Traitement du signal

Topic : Traitement du signal
Source file : RAMEAU
Field : Mathématiques
Variant subject headings : Analyse des signaux
Analyse du signal
Signal, Analyse du
Signal, Traitement du
Signaux, Analyse des
Signaux bidimensionnels, Traitement des
Signaux, Traitement des
Traitement analogique du signal
Traitement des signaux
Traitement du signal -- Techniques analogiques

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Multimedia signal coding and transmission
Traffic anomaly detection
Discrete wavelet transform
Biomedical signals, imaging, and informatics
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Le livre des techniques du son Tome 1
Analytical evaluation of nonlinear distortion effects on multicarrier signals
Foundations of signal processing
Artificial intelligence and signal processing
Parameter identification and monitoring of mechanical systems under nonlinear vibration
High performance multi-channel high-speed I/O circuits
Quaternion fourier transforms for signal and image processing
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Fundamentals of radar signal processing
Signaux déterministes
Lattice coding for signals and networks
Signal processing for RF circuit impairment mitigation
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Image and video technology
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Applications of random process excursion analysis
Handbook of signal processing systems
Current-mode analog nonlinear function synthesizer structures
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Signals and systems in biomedical engineering
Time-frequency signal analysis with applications
Méthodes d'inversion appliquées au traitement du signal et de l'image
Traitement du signal
Heart rate variability (HRV) signal analysis
Systèmes radars
Implementing software defined radio
Transmissions analogiques et numériques des signaux
Analog dithering techniques for wireless transmitters
Blind identification and separation of complex-valued signals
Imaging brain fuction with EEG
Signal processing approaches to secure physical layer communications in multi-antenna wireless systems
Multi-factor models and signal processing techniques
Hyperspectral data processing
The technology of binaural listening
Modeling in computational biology and biomedicine
Generalizations of cyclostationary signal processing
Techniques de mesure analogiques et numériques
Traitement du signal
Automatique avancée
Le traitement du signal radar
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Analysis and synthesis of delta operator systems
Fractional order signal processing
Discrete-time linear systems
Fractional processes and fractional-order signal processing
Mathematical methods for signal and image analysis and representation
Signal processing and integrated circuits
Nonlinear distortion in wireless systems
Probability and random processes
Satellite and terrestrial radio positioning techniques
Signal conditioning
Signal Processing and Information Technology
A first course in statistics for signal analysis
Speech and audio signal processing
Unified signal theory
Advanced methods of biomedical signal processing
Blind signal processing
Optical Remote Sensing
Handbook of natural language processing and machine translation
Mathematical morphology and its applications to image and signal processing
Traitement du signal
Synthesis of computational structures for analog signal processing
Signaux temporels et spatiotemporels
Speech spectrum analysis
Algorithm-architecture matching for signal and image processing
Artificial intelligence and computational intelligence
Complex-valued matrix derivatives
L'essentiel en théorie et traitement du signal
Noise and vibration analysis
Turbo coding, turbo equalisation, and space-time coding
The neurophysiological bases of auditory perception
Advances in pattern recognition
Recognizing patterns in signals, speech, images and videos
Le traitement de l'information
Mathématiques pour le traitement du signal
Electronique et communication
Communications numériques
Introduction to direction-of-arrival estimation
Designing waveform-processing circuits
Principles of waveform diversity and design
Signal processing in magnetic resonance spectroscopy with biomedical applications
Statistical signal processing of complex-valued data
Signal processing and linear systems
Multimodal signal processing
Handbook of blind source separation
Small signal audio design
Sensors and low power signal processing
Image processing and pattern recognition
Information theoretic learning
Analog and digital signals and systems
Handbook of signal processing systems
Sparse and redundant representations
Image and signal processing
Numerical methods for structured matrices and applications
Nanometer CMOS RFICs for mobile TV applications
Symmetries and groups in signal processing
Perspectives in mathematical system theory, control, and signal processing
A wavelet tour of signal processing
Problèmes inverses en imagerie et en vision
Classical and modern direction-of-arrival estimation
Advanced signal integrity for high-speed digital designs
Traitement des signaux et acquisition de données
Blind equalizers by techniques of optimal non-linear filtering theory
Sonars et acoustique sous-marine
Advanced Galileo and GPS receiver techniques
Advanced internet based systems and applications
Ultra low-power biomedical signal processing
Tensors in image processing and computer vision
RF and digital signal processing for software-defined radio
Signal processing, image processing, and pattern recognition
Advanced topics in system and signal theory
Mathematical Morphology and Its Application to Signal and Image Processing
Signals and systems with M ATLAB
Analyse et traitement des signaux
Spectral logic and its applications for the design of digital devices
Multimodal user interfaces
Microphone array signal processing
Handbook of signal processing in acoustics
Speech, audio, image and biomedical signal processing using neural networks
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Signal processing for communications
Speech and audio processing in adverse environments
Image and signal processing
Frames and bases
Advanced digital signal processing and noise reduction
Mobile sonar systems
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Surface acoustic wave filters
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Discrete cosine and sine transforms
Surface acoustic wave filters
Intelligent multimedia data hiding
Théorie et pratique du signal
Sensor networks and configuration
Ultra-wideband short-pulse electromagnetics 7
Ultra-wideband, short-pulse electromagnetics 8
A software-defined GPS and Galileo receiver
An interactive multimedia introduction to signal processing
Analog electronics
Optimisation en traitement du signal et de l'image
Intelligent multimedia data hiding
Digital signal processing with field programmable gate arrays
Gröbner bases in control theory and signal processing
Modal Array Signal Processing
2007 international conference on communications, circuits and systems
Automatic autocorrelation and spectral analysis
Blind equalization and system identification
Analyse et traitement du signal
A first course in statistics for signal analysis
Robust industrial control systems
Advanced digital signal processing and noise reduction
Digital signal processing for measurement systems
Detection and signal processing
A software-defined GPS and Galileo receiver
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