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Théorie thermodynamique

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La thermodynamique de l'évolution
Loin de l'équilibre
L' oiseau buveur
La chaleur et la température
La légende des sciences 9ème partie
Modes stationnaires à l'interface hélium superfluide

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Principles of thermodynamics
Thermodynamic energy system modelling
A different thermodynamics and its true heroes
Énergie, entropie, information, cryptographie et cybersécurité
Thermodynamics of chemical processes
Black hole information and thermodynamics
Mini manuel de thermodynamique
Thermodynamique générale
The Newman lectures on thermodynamics
Microstates, entropy and quanta
Transferts d'énergie par conduction
Modern thermodynamics for chemists and biochemists
Annotations to quantum statistical mechanics
Transferts d'énergie par convection
Chemically reacting flow
Comprendre la thermodynamique
Fondements énergétiques de la mécanique
De la thermodynamique à l‘économie
The physics of energy
Thermodynamique, physique statistique et cinétique
Conversion chaleur-énergie mécanique
Thermomécanique des milieux fluides
La thermodynamique en prépa et à l'agrégation
Transferts d'énergie et de matière
Modéliser et simuler les technologies énergétiques
La thermodynamique concrète
Finn's thermal physics
Cours de thermodynamique
Diagrammes de phases
Heat pipe design and technology
Thermodynamics of natural systems
Mechanics and thermodynamics
Energy, entropy and engines
Thermodynamique et optimisation énergétique des systèmes et procédés
Conceptual shape optimization of entry vehicles
Transport phenomena in materials processing
Thermodynamique et énergétique
Physique thermique
Transformations entre phases
Points de vue thermodynamiques sur notre quotidien
Mechanics, waves and thermodynamics
Thermodynamic foundations of the Earth system
Transformations entre phases
Equilibres ioniques et électrochimiques
Thermal transport in low dimensions
An introduction to thermodynamic cycle simulations for internal combustion engines
Modélisation des phases solides
Equilibres chimiques
Fundamentals of Turbomachines
Advanced thermodynamics for engineers
Thermodynamique des équilibres entre phases
Les bases de la thermodynamique
Physics of energy conversion
Outils de la modélisation des phases
Thermodynamique de l'ingénieur
Introduction à la thermodynamique
Modélisation des phases liquides
Moderne Thermodynamik
Diagrammes en chimie inorganique
Transferts thermiques, acoustique, photométrie
Thermodynamique et énergétique
Theoretische Physik
Temperature Measurement during Millisecond Annealing
Untersuchung der Potentiale der numerischen Strömungsberechnung zur Prognose der Partikelemissionen in Ottomotoren mit Direkteinspritzung
Gerthsen Physik
Thermodynamik für Maschinenbauer
Nano/micro science and technology in biorheology
Liquid Crystalline Polymers
Fundamentals of Phase Separation in Polymer Blend Thin Films
Non-equilibrium Dynamics of One-Dimensional Bose Gases
Energy flow theory of nonlinear dynamical systems with applications
Thermal-hydraulic analysis of nuclear reactors
Combined Cycle Driven Efficiency for Next Generation Nuclear Power Plants
Aerodynamic and Aerothermodynamic Analysis of Space Mission Vehicles
Black Holes
Rational Extended Thermodynamics beyond the Monatomic Gas
Convection with local thermal non-equilibrium and microfluidic effects
Complex Analysis for Practical Engineering
Specific intermolecular interactions of element-organic compounds
Thermodynamique de l'ingénieur
An Introduction to Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
Modélisation des phases solides
Modélisation des phases liquides
Evaluation of fire flow methodologies
The brain and conscious unity
Outils de la modélisation des phases
Ignitability and Explosibility of Gases and Vapors
Équilibres chimiques
Chemical equilibria
Phase modeling tools
Physical Chemistry for the Biological Sciences
Relativistic Dissipative Hydrodynamic Description of the Quark-Gluon Plasma
Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Non-Fourier Heat Conduction Based on Thermomass Theory
Lazare and Sadi Carnot
Thermodynamics and Energy Conversion
The principles of thermodynamics
Génie énergétique
Sur la nature du feu aux siècles classiques
Machines hydrauliques et thermiques
Aide mémoire de thermodynamique
Thermodynamique et énergétique
Basic chemical thermodynamics
Lazare and Sadi Carnot
Thermal physics
Thermodynamics with chemical engineering applications
Formulation of Uncertainty Relation Between Error and Disturbance in Quantum Measurement by Using Quantum Estimation Theory
Beyond the second law
Thermodynamics, diffusion and the Kirkendall effect in solids
Advanced power generation systems
Irreversibility and dissipation in microscopic systems
Éléments de thermodynamique technique
Entransy in Phase-Change Systems
Transport phenomena and drying of solids and particulate materials
The Nature of Motive Force
The thermodynamics of linear fluids and fluid mixtures
Modern Thermodynamics
Ein Inschinör hat's schwör!
A History of the Work Concept
Transport and reactivity of solutions in confined hydrosystems
Thermodynamique en 20 fiches
Equilibrium thermodynamics
Industrial and Technological Applications of Transport in Porous Materials
Practical chemical thermodynamics for geoscientists
Asymptotic Safety and Black Holes
Information ist Energie
Thermodynamics of information processing in small systems
Thermodynamique optimale en dimensions physiques finies
The thermodynamics of phase and reaction equilibria
Practical approach to exergy and thermoeconomic analyses of industrial processes
Thermodynamique optimale en dimensions physiques finies
Experimentalphysik 1
Introduction to thermodynamics of mechanical fatigue
Materials Science for Structural Geology
Thermodynamics of geothermal fluids
Thermodynamique fondamentale
Thermodynamics of crystalline states
Thermodynamique de l'évolution
Aide mémoire de thermodynamique
La réaction chimique
Thermodynamique en 20 fiches
Continuum mechanics and thermodynamics
The 4th international meeting of advances in thermofluids (IMAT 2011)
An introduction to statistical mechanics and thermodynamics
Polymer thermodynamics
Sustainable Energy Systems and Applications
Physical and chemical equilibrium for chemical engineers
Thermodynamics for chemists, physicists and engineers
Kinetics and thermodynamics of multistep nucleation and self-assembly in nanoscale materials
Fundamental aspects of plasma chemical physics
Thermodynamics of materials with memory
Solved problems in quantum and statistical mechanics
Keine Panik vor Thermodynamik!
Free convection film flows and heat transfer
Thermodynamik des Kraftfahrzeugs
Thermo-Gas Dynamics of Hydrogen Combustion and Explosion
Grundkurs Theoretische Physik 4
Chemical thermodynamics
Modern thermodynamics
Caractérisations thermodynamiques
Thermodynamique, énergétique
Select thermodynamic models for process simulation
Introduction to systems ecology
The thermodynamics of quantum Yang-Mills theory
Maîtrise de l'utilisation de l'énergie
Multicomponent Interfacial Transport
Advances in transport phenomena 2010
Handbook of force transducers
Thermodynamics of Fluids Under Flow
Warming to ecocide
Fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and mass transfer
Proprietà di media e teoremi di confronto in fisica matematica
Dinamica dei gas rarefatti
Non-linear continuum theories
Some aspects of diffusion theory
Non-linear continuum theories in mechanics and physics and their applications
Nonlinear power flow control design
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