Odisha (Inde)

Topic : Odisha (Inde)
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Variant subject headings : Orissa (Inde)
Urisa (Inde)

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Overland journey from India. Musiques de danses et musiques religieuses [Madhya Pradesh, Penjab, Orissa]

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Promising rituals
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Popular religion and ascetic practices
König ohne Reich
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India Orissa
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Utkalaśrīmañjūṣā - 2
The Mahanadi dream
Füttern, Speisen und Verschlingen
Drowned and dammed
Aesthetics of pictorial language
The prisons of South Orissa and the freedom fighters in incarceration, 1900-1947
Early women's writing in Orissa, 1898-1950
Palaeography of Orissa
Socio-economic life of Orissa
Paradigms of dissent and protest
History of modern Orissa, 1936-2000
Essential forest produce in Orissa
Identity, hegemony, resistance
Political behaviour of Indian state governors
Baba-s und Alekh-s - Askese und Ekstase einer Religion im Werden
Forest tribes of Orissa
State formation in ancient Orissa
Situating social history
Orissa revisited
Art, regional traditions, the Temple of Jagannātha
New perspectives on the history and culture of Orissa
The politics of hunger in India
Indian art worlds in contention
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Murals for goddesses and gods
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Buddhism and socio-economic life of eastern India
Jaina religion and art
West Bengal & Orissa
Kings, Brāhmaṇas and temples in Orissa
Lord Jagannath
Role of women in the history of Orissa
Agrarian history of Orissa under the British rule
History of library development
Encyclopaedia of India Vol. V
Tribal wall paintings of Orissa
Tribal wall paintings of Orissa
Famines and poverty in India
Juvenile delinquency and justice system
Cultural history of early medieval Orissa
Economic history of Orissa
Party politics and electoral choice in an Indian State
The economic history of Orissa in the 19th century
Sri Chaitanya in the religious life of India
Sanskrit poetics
The ports in Orissa
Vaiṣnṇavism in Orissa
Sanskrit poetics with contribution of Orissa
District level population projection of Orissa, West Bengal and Goa, Daman and Diu, 1981-2001
Fertility and child mortality estimates of Orissa
Kaṭakarājavaṃśāvali vol. 1
Four hundred years of Orissa
Studies on some aspects of the history and culture of Orissa
Die Vāḍabalija in Andhra Pradesh und in Orissa
Nāga cult in Orissa
Archaeology in Orissa
British relation with the chiefs and Rajas of Orissa
Early medieval coins and currency system of Orissa
Herrschaft und Verwaltung im östlichen Indien unter den späten Gangas
Cultural development in Orissa
Social and economic life of Southern Orissa
Hindu temple art of Orissa
Visages de l'Inde médiévale
Wives of the God-King
History of modern Orissa
The Agrarian life and economy of Orissa
History of education in Orissa
Jagannatha consciousness
The Bhakti movement in Orissa
Political unrest in Orissa in the 19th century
The History of Somavaṁśi rule in Orissa
Rise and fall of the Śailodbhavas
Hunger and physique
Temples of Orissa
Readings in tribal culture
Festivals of Orissa
The Konds
The Ascendancy of the British-Raj in Orissa
Jagannātha in history and religious traditions of Orissa
History of Orissa
The History of the Gajapati kings of Orissa and their successors
Orissa under the Mughals
The History of Orissa
The History of Orissa 1
Muslim administration in Orissa
The Famine and some aspects of the British economic policy in Orissa, 1866-1905
Linguistic studies in Juang, Kharia Thar, Lodha, Mal-pahariya, Ghatoali, Pahariya
Folk tales of India series 4
Culture & change in India
The people, language and culture of Orissa
A descriptive catalogue of sanskrit manuscripts of Orissa Volume V
A descriptive catalogue of sanskrit manuscripts of Orissa Volume III
Tribe, caste and nation
A descriptive catalogue of sanskrit manuscripts of Orissa Volume 1
A study of Orissan folk-lore
Śri Surisarvasvam
Orissa studies project

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Tribus oubliées d'Orissa
Les pêcheurs d'Orissa
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