Systèmes d'exploitation (ordinateurs)

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Le Grand livre de Windows 3.1
Microsoft Windows 3
Microsoft Windows 3
Introduction aux systèmes d'exploitation des ordinateurs

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Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012
Tulip MS-DOS 5.0

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Introduction aux systèmes d'exploitation
Les systèmes d'exploitation des ordinateurs
Les systèmes d'exploitation des ordinateurs
Les systèmes d'exploitation des ordinateurs
Thor's OS Xodus
Embedded systems
Brain-Inspired Computing
NASA Formal Methods
Analytical and Stochastic Modelling Techniques and Applications
Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing
Transactions on Modularity and Composition I
Systèmes d'exploitation
Evolution des écosystèmes mobiles
Windows 10 revealed
Windows Registry troubleshooting
The Windows 10 Accessibility Handbook
Windows 10 primer
Trusted Systems
Computer Engineering and Technology
Design and Implementation of the MTX Operating System
Fault-Tolerance Techniques for High-Performance Computing
Beginning Windows 10
Everyday Computing with Windows 8.1
Beginning Ubuntu for Windows and Mac users
Pro Bash programming
Exploring the Raspberry Pi 2 with C++
Parallel Computing Technologies
Euro-Par 2015
Beginning Android
Mathematical Adventures in Performance Analysis
Principles of operating systems
Serialization and persistent objects
NASA formal methods
Testbeds and research infrastructure
Euro-Par 2014 parallel processing
Smartphones unterstützen die Mobilitätsforschung
Ternary networks
Using Mac OS X Mavericks
Beginning Fedora Desktop
Initiation à l'informatique et à l'ordinateur
Optimum Cooling of Data Centers
Network and parallel computing
Aliasing in object-oriented programming
Languages and compilers for parallel computing
Mobile wireless middleware, operating systems, and applications
Grundkurs Betriebssysteme
Keine Angst vor Linux/Unix
Computer performance optimization
Ada 2012 rationale
Multicore software engineering, performance, and tools
Computer Engineering and Technology
Smart grid security
Coordination models and languages
Windows server 2012 security from end to edge and beyond
NASA Formal Methods
Energy Minimization Methods in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
Energy efficiency in large scale distributed systems
Web Dynpro ABAP for practitioners
A practical introduction to hardware/software codesign
Fault-tolerant design
Cloud computing
Beginning Fedora Desktop
Real World Windows 8 Development
IOS 7 Development Recipes
Parallel computing technologies
Learn HTML5 and JavaScript for Android
IOS 6 recipes
Architecture of computing systems-- ARCS 2012
Pervasive Linux
Guide to Reliable Distributed Systems
Test and Diagnosis for Small-Delay Defects
Windows 8 apps revealed
Systèmes d'exploitation
WinRT revealed
Metro revealed
Beginning Windows 8
Arduino robotics
Introduction to Reliable and Secure Distributed Programming
Arduino internals
Selected areas in cryptography
Nasa formal methods
Dependable and Historic Computing
Formal methods for components and objects
Architecture of computing systems - ARCS 2011
Sensor Systems and Software
Digital forensics with open source tools
Search Based Software Engineering
A guide to kernel exploitation
Network and Parallel Computing
Progress in cryptology--AFRICACRYPT 2011
Pro Android Flash
Praxishandbuch Web Dynpro ABAP
Access Networks
Managing the Dynamics of Networks and Services
Flash mobile
On the Performance of Web Services
Predictive technology model for robust nanoelectronic design
Euro-Par 2011 parallel processing
IOS wow factor
Beginning OS X Lion apps development
Taking your OS X Lion to the max
Beginning Ubuntu Linux
Communications and multimedia security
OS X and iOS Kernel programming
Practical Android projects
Mac OS X Snow Leopard for power users
Networks for grid applications
Beginning Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server
The definitive guide to PC-BSD
Architecture of computing systems, ARCS 2010
Advances in grid and pervasive computing
Mechanisms for autonomous management of networks and services
Microsoft Windows 7 administrator's reference
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 administrator's reference
Windows Server 2008 R2 administration instant reference
Eleventh hour Linux+
Network mergers and migrations
Provenance and annotation of data and processes
Job scheduling strategies for parallel processing
Enterprise MAC managed preferences
Distributed computing in sensor systems
Beginning Ubuntu Linux
Communications and multimedia security
Network and parallel computing
Applications of Evolutionary Computation
Pervasive computing
Post-quantum cryptography
A practical introduction to hardware/software codesign
Pro Linux embedded systems
Getting started with Windows 7
Practical Arduino
Enterprise Mac administrator's guide
Beginning Ubuntu Linux
Pro Bash programming
Ubuntu on a dime
Foundations of CentOS Linux
Learn Mac OS X Snow Leopard
The definitive guide to CentOS
Pro Linux system administration
Pro OpenSolaris
Beginning the Linux command line
Expert shell scripting
Mac for Linux geeks
Automating Linux and Unix system administration
Security and Dependability for Ambient Intelligence
Scheduling in Distributed Computing Systems
Quality of service in heterogeneous networks
Advances in Software Engineering
Advances in Information and Computer Security
Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing
Organized Adaption in Multi-Agent Systems
Architecting dependable systems VI
Architecture of Computing Systems
Engineering Secure Software and Systems
Networks for Grid Applications
Advances in Information Technology
Systèmes Unix-Linux et Windows
Middleware 2009
Architecting dependable systems V
Distributed computing
Constructing ambient intelligence
Large-scale scientific computing
Secure Transaction Protocol Analysis
Cooperative design, visualization, and engineering
Secure data management
Beginning Ubuntu LTS server administration
Beginning Ubuntu Linux
Pro Windows PowerShell
Getting StartED with Mac OS X Leopard
MAC OS X Leopard
Ajax in Oracle JDeveloper
Systems and virtualization management
Dependability Metrics
Verified Software
Formal methods for open object-based distributed systems
Formal techniques for networked and distributed systems--FORTE 2008
Distributed computing in sensor systems
Advances in grid and pervasive computing
Distributed and parallel systems
Innovation in manufacturing networks
Computer supported cooperative work in design IV
Middleware 2008
Systèmes d'exploitation
Advances in information and computer security
Provenance and annotation of data and processes
Systèmes d'exploitation
Principes des systèmes d'exploitation avec Java
Self-sustaining systems
Formal methods for components and objects
Programming languages and systems
Secure data management
Information security
Middleware 2007
Formal Methods for Components and Objects
Windows Home Server User's Guide
Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems - CHES 2007
Computer security - ESORICS 2007
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