Anglais (langue) -- 450-1100 (vieil anglais)

Topic : Anglais (langue) -- 450-1100 (vieil anglais)
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Field : Langues
Variant subject headings : Anglais (langue) -- Vieil anglais
Anglo-saxon (langue)
Lingua anglosassone (italien)
Vieil anglais (langue)
The time : 0450-1100

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The place-name Kingston and royal power in Middle Anglo-Saxon England
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Signs that sing
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Reading Old English
Studies in Old and Middle English
Rethinking and recontextualizing glosses
Code-switching in early English
Foreign influences on medieval English
Old English metre
The threshold of Anglo-Saxon
A grammar of Old English Volume 2
Cardinal numerals
An introduction to the grammar of Old English
Dialogues et résistances
Studying the history of early English
Old English
The syntax of prenominal and postnominal adjectives in Old English
Old names, new growth
Germanic languages and linguistic universals
The development from case-forms to prepositional constructions in old English prose
Historical Englishes in varieties of texts and contexts
Making sense
Introduction to Old English
Beowulf and beyond
A guide to old English
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Essentials of Early English
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Old English poetics
Verbal encounters
The rise of the "to"-infinitive
The Cambridge Old English reader
Studien zum Wortfeld um "eald" und "niwe" im Altenglischen
Semantic borrowing of "Wyrd" with special reference in King Alfred's "Boethius"
Old and Middle English c.890-c.1400
The metre of Old Saxon poetry
Language change, writing and textual interference in post-conquest Old English manuscripts
Alliteration and sound change in early English
Language contact in the history of English
Folk-taxonomies in early English
A case for irony in "Beowulf"
Anglo-Saxon styles
Paroles et silences
The beginnings of English law
An introduction to old English
Language and history in Viking age England
The metre of Beowulf
Annuaire des anglicistes médiévistes
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Le bestiaire vieil-anglais
Aspects of Old English poetic syntax
Lexis and texts in early English
Old English glossed psalters
Anglo-Saxon audiences
A thesaurus of Old English
Die griechischen Lehnwörter im Altenglischen
Proceedings of the 10th international conference of the Spanish society for medieval English language and literature
Middle English word studies
Phrase structures in competition
Essentials of Early English
The intellectual foundations of the English Benedictine reform
Anglo-Saxon glosses and glossaries
An introduction to English runes
Le futur dans le Moyen âge anglais
The continental backgrounds of English and its insular development until 1154
Words and works
The student's dictionary of Anglo-Saxon
La sintassi della subordinazione in anglosassone
Beowulf and Old Germanic metre
Blue in Old English
Wells, meres, and pools
The word order of Ælfric
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L'anglais médiéval
The metrical organization of "Beowulf"
Verbs in medieval English
The language of Old and Middle English poetry
English historical linguistics 1994
English historical metrics
The textuality of Old English poetry
An Anglo-Saxon dictionary based on the manuscript collections of Joseph Bosworth
A thesaurus of Old English
Prosody and poetics in the early Middle Ages
Case marking and reanalysis
Old English
Old English
The rhythm of Beowulf
Loyal letters
A comparative study of Old English metre
Prepositions in Old and Middle English
Old English homilies from MS Bodley 343
Old English and its closest relatives
Money talks
Old English and its closest relatives
Evidence for Old English
A grammar of Old English Volume 1
A chorus of grammars
Anglo-Saxon glossography
The Cambridge history of the English language volume I
A guide to old English
An Anglo-Saxon dictionary based on the manuscript collections of the late Joseph Bosworth,...
Old English grammar
Old English breaking and its Germanic analogues
The metrical grammar of "Beowulf"
Papers from the 5th International conference on English historical linguistics, Cambridge, 6-9 April 1987
Desire for origins
A critical bibliography of Old English syntax to the end of 1984
Britain 400-600
Visible song
Untersuchungen zu den frühen lateinischen Lehnwörtern im Altenglischen
Old English semantic-field studies
Passive constructions in Old English translations from Latin
Verbs with the reflexive pronoun and constructions with "self" in old and early middle English
On Old English
Grammatical gender in English
Old and Middle English language studies
Anglo-Saxon England 17
Edinburgh studies in the English language
An Annotated bibliography of North American doctoral dissertations on old English language and literature
Temporal adverbials in old and middle English
Anglo-Saxon England 16
Old English meter and linguistic theory
Der Rhythmus des Beowulf
The uses and shades of meaning of words for "every" and "each" in Old English
A Collection of papers with emphasis on old English literature
Old English syntax 2
Style in old English poetry
Old English "impersonal" verbs and expressions
Marci Zuerii Boxhornii Originum Gallicarum liber
Dictionary of Old English
Archaeology and place-names in the fifth and sixth centuries
Anglo-Saxon England 15
A Microfiche concordance to Old English
Old English syntax
Old English syntax 1
Beowulf and the appositive style
Problems of old English lexicography
The Anonymous parts of the Old English Hexateuch
Old English syntax 2
A Microfiche concordance to Old English
Studies in the language and poetics of Anglo-Saxon England
The Decline of the prefixes and the beginnings of the English phrasal verb
The Politics of early Old English sound change
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Latin and the vernacular languages in early medieval Britain
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A Companion to Old and Middle English studies
Approaches to Beowulfian scansion
Diachronic grammar
Old English and the continental Germanic languages
Linguistic means of determining the dates of Old English literary texts
Altenglische Ausdrücke für « Leib » und « Seele »
Old English noun morphology
Festgabe für Hans Pinsker zum 70. Geburtstag
Problèmes de grammaire historique
Old English personnal names in Bede's history
A Short dictionary of Anglo-Saxon poetry
Saint Dunstan's classbook from Glastonbury
An Anglo-Saxon primer

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