Arthur Tress

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Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
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ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0803 3614

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Skate park
San Francisco. Sea Shore en fog
New York. Dream of space flight
Staten Island Dream of the Cut off hand
Bilox (Mississipi) The spinters dream
New Jersey. Dream of boy en Maze - (Labyrinthe)
New York. A young child, Dream of death
New York. Britter Dream
New York. Dream of a Hermaphrodite...
New York. Dream of my Step mother
Ocean City (N. Y.) -Road Dream
Open space in the inner City
Atlantic city (N. Y). Dream of the Shovel man
New Jersey. Pollution Dream
New York. School reading dream
New York. Sing. Sing Prison. Rêve du Condt sur la plage
New York. Dream of flying
Boston. Thru the looking Glass Dream
New York. Suffochtion Dream
New York. Central Park Dream of old wild man en leaves
New York. Dream of boy
Newark. After the Riot, Dream
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Male of the species
Facing up
Theater of mind

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Arthur Tress
The dream collector

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Arthur Tress
Male of the species
Arthur Tress
Facing up
The dream collector
Open space in the inner City
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Arthur Tress

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