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Materiali (italien)
Matériaux avancés
Matériaux émergents
Matériaux fonctionnels
Matériaux industriels

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ContaminExpo 2019
Composites materials for food packaging
Guide des sciences et technologies industrielles
Multi-mechanism modeling of inelastic material behavior
Chimie, aéronautique et espace
Gemmes, pierres, métaux, substances utiles
From additive manufacturing to 3D/4D printingn3
ContaminExpo 2017
Bâtir les pyramides sans pierres ni esclaves ?
Physics and technology of crystalline oxide semiconductor CAAC-IGZO
Physics and technology of crystalline oxide semiconductor CAAC-IGZO
Physics and technology of crystalline oxide semiconductor CAAC-IGZO
Superconductors at the nanoscale
Mécanique des solides divisés
Mise en forme des métaux
Dimensions de l'art brut
Guide des sciences et technologies industrielles
Propriétés physiques des matériaux pour l'électronique
Emballage des produits alimentaires et autres conditionnements spécifiques
Shaping light in nonlinear optical fibers
Applied nanoindentation in advanced materials
Atlas of material damage
Surfaces et structures fonctionnelles
Petit manuel de construction traditionnelle en Dauphiné
Organic-inorganic composite polymer electrolyte membranes
Advanced materials and energy sustainability
Materials for solid state lighting and displays
Introduction to organic electronic and optoelectronic materials and devices
Statics and mechanics of materials
Handbook of materials for string musical instruments
Low-profile natural and metamaterial antennas
Matières et savoir-faire d'exception
Soft Matter at Aqueous Interfaces
Handbook of visual display technology
Guide des sciences et technologies industrielles
Materials and sustainable development
Matériaux pour agencer sa maison
Multiscale materials modeling
Marine concrete structures
Innovations en matériaux avancés
Advanced materials
An essential guide to electronic material surfaces and interfaces
Organic light-emitting transistors
Photonic materials for sensing, biosensing and display devices
Emballage des produits alimentaires et autres conditionnements spécifiques
Green and sustainable manufacturing of advanced material
Nanostructured polymer membranes
Smart materials for waste water applications
Advanced engineering materials and modeling
Polymers for personal care products and cosmetics
Marine applications of advanced fibre-reinforced composites
Inorganic glasses for photonics
Recent advances in high-temperature PEM fuel cells
Marine, waterborne and water-resistant polymers
Materials processing
Biomimetic principles and design of advanced engineering materials
Analysis and Computation of Microstructure in Finite Plasticity
Fire-Resistant Geopolymers
InCIEC 2014
Advances in Material Forming and Joining
Lasers Based Manufacturing
Advances in Structural Engineering
Advances in Structural Engineering
Advances in Structural Engineering
Defects and impurities in silicon materials
Neue Entwicklungen in der Additiven Fertigung
Vibro-Acoustics, Volume 1
Synthesis, Properties and Application of Graphene Woven Fabrics
Lanthanide Single Molecule Magnets
Thermal integrity in mechanics and engineering
Advances in Metallic Biomaterials
Reliability of Steel Columns Protected by Intumescent Coatings Subjected to Natural Fires
Laser Additive Manufacturing of High-Performance Materials
Aktuelle Forschung in der Bodenmechanik 2015
Innovative Biofibers from Renewable Resources
Platinum Metals in the Environment
Temperature Measurement during Millisecond Annealing
Herstellung metallisch gebundener Schleifscheiben für das Schleifen von Riblets
Electron Microscopical Investigation of Interdiffusion and Phase Formation at Gd2O3/CeO2- and Sm2O3/CeO2-Interfaces
Vereinfachte Fließzonentheorie
Light localisation and lasing
Nanotechnology-enhanced orthopedic materials
Carbon nanomaterials for advanced energy systems
Advanced electrical and electronics materials
Advanced functional materials
Earth-abundant materials for solar cells
Biofilms in bioelectrochemical systems
Reactions and mechanisms in thermal analysis of advanced materials
Materials characterisation VII
Numerical Simulation of Mechatronic Sensors and Actuators
The current trends of optics and photonics
Theoretical and Applied Aerodynamics
Nanomaterials and devices
Calcined Clays for Sustainable Concrete
Deformation and Fracture of Solid-State Materials
Handbook of flexible organic electronics
Photocured materials
8th International conference on electromagnetic processing of materials, EPM2015
Surfaces et structures fonctionnelles
Traité de la matière
Handbook of bioelectronics
Handbook of UV degradation and stabilization
Handbook of biodegradation, biodetrioration, and biostabilization
Matériaux pour l'électronique et dispositifs associés
Shell and Membrane Theories in Mechanics and Biology
Design of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Actuators
Thermal Degradation of Polymer Blends, Composites and Nanocomposites
