Topic : Inférence
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Field : Philosophie
Variant subject headings : Inferenza (italien)

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The book of why
Observation and experiment
Belief, evidence, and uncertainty
Imagination and convention
Stochastic Processes - Inference Theory
Causes, probabilités, inférences
Siddhāntalakṣaṇam, Nyāyaratnasahitam
Tattvacintāmaṇau Upādhiprakaraṇavimarśaḥ
Error and inference
Relational syllogisms and the history of arabic logic, 900-1900
Grammatical inference
L'articulation des raisons
Model based inference in the life sciences
Grammatical inference
Inference from signs
Probability and inference
Higher level language processes in the brain
Inference and generalizability in applied linguistics
Rigid flexibility
Inference & persuasion
Inference on the low level
Inference to the best explanation
Statement and inference
Bhāsarvajñaracita Nyāyabhūṣaṇa kā anumāna pariccheda
Inference from signs
Articulating reasons
The essentials of logic
Admissibility of logical inference rules
Drawing inferences from statistical data
Abductive inference
Algorithmic Learning Theory
Nonmonotonic and Inductive Logic
Inductive inference and its natural ground
Lexique et inférence(s)
Analogical and Inductive Inference
Grammaire philosophique des tropes
Logic, language and meaning Volume 2
Logic, language and meaning Volume 1
Lexical inferencing procedures or Talking about words
Computational logic
Knowledge and inference
Marquage linguistique, inférence et interprétation dans le discours
Cognitive biases
Cartesian logic
Analogical and Inductive Inference
Relevant logic
Probability and inference in the law of evidence
Meaning and inference in Medieval philosophy
L'Inférence en langue naturelle
Death is the mother of beauty
Structures and procedures of implicit knowledge
Inferences in text processing
Inferences in text processing
Prolegomena to inferential discourse processing
The Enterprise of knowledge
Human inference
Paragraph structure inference
Inférence, antonymie et paraphrase
The essentials of logic

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