Fluides, Dynamique des

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Topic : Fluides, Dynamique des
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Field : Physique
Variant subject headings : Dynamique des fluides
Écoulement des fluides
Fluides -- Dynamique
Fluides -- Écoulement
Fluidodinamica (italien)

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Autodesk Simulation CFD 2014 (base silver license)
Autodesk Simulation CFD 2014
Autodesk Simulation CFD 2014
Autodesk Simulation CFD 2014
Autodesk Simulation CFD 2014
Autodesk Simulation CFD 2014
Autodesk Simulation CFD 2014
Autodesk Simulation CFD 2013
Autodesk Simulation CFD 2013
Autodesk Simulation CFD 2013
Autodesk Simulation CFD 2013
Autodesk Simulation CFD 2013
Autodesk Simulation CFD 2013
Autodesk Simulation CFD 2013

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Collection of papers presented at the 16th international workshop on thermal investigation of ICs and systems
15th international worshop on THERMal INvestigations of ICs and Systems
14th international worshop on THERMal INvestigations of ICs and systems
Inverse stochastic modeling of flow in porous media
Dynamique des fluides
La circulation des fluides n °2
La circulation des fluides n °1

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Essentials of atmospheric and oceanic dynamics
Geophysical fluid dynamics
Lectures on Navier-Stokes equations
Chemically reacting flow
Boundary layers
Machines hydrauliques et thermiques
Physics of buoyant flows
Biomedical fluid dynamics
Variational formulation of fluid and geophysical fluid dynamics
Theory and modeling of rotating fluids
Atmospheric and oceanic fluid dynamics
Machines hydrauliques et thermiques
Mechanics of Flow-Induced Sound and Vibration Volume 1
Non-hydrostatic free surface flows
Fluid mechanics aspects of fire and smoke dynamics in enclosures
Coarse grained simulation and turbulent mixing
Modern fluid dynamics for physics and astrophysics
Advances in computation, modeling and control of transitional and turbulent flows
Asymptotic problems of fluid dynamics
Fluid dynamics of oil and gas reservoirs
Wave technology in mechanical engineering
Heat and moisture transfer between human body and environment
Vortex rings and jets
Global existence and uniqueness of nonlinear evolutionary fluid equations
Fluid dynamics via examples and solutions
Hydrothermal analysis in engineering using control volume finite element method
Fluid dynamics
Traffic and Granular Flow
Active flow and combustion control 2014
Overland Flow Dynamics and Solute Transport
Fluid dynamics
Superfluid states of matter
Practical Reservoir Engineering and Characterization
Dynamics of quantised vortices in superfluids
Multiphase lattice Boltzmann methods
Des problèmes à N corps aux Tokamaks
Flow-induced vibrations
Machines hydrauliques et thermiques
Flight vehicle aerodynamics
Visualization and simulation of complex flows in biomedical engineering
Three-dimensional attached viscous flow
Classical fluid dynamics
Measurement while drilling (MWD)
Une introduction à la dynamique des fluides
An introduction to bioreactor hydrodynamics and gas-liquid mass transfer
Systèmes diphasiques
Écoulements et réactions chimiques 3
Equilibrium and transfer in porous media 2
Partial differential equations in fluid dynamics
Systèmes diphasiques
Finite elements and fast iterative solvers
The finite element method for fluid dynamics
New results in numerical and experimental fluid mechanics IX
Fundamental algorithms in computational fluid dynamics
Chemical reactor modeling
Heat transfer and fluid flow in minichannels and microchannels
Analysis of turbulent flows with computer programs
High accuracy computing methods
Handbook of environmental fluid dynamics
Écoulements et réactions chimiques 2
Ten chapters in turbulence
Écoulements et réactions chimiques
Computational fluid dynamics
Environmental fluid dynamics
Computational fluid and particle dynamics in the human respiratory system
Infrared thermography for thermo-fluid-dynamics
Fluid dynamics in physics, engineering and environmental applications
Introduction to thermo-fluids systems design
Incompressible flow
Modeling ships and space craft
The finite element method
Analogue gravity phenomenology
Experimental and theoretical advances in fluid dynamics
Tracer technology
Managed pressure drilling
Flux-corrected transport
Mechanics of fluid flow
Caractérisation des fluides
Turbomachinery flow physics and dynamic perfomance
Boundary layer flow over elastic surfaces and combined method of drag reduction
Écoulements et réactions chimiques 1
