Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

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Country : Irlande
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Dublin, 26-07-1856
Death : Ayot St. Laurence (GB), 02-11-1950
Note :
Auteur et critique dramatique. - Photographe. - A aussi utilisé les pseudonymes "Corno di Bassetto", "Fabien" et "Fellow of the Royal society of literature"
Field : Littératures
Variant of the name : George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 8043 6250

Activities of Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) (489)

Préfacier (17)

The autobiography of a super-tramp
L' home i les armes
Carnets d'un hobo
The Autobiography of a super-tramp, by W. H. Davies. With a preface by G. Bernard Shaw
A Correspondance...
Ellen Terry and Bernard Shaw. A correspondence
Oscar Wilde, by Frank Harris. With a preface by Bernard Shaw
Androcles and the Lion
Poems of Mihail Eminescu, translated from the Rumanian and rendered into the original metres by E. Sylvia Pankhurst and I. O. Stefanovici,... with a preface by George Bernard Shaw... with an introduction by N. Iorga,...
English local government... [6.] English local government... by Sidney and Beatrice Webb...
Un gouvernement international (, deux rapports préparés par L. S. Woolf pour le département Fabien des recherches ; ainsi qu'un projet rédigé au nom du comité Fabien, d'autorité supranationale pour empêcher la guerre). Traduit par Louis Suret,... [Introduction par G. Bernard Shaw.]
Three plays...
Three plays
International government, two reports by L. S. Woolf prepared for the Fabian research department. With an introduction by Bernard Shaw
Meeting at the sphinx...
The Miraculous birth of language, by Richard Albert Wilson,... Preface by George Bernard Shaw

Voix parlée (7)

Adress to the British drama league, Edinburgh
As I see it
Greetings to listeners on his 88th birthday
A message to America
Rungs of the ladder
Talks for sixth forms
Whither Britain ?

Éditeur scientifique (7)

Fabian essays
Aspects of Wilde
Dolls and puppets,...
Communism, a lecture by William Morris. With an editor's note by G. Bernard Shaw...
Three plays
Fabian essays in socialism
A Bibliography of the books and pamphlets of George Bernard Shaw, by Geoffrey H. Wells. With occasional notes by G. B. Shaw

Auteur de lettres (4)

The Paderewski memoirs
Lettres de G. Bernard Shaw à Georges Pitoëff
[1927] (ca). Lettre de George Bernard Shaw à Georges Pitoëff (4-COL-17(456))
Lettres de G. Bernard Shaw à Georges Pitoëff (4-COL-17(309))

Traducteur (2)

Three plays...
Three plays

Scénariste (2)

Caesar and Cleopatra
Major Barbara

Auteur de la conférence (1)

Bernard Shaw's speech

Présentateur (1)

Myself and my friends

Postfacier (1)

Frank Harris on Bernard Shaw

Compositeur (1)

Pleasures of music, an anthology of writing about music and musicians from Cellini to Bernard Shaw

Auteur du commentaire (1)

Some bibliographical notes on the novels of Georges Bernard Shaw, by Maurice Holmes. With some comments by Bernard Shaw

Documents about Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) (152)

Livres (124)

