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Modern electrosynthetic methods in organic chemistry
Polymeric and nanostructured materials
Electro-Fenton process
Luminescence in electrochemistry
Conducting polymer hybrids
Sustainable and green electrochemical science and technology
Experimentelle Elektrochemie
X-ray studies on electrochemical systems
Electrochemistry of N4 macrocyclic metal complexes Volume 2
Electrochemistry Volume 13
Underpotential deposition
Digital simulation in electrochemistry
Electrochemistry of N4 macrocyclic metal complexes
Electrochemistry in Ionic Liquids
Supramolecular materials for opto-electronics
Brennstoffzellensysteme in der Luftfahrt
In-situ Thermoelectrochemistry
Electrochemical water oxidation at iron(III) oxide electrodes
Electrochemistry in Ionic Liquids
Mesure de la corrosion
Three-Dimensional Integration of Semiconductors
Electrochemistry in a Divided World
Electrochemistry of metal complexes
Semiconductor Electrochemistry
Electroanalysis in biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences
Investigation into High Efficiency Visible Light Photocatalysts for Water Reduction and Oxidation
Fundamentals and applications of organic electrochemistry
Encyclopedia of applied electrochemistry
Composants électrochimiques
Handbook of graphene electrochemistry
Developments in electrochemistry
Biomolecular electronics
Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence
Many-electron electrochemical processes
Applications of electrochemistry in medicine
Vibrational spectroscopy at electrified interfaces
Electrochemical components
Electrochemical technologies for energy storage and conversion [Volume 1 & 2]
Self-organization in electrochemical systems
Biomedical applications
Encyclopedia of electrochemistry research
Impedance spectroscopy
Electrical phenomena at interfaces and biointerfaces
Electrochemical aspects of ionic liquids
Inorganic electrochemistry
Conducting polymers
Electrochemistry of insertion materials for hydrogen and lithium
Electrochemical dictionary
Design, construction and research application of a differential electrochemical mass spectrometer (DEMS)
Electrochemical nanofabrication
Scanning electrochemical microscopy
Progress in corrosion science and engineering II
Electrochemical science and technology
Introduction to electrochemistry
Solid state electrochemistry II
Handbook of battery materials
Power ultrasound in electrochemistry
Nano-Bio- Electronic, Photonic and MEMS Packaging
Electrochemistry of functional supramolecular systems
Electrochemistry of metal chalcogenides
De la pile de Volta à la conquête de l'espace
Electrochemistry for the environment
Thermodynamique et cinétique électrochimique
Nanostructured materials for electrochemical energy production and storage
Conducting and magnetic organometallic molecular materials
Electrochemistry of flotation of sulphide minerals
Surface and interface analysis
Progress in Corrosion Science and Engineering I
Electrochemistry at the nanoscale
Microélectrode à cavité
Electrochemistry in nonaqueous solutions
A first course in electrode processes
Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry No. 44
Modeling and Numerical Simulations
Electrochemistry for materials science
Conducting polymers
Nanostructured materials in electrochemistry
Electrochemical dictionary
Fuel cells II
Fuel cells I
Modern aspects of electrochemistry No. 42
PEM fuel cell electrocatalysts and catalyst layers
Electrochemistry for materials science
Conducting polymers
Electrochemical sensors, biosensors, and their biomedical applications
Electrochemical dictionary
Handbook of electrochemistry
Équilibres chimiques et électrochimiques en solution aqueuse
Handbook of electrochemistry
Encyclopedia of electrochemistry Volume 11
Électrochimie physique et analytique
N4-Macrocyclic Metal Complexes
De l'oxydoréduction à l'électrochimie
Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry
Elektrochemie im 21. Jahrhundert
Modern aspects of electrochemistry No. 40
Fuel Cells
Modern aspects of electrochemistry No. 39
Analytical electrochemistry in textiles
Exercices de cinétique électrochimique II
Digital Simulation in Electrochemistry
Electrochemistry of immobilized particles and droplets
Digital simulation in electrochemistry
Electrogenerated chemiluminescence
Analytical and physical electrochemistry
Encyclopedia of electrochemistry Volume 8
Gasentladungsforschung im 19. Jahrhundert
Des barrages, des usines et des hommes
Thermodynamique chimique et électrochimique
Electrochemistry in nonaqueous solutions
The impinging-jet flow-cell as a measurement tool in interfacial electrochemistry
Broadening electrochemical horizons
Électrochimie physique et analytique
Semiconductor electrochemistry
Electrochemical methods and applications
L'indispensable en électrochimie
Chimie des solutions aqueuses, électrochimie
Exercices de cinétique électrochimique I
Interfacial electrochemistry
Supramolecular electrochemistry
Surface chemistry and electrochemistry of membranes
De la pile de Volta à la conquête de l'espace
Modern electrochemistry
Electrochemistry VI
Electrochemistry VI Electroorganic Synthesis
Environmental electrochemistry
Cinétique électrochimique
Interfacial electrochemistry
Electrode potentials
Liquid-liquid interfaces
Corrosion and electrochemistry of zinc
Les grands classiques de chimie et thermodynamique
Laser electrochemistry of intermediates
Physical electrochemistry
Solid state electrochemistry
Electrochemistry V
Fundamentals of electrochemical science
Spectrométrie d'impédance électrochimique sur acier 316L, hastelloy, maraging inconel 600, elgiloy, acier au carbone, TiN, NiCr
Electrochimie des solides
Electrochemistry V
Environmental oriented electrochemistry
Techniques and mechanisms in electrochemistry
Fundamentals of electrochemical science
The electrochemistry of novel materials
Environmental oriented electrochemistry
Principles and applications of electrochemistry
Fundamentals of electrochemical analysis
Structure of electrified interfaces
Fundamentals of electrochemistry
Cluster ions
Surface electrochemistry
Principles of electrochemistry
Introduction to electrochemistry
Electrooptics and conductometry of polydisperse systems
Les techniques de l'ingénieur J. - 1
Electrochemical and electrocatalytic reactions of carbon dioxide
Electrochemical and electrocatalytic reactions of carbon dioxide
Molecular electrochemistry of inorganic, bioinorganic and organometallic compounds
Electrode kinetics for chemists, chemical engineers, and materials scientists
Electrochemistry in transition
Electrochemistry in colloids and dispersions
Electrochemical reaction engineering
Electroorganic synthesis
Électricité et génie des procédés
Ions, electrodes and membranes
Inclusion aspects of membrane chemistry
Etching of III-V semiconductors
Electrochemical interfaces
Electrochemistry IV
Electrochemistry IV
Spectroscopic and diffraction techniques in interfacial electrochemistry
Les Objets du Titanic
Electrochemistry, past and present
Instationary processes and dynamic experimental methods in catalysis, electrochemistry and corrosion
New techniques for the study of electrodes and their reactions
CRC handbook series in inorganic electrochemistry Volume VIII
Kinetics of electrochemical metal dissolution
Principles and applications of electrochemistry
Electrochemistry III
Electrochemistry II
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Des faits aux phénomènes 4
Chimie branchée
Les procédés électrothermiques
Réactions électrochimiques
Surfaces monocristallines et électrocatalyse

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Chimie analytique

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Proceedings of the 4th workshop on LWR coolant water radiolysis and electrochemistry
Le mécénat technologique et scientifique d'Electricité de France

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