Systèmes, Théorie des

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Topic : Systèmes, Théorie des
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Field : Savoir et érudition. Musées
Variant subject headings : Théorie des systèmes

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Räume der Gesellschaft
Introduction to the theory of complex systems
Die institutionelle Bestimmtheit sozialer Systeme
Quantum systems in physics, chemistry, and biology
Systemtheorie der Gesellschaft
Sprachdynamik im Lichte der Evolutionstheorie
Inklusion und Exklusion in der Interaktion
Spiritualität, Religion, Weltanschauung
Orientierungen von Lehrerinnen und Lehrern im Themenfeld Heterogenität
Systemtheorie und Gesellschaftskritik
Protest und Selbstbeschreibung
Control of Self-Organizing Nonlinear Systems
Wozu Theorie?
Creativity and Universality in Language
Handbook of applied system science
Emergent nested systems
Nonlinear resonances
Continuum deformation of multi-agent systems
Raum und Ort
Postsowjetische Transformationen in der Weltgesellschaft
Systems Dependability Assessment
Modeling and visualization of complex systems and enterprises
Fundamentals of complex networks
Understanding complex ecosystem dynamics
Economic growth and sustainability
Salute e malattia nella teoria dei sistemi
Models of Wave Memory
Fractional Order Differentiation and Robust Control Design
Control Problems of Discrete-Time Dynamical Systems
Filtering and Control for Classes of Two-Dimensional Systems
Application of systems thinking to health policy & public health ethics
Stabilization and Control of Fractional Order Systems
Commodities, energy and environmental finance
Developments in Model-Based Optimization and Control
Intentional Risk Management through Complex Networks Analysis
Surveys in Differential-Algebraic Equations III
Asynchronous control for networked systems
Systems theory and the sociology of health and illness
Language and complex systems
Systemtheorie und Differenzierungstheorie als Kritik
Physics of long-range interacting systems
Discrete control systems
Stabilization of elastic systems by collocated feedback
Sampled-data models for linear and nonlinear systems
Applied cyber-physical systems
Reality and accounting
Geld und Gesellschaft
How nature works
Robust control of uncertain dynamic systems
Psychoanalysis and complexity
Guide to modeling and simulation of systems of systems
State space grids
Handbook of systems and complexity in health
Guide to Modeling and Simulation of Systems of Systems
Systemic thinking
Control of cyber-physical systems
Discrete-Time Stochastic Control and Dynamic Potential Games
Morphogenetic engineering
Stability of vector differential delay equations
Beobachter unter sich
From deprived to revived
Kontingenz und Recht
Advances in Network Analysis and its Applications
Physique des systèmes complexes
Introduction to systems theory
Kritische Systemtheorie
Minima res
Financial whirlpools
Regulation of the power sector
Linear feedback controls
Stochastic differential inclusions and applications
Newtonian nonlinear dynamics for complex linear and optimization problems
The mereon matrix
Fault-tolerant process control
Poincaré, le hasard et l'étude des systèmes complexes
Inklusion, Teilhabe, Lebensqualität
Zwischen Realismus und Konstruktivismus
System theory in geomorphology
A panorama of modern operator theory and related topics
Complex systems and dependability
Self-evolvable systems
Incomplete information system and rough set theory
Discontinuous dynamical systems
Design and Diagnosis for Sustainable Organizations
Natural locomotion in fluids and on surfaces
Systemic structure behind human organizations
Anticipatory systems
Parametric resonance in dynamical systems
Complex Systems
Théorie générale des systèmes
Durch Luhmanns Brille
Duale Rahmentheorie sozialer Arbeit
Macht im System
Ratten im Labyrinth
Constructing the world
Dynamiques comportementales, technologiques et institutionnelles des alliances en recherche et développement
Teoria sistemica dei media
Soziale Differenzierung
Die Identität der Organisation und die Organisation der Identität
Organisation und Werte
Soziale Differenzierung
Fallstricke sozialer Arbeit
Modeling, Diagnostics and Process Control
Physics of self-organization and evolution
Systemtheorie und rekonstruktive Sozialforschung
System identification
Symmetries and semi-invariants in the analysis of nonlinear systems
Modeling, Design, and Simulation of Systems with Uncertainties
Automatic control of atmospheric and space flight vehicles
Dynamic management of sustainable development
Analysis and synthesis of networked control systems
Complex systems in finance and econometrics
Control and adaptation in telecommunication systems
Analysis and control of boolean networks
Control technologies for emerging micro and nanoscale systems
Stochastic transport in complex systems
Theorie in Skizzen
Die Äquilibration der kommunikativen Strukturen
Grey systems
Gesellschaft der Gegenwarten
Verwaltung (in) der Gesellschaft
Die kulturellen Dimensionen des Sozialen
Power grid complexity
Management und Systementwicklung in der sozialen Arbeit
Dynamical Systems
Modeling complex systems
Geometric design of linkages
Thriving systems theory and metaphor-driven modeling
Linearization Models for Complex Dynamical Systems
Numerical methods for structured matrices and applications
Long-range interacting systems
Optimal reference shaping for dynamical systems
Qu'appelle-t-on aujourd'hui les sciences de la complexité ?
La mort du devin, l'émergence du démiurge
Das Handeln der Systeme
Soziale Formen
Das System SELBST
Überkomplexe Gesellschaft
Intentional systems theory as a conceptual framework for religious studies
Complex time-delay systems
A systems approach to leadership
Advances in grey systems research
Advanced topics in system and signal theory
Systems theory
Interaktionistischer Konstruktivismus
Anschluss und Emergenz
Complex systems and self-organization modelling
Emergence and embodiment
Optimal observation for cyber-physical systems
Systems thinkers
Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics
Risk analysis of complex and uncertain systems
Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science
Model-Based Control
Identität und Differenz
Der klinische Blick in der sozialen Arbeit
Discontinuous Control Systems
Complexity explained
Pourquoi le tout est plus que la somme de ses parties
Systèmes de systèmes
Il sistema e l'osserv-attore
Paradoxien kirchlicher Organisation
The synchronized dynamics of complex systems
Modeling Complex Living Systems
Evolution from cellular to social scales
Die Ökonomisierung der Gesellschaft
Complex systems
Intention und Funktion
Control systems theory and applications for linear repetitive processes
Wieviel Subjekt braucht die Theorie?
Trust, but test!
Quantum tunneling in complex systems
Nonlinear Physics of Complex Systems
Self-organizing complexity in psychological systems
Medien der Macht, Macht der Medien
Die Mode der Gesellschaft
Introduction to mathematical systems theory
Das Populäre der Gesellschaft
Geschlechtliche Ungleichheit in systemtheoretischer Perspektive
Les systèmes complexes
Geometrical dynamics of complex systems
Verification of infinite-state systems with applications to security
Abstract Systems Theory
Large Scale Systems
Wisdom, knowledge and management
Das Kind als Medium der Erziehung
Interkulturelle Kooperation
Unifying themes in complex systems Volume III.
Adaptation and evolution in collective systems
Découverte des réseaux par la systémique
La confiance
Complexus mundi
Robust optimization-directed design
Systemics of emergence
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