Littérature et société

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Topic : Littérature et société
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Field : Sciences sociales. Sociologie
Littérature générale
Variant subject headings : Littérature -- Aspect social
Société et littérature

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Deutschsprachige Buchkultur der 1950er Jahre
Transmission and transgression

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Ecrire pour des idées

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Théâtre et société au siècle d'or

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Träume der Einfachheit
Literature, integration and harmony in Northern Nigeria
Parlez-moi de littérature
Figuration du monde dans le roman francophone
Una pàtria prestada
State - society
The Algerian new novel
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Spectacular science, technology and superstition in the age of Shakespeare
Očerki po sociologii kulʹtury
Conflicts of devotion
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Grands auteurs pour petits lecteurs 2
Sin and salvation in early modern France
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Surveyors of customs
Mass authorship and the rise of self-publishing
Spaces for reading in later Medieval England
Die französische Gelehrtenrepublik zur Zeit der Frühaufklärung
L'imaginaire nobiliaire dans la littérature française du XIXe siècle
L'imaginaire nobiliaire dans la littérature française du XXe siècle
La transición sentimental
Novels and the sociology of the contemporary
La poesia operaia in Francia
Essential Scots and the idea of unionism in Anglo-Scottish literature, 1603-1832
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The Oxford handbook of the age of Shakespeare
Victorian literature
Performance and personhood in Caribbean literature
American literature in context 1620-1830
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Problems of canonicity and identity formation in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia
Richtige Literatur im Falschen ?
Enlightenment and political fiction
In praise of literature
Agency and intention in English print
Lire dans la gueule du loup
Bartın Üniversitesi Yayınları
Writers and social thought in Africa
The kitchen and the factory
British working-class fiction
Literature and the public good
In the shadow of world literature
The extinct scene
The official world
Nouvelles obscurités
On company time
Rough South, rural South
The cultural revolution of the nineteenth century
Bildungsbürgertum und völkische Ideologie
Poisonous muse
Arte e letteratura nelle società in Asia
The labor of literature
Decompartmentalisation of knowledge
The Routledge companion to literature and human rights
This thing we call literature
The ecology of the English outlaw in medieval literature
Citoyennetés spéculatives
Rethinking Roman alliance
Translation's forgotten history
Literary Coteries and the Making of Modern Print Culture
Literature in the making
Crimen y ficción
A history of California literature
Making love
The American Isherwood
Changing hands
Elogio de la educación
Hapraṭ wmilḥamtw bbaʿaley hasamkwt
Beyn ʿanney zwhar
Literarische Transnationalität
The closure of space in Roman poetics
The other rise of the novel in eighteenth-century French fiction
30 great myths about the Romantics
A companion to the Harlem Renaissance
Le funzioni del silenzio nella Grecia antica
Literary networks and dissenting print culture in Romantic-period Ireland
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The work of literature
Literatur, Macht, Gesellschaft
Theoretical schools and circles in the twentieth-century humanities
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State power, stigmatization, and youth resistance culture in the French banlieues
Literatuur, autonomie en engagement
Reading humility in early modern England
L'anecdote entre littérature et histoire
Truth and tales
Multiple normalities
The circulation of knowledge in early modern English literature
Letteratura come storiografia ?
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Gender and subjectivities in early twentieth-century Chinese literature and culturec
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Communities in fiction
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The fortunes of Francis Barber
Walking New York
Literature and society in the fourth century AD
Āliyyāt taʿāṭī al-adab al-nisāʾī maʿa qaḍāyā al-muǧtamaʿāt al-ʿarabiyyaẗ
Imagining the Creole City
Poéticas mexicanas
Ireland and the Czech lands
De esclavo a servidor
Culture and circulation
The new literary middlebrow
William Clark Russell and the Victorian nautical novel
Reform acts
Authority in crisis in French literature, 1850-1880
Reading constellations
Miles of stare
Attraverso uno specchio oscuro
Episodic poetics
The Cambridge companion to the modern gothic
"Seimeiryoku" no yukue
New England beyond criticism
Blast, corrupt, dismantle, erase
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