Littérature irlandaise de langue anglaise

Topic : Littérature irlandaise de langue anglaise
Source file : RAMEAU
Field : Littératures
Variant subject headings : Littérature anglaise -- Auteurs irlandais
Littérature anglaise -- Irlande
Littérature anglo-irlandaise
Littérature anglophone irlandaise

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A bibliography of the David Elyan collection of Anglo-Irish literary works and manuscripts at the University of Malta library
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Literature of the Irish in Britain
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Opening the field
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Osteraufstand und Bürgerkrieg
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Diskurse und Bilder zum anglo-irischen Landsitz im zwanzigsten Jahrhundert
Literature and the Irish famine 1845-1919
Irish literature since 1800
The Dolmen press
John Quinn
Literature, rhetoric and violence in Northern Ireland, 1968-98
Ireland's others
An Irish literary dictionary and glossary
Critical Ireland
Last before America
Modernism and the celtic revival
Writers and protestantism in the north of Ireland
James Clarence Mangan, Edward Walsh and nineteenth-century Irish literature in English
Allegories of union in Irish and English writing, 1790-1870
Changing Ireland
Jewish writers / Irish writers
An Aran reader
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Dialogues in the margin
Modern Irish writers and the wars
The '98 reader
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Irish encounters
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Modern Irish literature
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Modern Irish literature
From Burke to Beckett
A small nation's contribution to the world
The "Intelligencer"
Voices of Ireland
"A terrible beauty is born"
Ancestral voices
Irish writers and religion
Colonial consequences
The big house in Ireland
The crows behind the plough
Spanish reactions to the Anglo-Irish literary revival in the early twentieth-century
Irish women writers
Estudios de filología inglesa
Contemporary Irish novelists
Anglo-Irish literature
Homage to Ireland
Celtic contraries
Irish writers and politics
Keltische Identität als Fiktion
Five Irish writers
Critical approaches to Anglo-Irish literature
Anglo-Irish and Irish literature
History and violence in Anglo-Irish literature
Cultural contexts and literary idioms in contemporary Irish literature
Imagination and religion in Anglo-Irish literature, 1930-1980
Fictions of the Irish literary revival
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We Irish
Author index 3
Celtic revivals
Irish writers and society at large
Ascendancy and tradition in Anglo-Irish literary history from 1789 to 1939
Celtic dawn
Irish-Russian contacts
Language and society in Anglo-Irish literature
The Irish writer and the city
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