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Topic : Classes sociales
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Variant subject headings : Catégories sociales
Classi sociali (italien)
Couches sociales
Distinctions sociales
Inégalités sociales

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Les statuts sociaux
Les groupes sociaux en France 01
Les groupes sociaux en France 02
Les groupes sociaux en France 3
[Appareils d'État et machines de guerre] 8

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Social class in America
Les leçons de sociologie de Claude Dubar Cours n° 1
Les leçons de sociologie de Claude Dubar Cours n° 2
Les leçons de sociologie de Claude Dubar Cours n° 3
La démocratie sociale en crise
La forteresse blanche

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Social inequality
Social class and mental illness in Northern Europe
Birth control battles
Living conditions and targeted aiding mechanisms of the urban underclass in China
Villageois en Touraine
Claiming homes
Glorious causes
Inequality, socio-cultural differentiation and social structures in Africa
"Wahlfreiheit" erwerbstätiger Mütter und Väter?
Classes sociales et politique au Portugal
Citizenship in the Latin American upper and middle classes
Class formation, social inequality and the Nagas in North-East India
Class and power in Roman Palestine
Territoires, culture et classes sociales
Bloc contre bloc
The class ceiling
Amour, luxe et capitalisme
The decline of marriage in Namibia
Les préjugés raciaux et de classe dans l'oeuvre de Marvel Moreno
Mapping the elite
The great Irish famine and social class
Labour, state and society in rural India
Il est où, le bonheur
Can class still unite ?
Class after industry
The working-class student in higher education
La quadrature des classes
Social class and state power
Uneven odds
Channeling the state
All the rḫyt-people adore
The class struggle in Latin America
Knowledge, class and economics
Inequality in capitalist societies
Biographies between spheres of empire
Social mobility for the 21st century
Inequality in the 21st century
Inégalités économiques et système des inégalités au Sénégal
Class matters
Dynamics of class and stratification in Poland
Local elites in post-Mao China
Les classes sociales
The American class structure in an age of growing inequality
Portraits of Medieval Eastern Europe, 900-1400
Class attitudes in America
Social mobility in medieval Italy (1100-1500)
Moving figures
Race, nation, classe
The politics of 1930s British literature
Plebeian modernity
Class, politics, and the decline of deference in England, 1968-2000
The politics of the precariat
Globalized authoritarianism
Where have all the classes gone?
Modo de desarrollo, estructura de clases sociales y desigualdad durante el siglo XIX en Colombia
When did we all become middle class ?
A social history of Germany
"... über die Notwendigkeit einer deutschen Republik."
State-sponsored inequality
Media and class
Tell me who you are
Distinctions in the flesh
L'Umbria dal 1861 al 1992
La mobilità sociale nel Medioevo italiano 3
The sum of small things
Les classes sociales en Europe
La mobilità sociale nel Medioevo italiano 2
Ce que les riches pensent des pauvres
Social mobility in the 20th century
Youth and social class
Class in the new millennium
The other exchange
La classe
Literatura y sociedad bolivianas
Réparer les inégalités ?
Youth, class and education in urban India
Die Insel und das Meer
England's ideal and other papers on social subjects
Prekarisierungsgesellschaften in Ostasien?
Handbook on class and social stratification in China
Le crépuscule de la France d'en haut
Labor and class identities in Hong Kong
The great inequality
Class, inequality and community development
De la nation
Fractured identities
The social composition of the Dominican republic
The Republican Aventine and Rome's social order
La mobilità sociale nel Medioevo italiano 1
Living class in urban India
Higher education, social class and social mobility
Housing, class and gender in modern British writing, 1880-2012
Globalization and transnational capitalism in Asia and Oceania
El mall
Golden times
Intersektionalität und Forschungspraxis
Routledge international handbook of race, class, and gender
Niederrheinische Lebenswelten in der Frühen Neuzeit
Soziale Schichtung in der industriellen Gesellschaft
Classi dirigenti e movimenti sociali
The new social division
Bourdieu and social movements
Hay clases sociales
The other rise of the novel in eighteenth-century French fiction
The Polish middle class
Le retour des classes sociales
The Polish middle class
Getting by
Communist Czechoslovakia, 1945-89
Plebeyos y patricios en Chile colonial, 1750-1772
Left to chance
Accounting for oneself
Classes sociales et inégalités
Jeunesse et classes sociales
Studium oder Berufsausbildung?
Die Wissenschaftselite Deutschlands
Vassalli, feudi, feudalesimo
Race and class distinctions within Black communities
La France périphérique
Class and the making of American literature
The Cooper connection
Class in contemporary China
Hindi is our ground, English is our sky
A family of no prominence
Beyond lords and peasants
Three African social theorists on class struggle, political liberation, and indigenous culture
Romancing the wild
Reading class through Shakespeare, Donne, and Milton
Siprwt wmaʿamad
El regreso de las clases
Reform acts
Class formations and inequality structures in contemporary African migration
Missing class
Transforming classes
La conjuration des inégaux
Ted Hughes, class and violence
La grande bifurcation
The psychology of social class in the fiction of Russell Banks, Denis Johnson and Harry Crews
Class, culture and the agrarian myth
Neue und alte soziale Ungleichheiten
Children's bodies in schools
Standesgemäße Ordnung in der Moderne
Becoming educated
Class warfare
A Revolução portuguesa
Cambios y resistencias sociales en la Edad Moderna
La société comme verdict
Inégalités et justice sociale
Der Wille zum Subjekt
Becoming educated
The parvenu's plot
Cumhuriyet dönemi Türk romanında merkez-taşra çatışması
Racism, class and the racialized outsider
Choosing homes, choosing schools
Soziale Milieus und Wandel der Sozialstruktur
Social class and educational inequality
Réduire les inégalités
Political choice matters
The fox-hunting controversy, 1781-2004
Religion, theology, and class
Relações de gênero, raça, classe e identidade social no Brasil e na França
Conversation sur la naissance des inégalités
Education reform and social class in Japan
La société comme verdict
A history of class formation in the Plateau Province of Nigeria, 1902-1960
African-Brazilian culture and regional identity in Bahia, Brazil
The logic of racism
Sociologie du Québec en mutation
Facetten der Prekarisierungsgesellschaft
The creative class goes global
Castas y razas en la Independencia neogranadina, 1810-1830
Justifier l'ordre social
Vers une société sans classes ?
Class and stratification analysis
Distinciones y exclusiones
La mobilité ethnique au Rwanda
Caste system in India
Queer enchantments
Social class in later life
Al-ṣirāʿ al-ṭabaqī fī bilād al-Šām
Vers une société sans classes ?
Class and contemporary British culture
Desigualdades e perspectivas dos cidadãos
Dividing lines
Social change and education in Greece
La società consumata
Living with class
Rethinking class in Russia
The silver fork novel
On the margins
Les rapports sociaux de classes
Caste and class in India
Dentro e fuori le mura
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