CFD modeling and simulation in materials processing
Pipe flow
Multiscale and adaptivity
Holistic ice sheet modeling
Elements of fluid dynamics
Turbulent impinging jets into porous materials
Approximate deconvolution models of turbulence
Computational fluid dynamics based on the unified coordinates
Process and plant safety
Experimental study of multiphase flow in porous media during CO2 geo-sequestration processes
Compressible Navier-Stokes equations
Ultrasonic doppler velocity profiler for fluid flow
Visualization of fields and applications in engineering
Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation VIII
Nonlinear Hybrid Continuous/Discrete-Time Models
Ce que disent les fluides
Écoulements et transferts
Asymptotic stability of steady compressible fluids
Introduction to theoretical and computational fluid dynamics
Computational thermo-fluid dynamics
Parallel computational fluid dynamics 2008
Hydrodynamics of gas-liquid reactors
Random perturbation of PDEs and fluid dynamic models
Computational fluid dynamics
Random perturbation of PDEs and fluid dynamic models
Asymptotic stability of steady compressible fluids
Stabilization of Navier-Stokes flows
Introduction to geophysical fluid dynamics
Numerische Strömungsberechnung
Microhydrodynamique et fluides complexes
Modélisation des écoulements incompressibles
Théorie microscopique des liquides
Internal gravity waves
Applied shape optimization for fluids
Computational techniques for multi-phase flows
Active flow control II
Seventh Iutam Symposium on Laminar-turbulent Transition
Direct and large-eddy simulation VII
Spectral methods for uncertainty quantification
Multiphase flow metering
Instabilities of flows
Flows of reactive fluids
Modern fluid dynamics
Numerical methods for fluid dynamics
Rheology of complex fluids
Frontiers in Geofluids
Working guide to reservoir rock properties and fluid flow
Fluid dynamics of packed columns
New results in numerical and experimental fluid mechanics VII
Computational fluid dynamics
Computational fluid dynamics in fire engineering
Geological fluid dynamics
Added masses of ship structures
Turbulence Nature and the Inverse Problem
Hydrodynamic limits of the Boltzmann equation
Fluid dynamics
Parallel computational fluid dynamics 2007
Compressibility, turbulence and high speed flow
Computational Fluid Dynamics for Sport Simulation
Singular limits in thermodynamics of viscous fluids
Large eddy simulation for compressible flows
Imaging measurement methods for flow analysis
Percolation theory for flow in porous media
Riemann solvers and numerical methods for fluid dynamics
Flow and combustion in reciprocating engines
Hydrodynamic limits of the Boltzmann equation
Quasi-gas dynamic equations
Computational Fluid Dynamics 2008
Dynamics of ice sheets and glaciers
Computational fluid dynamics
SPDE in hydrodynamic
Instability in models connected with fluid flows
Dynamique des fluides appliquée
Engineering fluid mechanics
Fluid mechanics
Particles in turbulent flows
Transport and mixing in geophysical flows
Phénomènes de transfert en génie des procédés
Atmosphere, ocean and climate dynamics
SPDE in hydrodynamic
CFD modeling and optimization of fuel-cell systems
Fundamentals of fluid-solid interactions
Optimization and computational fluid dynamics
La continuité des états gazeux et liquide
Computational fluid dynamics
Upslope flow systems
Instability in models connected with fluid flows
IUTAM Symposium on flow control and MEMS
Treatment system hydraulics
High performance computing on vector systems 2007
Granular dynamic theory and its applications
Computational acoustics of noise propagation in fluids
Time-Resolved Spectroscopy in Complex Liquids
Entropy-based design and analysis of fluids engineering systems
Astrophysical flows
Transport phenomena
Mathematical aspects of natural dynamos
Shock wave reflection phenomena
Analysis and simulation of fluid dynamics
Shock Wave Reflection Phenomena
Fluids and waves
La science du mouvement des eaux
Fluid-fluid interactions
Numerical computation of internal and external flows
Particle image velocimetry
Computational fluid dynamics in food processing
Fluid dynamics of cavitation and cavitating turbopumps
Particle image velocimetry
Les écoulements de fluides newtoniens
Flow and transport processes with complex obstructions
Complex effects in large eddy simulations
Fluid dynamics of cavitation and cavitating turbopumps
Reactive flows, diffusion and transport
Spectral Methods
Shock wave science and technology reference library
Computational turbulent incompressible flow
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