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Circuits monolithiques
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Fast techniques for integrated circuit design
Power management for integrated chip design
CMOS time-mode circuits and systems
Terrestrial radiation effects in ULSI devices and electronic systems
Computational intelligence in digital and network designs and applications
FinFET modeling for IC simulation and design
Micro-relay technology for energy-efficient integrated circuits
Faster than Nyquist signaling
Digital integrated circuit design using Verilog and SystemVerilog
Non-volatile memories
Fundamentals of silicon carbide technology
Ultra-low power integrated circuit design
High performance multi-channel high-speed I/O circuits
Mémoires électroniques
Physical unclonable functions in theory and practice
Advances in analog and RF IC design for wireless communication systems
Integration of passive RF front end components in SoCs
Precision instrumentation amplifiers and read-out integrated circuits
Variation-aware design of custom integrated circuits
Analog-to-digital conversion
Multi-objective optimization in physical synthesis of integrated circuits
Design for high performance, low power, and reliable 3D integrated circuits
Signal processing and integrated circuits
Reliability, availability and serviceability of networks-on-chip
SystemVerilog for verification
Digital circuit boards
Bio-medical CMOS ICs
Integrated circuit and system design
Focal-plane sensor-processor chips
Multi-objective design space exploration of multiprocessor SoC architectures
The simple art of SoC design
3D integration for NoC-based SoC architectures
Traitement des puces électroniques et nouveaux procédés d'interconnexion
Mastering the I2C Bus
Electromigration in thin films and electronic devices
Atom chips
Advanced adhesives in electronics
Integrated circuit and system design
Design and test technology for dependable systems-on-chip
Nanoelectronic circuit design
Radio frequency circuit design
Microstrip and printed antennas
Simulation and verification of electronic and biological systems
Computational lithography
RF MEMS switching and integrated switching circuits
Secure integrated circuits and systems
Emerging technologies and circuits
Linear CMOS RF power amplifiers for wireless applications
Models in hardware testing
EMC of analog integrated circuits
Analog circuits and systems optimization based on evolutionary computation techniques
3-dimensional VLSI
Dynamic reconfigurable network-on-chip design
Makers of the microchip
Coupled data communication techniques for high-performance and low-power computing
Moisture sensitivity of plastic packages of IC devices
Integrated nanophotonic devices
Circuit simulation
Into the nano era
Three-dimensional integrated circuit design
Circuit simulation with SPICE OPUS
Electronic design automation
Three-dimensional integrated circuit design
Electronique analogique rapide
Integrated interconnect technologies for 3D nanoelectronic systems
Handbook of 3D integration
Verification techniques for system-level design
Computer aided verification
Architecture design for soft errors
Radio frequency integrated circuits and technologies
Silver metallization
Radio frequency integrated circuits and technologies
Hardware verification with C++
Packaging avancé sur silicium
Adaptive techniques for dynamic processor optimization
Emerging nanotechnologies
On-chip communication architectures
Radio frequency integrated circuits and technologies
Integrated circuit packaging, assembly and interconnections
Understanding fabless IC technology
Power management of digital circuits in deep sub-micron CMOS technologies
Radio frequency integrated circuits and technologies
ESL design and verification
Computer Aided Verification
Advanced gate stacks for high-mobility semiconductors
Adaptive cooling of integrated circuits using digital microfluidics
Fundamental principles of optical lithography
Physique et modélisation des composants et des circuits intégrés de puissance
CMOS current-mode circuits for data communications
High-speed optical transceivers
Adaptive low-power circuits for wireless communications
A practical introduction to PSL
Scientific wet process technology for innovative LSI/FPD manufacturing
Transistor level modeling for analog/RF IC design
Verification methodology manual for SystemVerilog
Thermal and power management of integrated circuits
Electromagnetic compatibility of integrated circuits
Wide-bandwidth high dynamic range D/A converters
Effective Functional Verification
Fault-tolerance techniques for SRAM-based FPGAs
Integrated Circuit Test Engineering
Computer Aided Verification
A practical introduction to PSL
Computer aided verification
Platform based design at the electronic system level
Networks on chips
Introduction to advanced system-on-chip test design and optimization
Circuits spécialisés de l'électronique actuelle
Broadband circuits for optical fiber communication
Active filters for integrated-circuit applications
UML for SOC design
Principles of lithography
The making of a neuromorphic visual system
Data mining and diagnosing IC fails
Electromagnetic Compatibility of Integrated Circuits
Hardware Specification, Verification and Synthesis
Co-verification of hardware and software for ARM SoC design
Design of wireless autonomous datalogger IC's
Silicon quantum integrated circuits
Correct hardware design and verification methods
Radiation effects and soft errors in integrated circuits and electronic devices
Direct transistor-level layout for digital blocks
Production testing of RF and system-on-a-chip devices for wireless communications
Computer Aided Verification
Modèles électriques pour la conception des circuits intégrés silicium
The design of CMOS radio-frequency integrated circuits
Test de circuits et de systèmes intégrés
System integration
Functional verification coverage measurement and analysis
Principles of functional verification
Design and test of integrated inductors for RF applications
CMOS integrated analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters
Bipolar and MOS analog integrated circuit design
Modelling of microfabrication systems
Device electronics for integrated circuits
Correct hardware design and verification methods
Low dielectric constant materials for IC applications
Électronique & modélisme ferroviaire 2
Made by Taiwan
Computer Aided Verification
Fundamentals of microfabrication
Signal integrity effects in custom IC and ASIC designs
Noise in semiconductor devices
Computer Aided Verification
Correct Hardware Design and Verification Methods
Scanning probe lithography
Hetero-structures for high performances devices
Chaotic electronics in telecommunications
Integrated silicon optoelectronics
The VLSI handbook
Tracés des circuits imprimés
Computer Aided Verification
Formal methods in computer-aided design
Telecommunication circuits and technology
Handbook of low and high dielectric constant materials and their applications
Analog circuit design
Handbook of low and high dielectric constant materials and their applications
Failure analysis of integrated circuits
Guidebook for managing silicon chip reliability
Colloque CAO de circuits intégrés et systèmes
Correct hardware design and verification methods
Computer Aided Verification
Chip scale package (CSP)
Semiconductor safety handbook
Reliability, yield, and stress burn-in
Computer Aided Verification
Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design
1998 IEEE international integrated reliability workshop final report
(Recueil. Documents techniques)
Collection of papers presented at the International workshop on thermal investigations of ICs and microstructures
Tracé des circuits imprimés
Integrated circuits and their contents
Diode lasers and photonic integrated circuits
Integrated optoelectronics
Sondage électro-optique de circuits intégrés avec des lasers à semi-conducteurs en fonctionnement continu
Integrated optoelectronics
Analog circuit design
Composants intégrés
Catalogue alphanumérique des principaux circuits intégrés
Principes et fonctions de l'électronique intégrée Tome 3
Formal specification and verification of digital systems
Analog circuit design
Integrating reliability into microelectronics manufacturing
Circuit simulation methods and algorithms
Audio IC projects
Characterization of integrated circuit packaging materials
Analog CMOS filters for very high frequencies
Problèmes d'électronique 3
Correct Hardware Design and Verification Methods
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