14th century and the patronage of the Duke
The First fully illustrated "Decameron"
French painting in the time of Jean de Berry
An illuminated Inferno and trecento painting in Pisa
Painting in Florence and Siena after the Black Death. The arts, religion and sociéty in the mid-fourteenth century
French and Italian variations on an early fifteenth-century theme
A Lost portrait of Jean de Berry by the Limbourgs
The Painting of the life of St Francis in Assisi
Reflections of Assisi
Highlands in the Lowlands. Jan Van Eyck, the Master of Flemalle and the franco-italian tradition
An Early Lombard altarpiece
"Highlands" in the Lowlands
Toward a more comprehensive Renaissance palaeography
Giotto and Assisi
Andrea Mantegna as illuminator, an episode in Renaissance art, humanism and diplomacy
Primitifs italiens à l'Orangerie
The exhibition of French manuscripts of the XIII-XVI centuries at the Bibliothèque nationale
Light as form and symbol in some fifteenth-century paintings
Italian style in Catalonia and a fourteenth century Catalan workshop
Andrea Mantegna as illuminator...

Éditeur scientifique (4)

La Vie de nostre Benoit Sauveur Ihesuscrist
Les belles heures du duc Jean de Berry
Les Heures de Rohan
De Artibus opuscula XL

Rédacteur (1)

The Belles heures of Jean Duke of Berry, the Cloisters, Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Studies in late medieval and Renaissance painting in honor of Millard Meiss

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