Bernard Shaw and William Archer
Telling the story of translation
Bernard Shaw's Irish outlook
Correspondance George Bernard Shaw-Augustin Hamon III
George Bernard Shaw in context
Bernard Shaw and Gilbert Murray
Correspondance George Bernard Shaw-Augustin Hamon II
Bernard Shaw and totalitarianism
Shaw and feminisms
Shaw's settings
Britain and Britishness in G. B. Shaw's plays
The only hope of the world
Animal sensibility and inclusive justice in the age of Bernard Shaw
Shaw, Synge, Connolly, and socialist provocation
Who's afraid of Bernard Shaw ?
Shaw and the Irish literary tradition
Bernard Shaw and his publishers
Bernard Shaw and the BBC
Bernard Shaw as artist-Fabian
Shaw's controversial socialism
Bernard Shaw and China
The letters of Bernard Shaw to The Times, 1898-1950
What Shaw really wrote about the war
Bernard Shaw
Bernard Shaw and Nancy Astor
The British library catalogue of George Bernard Shaw papers
Bernard Shaw's novels
Relations between the sexes in the plays of George Bernard Shaw
Shaw Shadows
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Bernard Shaw's remarkable religion
The reception of George Bernard Shaw in China
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Fathers and daughters in Shakespeare and Shaw
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Shaw's theatre
A sourcebook on naturalist theatre
Esquisse d'autoportrait
Edwardian Shaw
The Cambridge companion to George Bernard Shaw
G. B. Shaw, un dramaturge engagé
The Cambridge companion to George Bernard Shaw
Not bloody likely ! and other quotations from Bernard Shaw
Bernard Shaw on cinema
Polemica sul fascismo
Bernard Shaw
Bernard Shaw and Gabriel Pascal
Shaw's people
Bernard Shaw and H. G. Wells
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Shaw and Joyce
Écrits sur la musique
George Bernard Shaw and the socialist theatre
George Bernard Shaw and the socialist theatre
The proverbial Bernard Shaw
Henry Irving's Waterloo
Jonathan, Jack and GBS
Shaw, Lady Gregory and the Abbey
Socialism and superior brains
Bernard Shaw
Bernard Shaw
Letters from Margaret
Produktive Missverständnisse
The writer writing
Critical essays on George Bernard Shaw
The playwriting self of Bernard Shaw
Shaw's daughters
Bernard Shaw
Bernard Shaw and the comic sublime
Interviews and recollections
Bernard Shaw
Bernard Shaw and Alfred Douglas
Cheerio, Titan
The socialism of Bernard Shaw
Bernard Shaw
Shaw's sense of history
Bernard Shaw
Bernard Shaw
Bernard Shaw's letters to Siegfried Trebitsch
G. B. Shaw
Der Stil der dramatischen Sprache in den Stücken George Bernard Shaws
Bernard Shaw, a bibliography
George Bernard Shaw
George Bernard Shaw
Paysages photographiés par George Shaw
Bishop of everywhere
The Playwright and the pirate
The Unexpected Shaw
Money and politics in Ibsen
Political convictions of G.B. Shaw
The Genius of Shaw
L'Uso politico del teatro
George Bernard Shaw
Bernard Shaw
George Bernard Shaw
The cart and the trumpet
Musikfeuilletons des Corno di Bassetto
Sound-writing 1982-1972
Bernard Shaw
Bernard Shaw's plays
G.B.S. and the lunatic
Bernard Shaw, Mrs. Patrick Campbell
How to become a musical critic
Moving into Aquarius
Theatrical companion to Shaw
George Bernard Shaw als Musikkritiker
Zur Problematik der Musikkritik
Days with Bernard Shaw
Mon portrait en seize esquisses
[Recueil. Dossiers biographiques Boutillier du Retail. Documentation sur Vivien Leigh]
The splendid collection of first editions of the works of Joseph Conrad, George Bernard Shaw
Bernard Shaw et la France
Oscar Wilde drunkard and swindler, a reply to George Bernard Shaw, Dr G. J. Renier, Frank Harris, etc., by Robert Harborough Sherard,... with an interview with G. B. Shaw, by Hugh Kingsmill,...
Un livre sur Bernard Shaw
Un Molière contemporain
Dramatic opinions and essays with an apology volume two
[Recueil. Dossiers biographiques Boutillier du Retail. Documentation sur Bernard Shaw]
Bernard Shaw & la guerre
[Recueil. Documentation sur George Shaw]
Les "Souvenirs" de Rudyard Kipling et le "Bernard Shaw" de Frank Harris

Documents d'archives et manuscrits (16)

[Article sans titre au sujet de la correspondance entre Ellen Terry et Bernard Shaw + 1 lettre de Liberty, datée du 12 février 1932, notifiant son refus de publier cet article / Untitled article about the correspondence between Ellen Terry and Bernard Shaw + 1 letter from Liberty, dated February 12, 1932, rejecting the article] (EGC-Ms-B-78)
[Article sans titre sur George Bernard Shaw / Untitled article about George Bernard Shaw] (EGC-Ms-B-1045)
[Article sans titre sur George Bernard Shaw / Untitled article about George Bernard Shaw] (EGC-Ms-C-329)
[Brouillon d'article critiquant les positions de Bernard Shaw sur la création d'un théâtre national, et commençant par / Draft article in which Craig criticises Bernard Shaw's views on the formation of a national theatre, and the beginning of which reads: Mr Bernard Shaw favours the idea of a national theatre under the direction of a Committee but makes one or two amazingly incorrect statements while defending his position.] (EGC-Ms-B-842)
[Brouillon d'un article publié dans The Observer en réponse à un article dans lequel Bernard Shaw comparait le travail d'Edward Gordon Craig à celui de Charles Ricketts / Draft of an article published in The Observer as a reply to an article in which Bernard Shaw compared Edward Gordon Craig's work with Charles Ricketts's] (EGC-Ms-B-748)
GBS with HI & ET [i.e., George Bernard Shaw with Henry Irving and Ellen Terry] (EGC-Ms-B-377(4))
Shaw, Bernard (1856-1950) (EGC)
Three errors (EGC)
". . A letter to George Bernard Shaw from E. Gordon Craig. . . July 29. 1907. No: of words 1238. (Published. raturé / cancelled)" [2 copies] (EGC-Ms-B-858)
"Nécrologie des gens de théâtre" (GR FOL-COL-197(3))
George Bernard Shaw and the poet dramatists (EGC-Ms-C-311)
The Colossus (EGC-Ms-B-1233)
[Numéros de périodiques adressés à Craig pour. The Mask. vol. 10 / Issues of periodicals sent to Craig for. The Mask. Vol. 10] (EGC-Ms-A-140)
[Textes et. correspondance. / Texts and correspondence] (EGC-Ms-A-65)
Reflections on the Irving-Shaw controversy (EGC)
George Bernard Shaw and the poet dramatists (EGC-Ms-B-145)

Documents d'archives et manuscrits (catalogue général) (6)

Recueil. Articles sur Bernard Shaw. 1950
Recueil. Articles sur Bernard Shaw. 1951
George Bernard Shaw
Articles biographiques et critiques sur Bernard Shaw
Cartes postales et lettres de Paul Dukas à Robert Brussel, Nimes, mercredi [20], 21 mai 1914, vendredi 22 mai 1914, samedi [23 mai 1914]
Correspondance croisée entre Hamon et Jacques Rouché

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George Bernard Shaw
George Bernhard Shaw
Bernard Shaw, écrivain anglais
Portrait de George B. Shaw

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