Damage Growth in Aerospace Composites
Experimental Stress Analysis for Materials and Structures
The ISRM Suggested Methods for Rock Characterization, Testing and Monitoring
Built Heritage
Microstructuring of Thermo-Mechanically Highly Stressed Surfaces
Metals in Past Societies
Prediction of Polymeric Membrane Separation and Purification Performances
Stochastic Modeling of Thermal Fatigue Crack Growth
Microstructure-Property Optimization in Metallic Glasses
Porous Carbons - Hyperbranched Polymers - Polymer Solvation
On Shear Behavior of Structural Elements Made of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Graphene-Based Polymer Nanocomposites in Electronics
Dynamics of Pre-Strained Bi-Material Elastic Systems
Elastic/Plastic Discs Under Plane Stress Conditions
Microstructure and Properties of Ductile Iron and Compacted Graphite Iron Castings
Inelastic Behavior of Materials and Structures Under Monotonic and Cyclic Loading
9-12Cr Heat-Resistant Steels
Metallic Amorphous Alloy Reinforcements in Light Metal Matrices
Electric Arc Furnace with Flat Bath
Tensor Algebra and Tensor Analysis for Engineers
Geometric continuum mechanics and induced beam theories
The Pullout Performance of Pedicle Screws
Flows in polymers, reinforced polymers and composites
Nanotechnology in Construction
Mechanics of Anisotropic Materials
Design and Modeling of Mechanical Systems - II
Sustainable automotive technologies 2014
Holistic simulation of geotechnical installation processes
Shape memory alloy actuators
Grind Hardening Process
From creep damage mechanics to homogenization methods
Mechanical and materials engineering of modern structure and component design
Furniture design
Solid mechanics
Contact mechanics of articular cartilage layers
Modern manufacturing engineering
Nonlinear and Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Quantum-Dot Optoelectronic Devices
Photonics and electronics with Germanium
In-vitro materials design
Graphene-based energy devices
The new nuclear forensics
Organic electro-optics and photonics
FRP-strengthened metallic structures
Plasticity of Pressure-Sensitive Materials
Imagerie 3D en mécanique des matériaux
Chemical engineering III
Silicon Carbide Nanostructures
EPD Congress 2014
Encyclopedia of Lubricants and Lubrication
Design and computation of modern engineering materials
Mechatronic Systems
Physics of Wurtzite nitrides and oxides
Advanced energy materials
High-strength ceramics
Environmental degradation of advanced and traditional engineering materials
Handbook of research on functional materials
Materials science and engineering Vol. 1
Dynamics and vibrations
PGD-based modeling of materials, structures and processes
Matériaux & design produit
Materials modelling using density functional theory
Computational design of lightweight structures
Application of nanotechnology in water research
Elastoplasticity Theory
Graphene optoelectronics
Nonlinear elastic waves in materials
The History of Theoretical, Material and Computational Mechanics - Mathematics Meets Mechanics and Engineering
Local structural characterisation
Structural Rehabilitation of Old Buildings
First Principles Approaches to Spectroscopic Properties of Complex Materials
Circular Cylinders and Pressure Vessels
Electrical Properties of Graphite Nanoparticles in Silicone
Fracture and Fatigue, Volume 7
Challenges in mechanics of time-dependent materials and processes in conventional and multifunctional materials Volume 2
Residual Stress, Thermomechanics & Infrared Imaging, Hybrid Techniques and Inverse Problems, Volume 8
Multi length-scale characterisation
Metal Chalcogenide Nanostructures for Renewable Energy Applications
Charge Dynamics in 122 Iron-Based Superconductors
Mechanics of moving materials
Stability of Non-Linear Constitutive Formulations for Viscoelastic Fluids
Nanotechnologies for synthetic super non-wetting surfaces
Lasers in Materials Science
Rheological and Seismic Properties of Solid-Melt Systems
Corrosion des circuits primaires dans les réacteurs à eau sous pression
Mechanical Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete
Aktuelle Forschung in der Bodenmechanik 2013
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Le soudage par friction malaxage, friction stir welding
Engineering materials science

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Évolution du choix des matériaux
Nanomatériaux pour les batteries lithium et les supercondensateurs
Réservoirs et récipients en PRV pour applications hors sol Partie 3
AMP 2010
Matériaux 2006
Références aciers et non ferreux
Proceedings of the European conference on spacecraft structures, materials & mechanical testing 2005
Références aciers
Materials for aerospace applications
Matériaux 2002
Références aciers

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Eine Welt ohne Müll
Médaille de l'innovation 2015
Materials for a better life
Le paysan volant
Les matériaux intelligents

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