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Nanoporous catalysts for biomass conversion
Applications of EPR and NMR spectroscopy in homogeneous catalysis
Molecularly imprinted catalysts
Industrial catalytic processes for fine and specialty chemicals
Ligand platforms in homogenous catalytic reactions with metals
Zinc catalysis
Cooperative catalysis
From molecules to materials
Advanced catalytic materials
Atomically-precise methods for synthesis of solid catalysts
Heterogeneous catalysts for clean technology
Green catalysts for energy transformation and emission control
Heterogeneous gold catalysts and catalysis
New and future developments in catalysis
Novel materials for catalysis and fuels processing
Computational Catalysis
Development of novel hydrogen-bond donor catalysts
Sustainable catalysis
Palladium-catalyzed coupling reactions
Environmentally benign catalysts
Characterization of solid materials and heterogeneous catalysts
Homogeneous catalysts
Homogeneous catalysts
Molecular catalysis of rare-earth elements
Handbook of spent hydroprocessing catalysts
Novel concepts in catalysis and chemical reactors
Catalysis without precious metals
Molecular catalysts for energy conversion
Modern gold catalyzed synthesis
Carbons and carbon-supported catalysts in hydroprocessing
PEM fuel cell electrocatalysts and catalyst layers
Carbons and carbon-supported catalysts in hydroprocessing
Turning points in solid-state, materials and surface science
Handbook of industrial catalysts
Catalysts for upgrading heavy petroleum feeds
Regio- and stereo-controlled oxidations and reductions
Past and present in DeNOx catalysis
Development of next generation biodiesel technology
Enzyme-catalyzed synthesis of polymers
Catalyst separation, recovery and recycling
Fundamentals of industrial catalytic processes
Microporous and mesoporous solid catalysts
Progress in olefin polymerization catalysts and polyolefin materials
Scientific bases for the preparation of heterogeneous catalysts
Oxide based materials
Immobilized catalysts
Metal catalysed carbon-carbon bond-forming reactions
Nanotechnology in catalysis
Physico-chemical analysis of industrial catalysts
Zeolites for cleaner technologies
Catalytic air pollution control
Impact of zeolites and other porous materials on the new technologies at the beginning of the new millennium
Scientific bases for the preparation of heterogeneous catalysts
Development of catalysts for exhaust after-treatment of natural gas powered vehicles and biofuel combustion
Oxide-based systems at the crossroads of chemistry
Analyse physico-chimique des catalyseurs industriels
12th International Congress on Catalysis
Molecular chaperones and folding catalysts
Handbook of heterogeneous catalysis
Advanced catalysts and nanostructured materials
Catalysts in petroleum refining and petrochemical industries 1995
Acid-base catalysis II
Computer-aided design of catalysts
New aspects of spillover effect in catalysis
Etude de l'influence des composés sulfurés sur les catalyseurs d'hydrogénation en phase liquide
Elaboration de matrices de catalyseurs à base de silice-alumine
Solid supports and catalysts in organic synthesis
Principles of catalyst development
Fundamental aspects of heterogeneous catalysis studied by particle beams
Preparation of catalysts V
Preparation of catalysts V
Structure-activity and selectivity relationships in heterogeneous catalysis
Spectroscopic characterization of heterogenous catalysts Part A
Material concepts in surface reactivity and catalysis
Catalysts in petroleum refining 1989
Catalyst surface
Spectroscopic characterization of heterogenous catalysts Part B
Successful design of catalysts
Hydrotreating catalysts
Catalysis, kinetics, and reactor engineering
Hydrotreating catalysts
Successful design of catalysts
New solid acids and bases
Activation, deactivation, and poisoning of catalysts
Marché des catalyseurs d'hydrogénation en pétrochimie et lipochimie
Les Techniques physiques d'étude des catalyseurs
Preparation of catalysts II
Preparation of catalysts IV
Preparation of catalysts I
Metal clusters in catalysis
Metal clusters in catalysis
Catalysis by acids and bases
Unsteady processes in catalytic reactors
Étude de l'influence de la texture poreuse des catalyseurs CoO-MoO-AlO lors de l'hydrotraitement du pétrole brut de Boscan
Spillover of adsorbed species
Preparation of catalysts III
Preparation of catalysts III
Contribution à l'étude du vieillissement par dépôt de coke des catalyseurs de reformage catalytique
Transformation du méthanol en oléfines légères
New horizons in catalysis
Catalyst deactivation
Preparation of catalysts II
Spectroscopy in heterogeneous catalysis
Étude de catalyseurs solubles du type Ziegler appliquée à l'hydrogénation sélective du butadiène :1-3 :+un-trois+
Catalysis in coal conversion
Advanced materials in catalysis
Preparation of catalysts I
Sulphide catalysts
Solid acids and bases
Catalysis by nonmetals
Experimental methods in catalytic research
Synthèses et catalyses industrielles, fabrications minérales

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