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Topic : Impérialisme
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Field : Science politique
Variant subject headings : Expansionnisme
Imperialismo (italien)
Politique expansionniste
Politique impérialiste

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Zionism, the German Empire, and Africa
The colonizers' idols
Orientalism and imperialism
Violence, colonialism and empire in the modern world
Gothic invasions
Reflections of Roman imperialisms
Commodities and culture in the colonial world
Imperien, Nationen, Regionen
Boundaries of the international
La tentation du repli
Imperial history and the global politics of exclusion
Global diasporas in the age of high imperialism
De imperiis
Life writing after empire
Empire in retreat
Le colonialisme
From colonial to modern
La amnesia del imperio
Difference and disease
La confrontation mondiale
Turbulent empires
Kriegslust und Fernweh
Writing spatiality in West Africa
Comparing modern empires
Der koloniale Blick gen Osten
Protection and empire
The China order
Bankers and empire
Ecology and power in the age of empire
Race, tea and colonial resettlement
Imperial identities in the Roman world
Kurze Geschichte der Imperien
Visions of empire
Enlightened colonialism
North American border conflicts
Transcultural approaches to the concept of imperial rule in the Middle Ages
The touch of civilization
Britain's imperial retreat from China, 1900-1931
SpaceTime of the Imperial
Frontiers of colonialism
Britain's retreat from empire in East Asia, 1905-80
International law and empire
Religious dynamics under the impact of imperialism and colonialism
Reactionary terrorism, imperialist Europeanism, communist internationalism
La notion de conquête dans les monothéismes
Auch im Osten der Wilde Westen
Rhetorics of empire
La nostalgie de l'Empire
Anxieties, fear and panic in colonial settings
Advancing empire
Lenin y la revolución china
Russia's empires
The colonial fortune in contemporary fiction in French
Subjectivity and the reproduction of imperial power
Prekäre koloniale Ordnung
French Mediterraneans
Putin's propaganda machine
Continental drift
How empire shaped us
Des empires en carton
Crowns and colonies
The continuity of the conquest
Colonial comedy
Communism and nationalism in postwar Cyprus, 1945-1955
Britain, China, and Colonial Australia
Unitary imperialism Volume II
Les raisons de l'Empire
Englishness and post-imperial space
The encyclopedia of empire
L'impérialisme, stade suprême du capitalisme
Néocolonialisme aux Antilles
European elites and ideas of empire, 1917-1957
Terrorismo reaccionario, europeísmo imperialista, internacionalismo comunista
Empire ways
Anti-imperialist modernism
Seeking imperialism's embrace
Daitōa kyōeiken
Damn great empires!
The guardians
Empire films and the crisis of colonialism, 1946-1959
Lawyers and savages
Competing visions of empire
The "civilizing mission" of Portuguese colonialism, 1870-1930
Global inequalities beyond occidentalism
Terrorisme réactionnaire, européisme impérialiste, internationalisme communiste
Sites of imperial memory
British imperialism and the tribal question
Culture and commerce in Conrad's Asian fiction
The Imperialism of French decolonization
Die Ordnung der Welt
Empires and encounters
Rome, Polybius and the East
Les socialistes et la question nationale
Crises of empire
Pacific strife
Cent ans de choc de civilisations
Nationalizing empires
Imperial expectations and realities
Representing imperial rivalry in the early modern Mediterranean
National poetry, empires and war
La explotación inglesa de las Minas de Cerro Muriano (Córdoba, Espana)
La nación imperial
The idea of Englishness
Charlemagne's practice of empire
L'impérialisme postcolonial
Imperial co-operation and transfer, 1870-1930
Le visage de l'impérialisme
Insurgent testimonies
Metropolis, empire and modernity
HaṢiywnwt whaʾiymperywt
The trouble with empire
Gender, imperialism and global exchanges
The burdens of empire
Imperial perceptions of Palestine
Mapping European empire
Sacred founders
Jaurès, les socialistes européens et la question impériale
Empires and Nations from the eighteenth to the twentieth century
Modernist voyages
Masculinity and the new imperialism
After the empires
Critical perspectives on colonialism
Historic engagements with occidental cultures, religions, powers
German colonialism in a global age
Imperien und Reiche in der Weltgeschichte
The shadow of colonialism on Europe's modern past
Consuls and the institutions of global capitalism, 1783-1914
Die Erfindung des Kolonialismus
Into new territory
War and gold
The Routledge history of Western empires
A global history of the developing world
Extractive imperialism in the Americas
The Black Pacific narrative
Vico, Hegel, and the colonies
"Fin-de-siècle" fictions, 1890s-1990s
Christianity and imperialism in modern Japan
Empires of vision
Changing the Victorian subject
Ten books that shaped the British empire
Où en sommes-nous de l'empire ?
Empire girls
La ronde des libérateurs
Kartierte Kolonialgeschichte
Corporate character
Medicine and empire, 1600-1960
Impérialisme, guerre et lutte de classes en Allemagne, 1914-1918
Unitary imperialism Volume I
Territories of empire
Empires at war
Empires in World War I
Gender, empire, and postcolony
Inventing Ruritania
The political economy of empire in the early modern world
A cultural history of firearms in the age of empire
American umpire
Wronged by empire
L'idea di nazione e l'impero fra storia e letteratura
Nationalisme, colonialisme et littérature
Sociology & empire
Empire and science in the making
Scandinavian colonialism and the rise of modernity
Political future fiction
Imperialism and capitalism in the twenty-first century
Helpless imperialists
Unfinished empire
Writing imperial histories
Storia della politica internazionale
The legacies of a Hawaiian generation
Globalizing cricket
Monarchy and modernity in Egypt
Dominion undeserved
Photography's Orientalism
In the museum of man
Raising Germans in the age of empire
Alien rule
Repenser le colonialisme
Progetto di un impero
América latina en la geopolítica del imperialismo
Eclipse of empires
Trías, el socialismo y la patria grande
In the name of the mother
Les empires coloniaux
Empire, global coloniality and African subjectivity
From plunder to preservation
Colonial advertising & commodity racism
Evaluating Empire and confronting colonialism in eighteenth-century Britain
The empire abroad and the empire at home
Magic lantern empire
Endless empire
Macaulay and son
Lands of desire and loss
Die Legitimation von Imperien
The South Pacific narratives of Robert Louis Stevenson and Jack London
Thomas Hardy and empire
Debating American exceptionalism
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Neocolonialismo y violencia
Neocolonialismo y violencia

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