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Topic : Information, Théorie de l'
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Variant subject headings : Communication, Théorie de la
Teoria dell'informazione (italien)
Théorie de la communication
Théorie de l'information

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Claude Shannon et l'avènement de l'ère numérique
La science, l'information, la connaissance

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L'Organisation et le traitement de l'information

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Théorie de l'information générale ou La quatrième vexation
Theory of knowledge
Kommunikation - Medien - Kultur
Information and complexity
The cybernetics moment
Semiotics and its masters Volume 1
Texte zur Theorie des Internets
Wozu Theorie?
Theory development in the information sciences
High Performance Computing for Computational Science -- VECPAR 2014
High Performance Computing
Hybride Optimierung für Dimensionsreduktion
Parametrisierte uniforme Berechnungskomplexität in Geometrie und Numerik
Unconventional Computation and Natural Computation
Detection of Random Signals in Dependent Gaussian Noise
Behavior Modeling -- Foundations and Applications
Combinatorics on Words
Sociologie de la communication et des médias
Nature of Computation and Communication
Theorien des Medienwandels
Communication sociale et politique
Communication et information
Guerrilla analytics
De l'information à l'exformation
The concise encyclopedia of communication
Computer games
Theory and applications of models of computation
Augmented marked graphs
Science Gateways for Distributed Computing Infrastructures
Signal Processing and Information Technology
Algorithmic Learning Theory
Information and life
The handbook of media and mass communication theory
Advances in Cryptology - ASIACRYPT 2014
Mathematical software -- ICMS 2014
Einführung in die Theorie der kognitiven Kommunikation
Model-driven software migration
Formale Sprachen, abstrakte Automaten und Compiler
Theory of quantum computation, communication, and cryptography
Theory and applications of formal argumentation
Guided Self-Organization
Language, Culture, Computation. Computational Linguistics and Linguistics
Language, Culture, Computation. Computing of the Humanities, Law, and Narratives
Language, Culture, Computation. Computing - Theory and Technology
Theory and Principled Methods for the Design of Metaheuristics
Probability and information theory, with applications to radar
Linear Network Error Correction Coding
An introduction to mathematical cryptography
Storing and transmitting data
Theory and practice of computation
Metastasis and metastability
Information ist Energie
Logikkalküle in der Informatik
Combinatorial Search
Algebra and coalgebra in computer science
Fundamentals of computation theory
Unifying theories of programming and formal engineering methods
Theory and applications of models of computation
Distributed algorithms for message-passing systems
Massively Parallel Evolutionary Computation on GPGPUs
Recent trends in algebraic development techniques
Understanding petri nets
Fault-Tolerant Search Algorithms
Complex Sciences
Mathematics, Computer Science and Logic - A Never Ending Story
Advances in applied self-organizing systems
The Courant-Friedrichs-Lewy (CFL) Condition
Le zéro et le un
Emergent information
"Raw data" is an oxymoron
Languages Alive
Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen
Mathematics of Discrete Structures for Computer Science
Novelty, information and surprise
Teoria sistemica dei media
The information
Information theory and best practices in the IT industry
Theory and practice of computation
La science de l'information
Non-Gaussian statistical communication theory
Geospatial Abduction
Computer science
Apartness and uniformity
Theoretical computer science
Theoretical Aspects of Distributed Computing in Sensor Networks
Logic and its applications
Theory of quantum computation, communication and cryptography
Integral and Diagnostic Intrusive Prediction of Speech Quality
Fundamentals in information theory and coding
Applied informatics and communication Part I
Applied informatics and communication Part II
Applied informatics and communication Part V
Applied informatics and communication Part IV
Concise guide to computation theory
Theoretische Informatik
Grundlagen der digitalen Informationsübertragung
Network information theory
Perspectives on Information
Journalistik und Journalismen im Wandel
Quantum teleportation and entanglement
Theory of information
Theoretical foundations of quantum information processing and communication
Dynamics of information systems
Natural computing
Communication theory
Unconventional Computation
Communication et information
A 25-Year perspective on logic programming
Fields of logic and computation
Comunità, comunicazione, comune
Neural-Symbolic Cognitive Reasoning
Theory and Applications of Models of Computation
Stochastic models, information theory, and lie groups
Encyclopedia of communication theory
Information theory and statistical learning
Computational Science and Its Applications Part I
Formal Theories of Information
Anschluss und Emergenz
Logical foundations of computer science
Information, Shannon en questions
On communicating
Verständigung über die Verständigung
Theoretical Aspects of Computing - ICTAC 2009
Kalman filtering
Information flow and knowledge sharing
Theorien der Kommunikations- und Medienwissenschaft
Probability and information
Le moment cybernétique
Selected papers of M. Ohya
Kommunikationskulturen der Weltgesellschaft
Coding and redundancy
Artificial intelligence in theory and practice II
An introduction to Kolmogorov complexity and its applications
Genetic Programming Theory and Practice V
Collective consciousness and its discontents
An introduction to mathematical cryptography
Philosophy of information
Computational Science - ICCS 2008
Time-Dependent Scheduling
Formal concept analysis
Natural computing
Le paradoxe dans la communication
Theoretical aspects of computing - ICTAC 2007
Classification and Learning Using Genetic Algorithms
Fundamentals of quantum optics and quantum information
Confabulation Theory
Media and communication
Sociologie de la communication et des médias
Las teorías de la comunicación en España
Théorie de l'information et du codage
The Toronto school of communication theory
Form und Formen der Kommunikation
Exploratory data analysis using Fisher information
Phenomenon of information
Storia matematica della rete
Information and complexity in statistical modeling
Modern information processing
Elements of information theory
On democracy and education
The ecology of information work
Discours, outils de communication, pratique
Messages, meanings and symbols
Information science
Digital information contexts
Parallel and Distributed Processing
General theory of information transfer and combinatorics
Probability and information theory
Algorithmic information theory
Information and randomness
Grammatical picture generation
Topics in Geometry, Coding Theory and Cryptography
Information-theoretic methods for estimating complicated probability distributions
Algebraic coding theory and information theory
Contemporary cryptology
Quantum information processing and communication in Europe
The universal generating function in reliability analysis and optimization
Theoretical Aspects of Computing - ICTAC 2005
Theories of information behavior
Arithmetic, geometry and coding theory
The selected works of Arne Naess Vol. 7
Concept lattices
Advances in network information theory
Quantum entanglement and information processing
The theory of information and coding
Conceptual structures at work
Im Widerstreit der Diskurse
The problem of information
Information-spectrum methods in information theory
Le zéro et le un
Automata, Languages and Programming
Sociologie de la communication et des médias
Quantum information processing
Einführung in die Medienwissenschaft
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