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Le thé pour oublier le bruit du monde
Historia de China contemporánea
L'impératrice Cixi
Fei chang dao
L'impératrice Cixi
La Chine ouverte
The making of modern Chinese medicine, 1850-1960
Ci xi
Der Westen und das Reich der Mitte
Chong shuo zhong guo jin dai shi
Feng huo shan he
Hong xue yin yuan tu ji
The libertine's friend
The scramble for China
Choeur de Notre-Dame de Bourges, Augustin Borget en Chine, ...
The A to Z of modern China
The wobbling pivot, China since 1800
La Cina vol. II
Historical dictionary of Modern China, 1800-1949
Brill's encyclopedia of China
La Cina vol. III
The Penguin history of modern China
Le dévouement du marchand
The limits of Empire
Cixi, impératrice de Chine
Diplomatie, rhétorique et canonnières
Fei chang yan
Zhong guo jin dai bai nian shi zi liao cong bian
Si chao yu xue pai
Zhong guo nong min yu jin dai ge ming
The Chinese revolution in historical perspective
From opium war to liberation
Maritime China in transition, 1750-1850
China unbound
Hoàng Hoa Thám
The fall of the god of money
Mit Barbaren gegen Barbaren
Von Russland über die Mongolei nach China
Rebellions and revolutions
Zhong guo jin dai shi
Shang hai shi hua
Dê Tham
The Columbia guide to modern Chinese history
China's path to modernization
Yang wu yun dong shi hua
Bei jing shi hua
Tian jin shi hua
Guang zhou shi hua
Wu han shi hua
Xiang gang shi hua
Ao men shi hua
Victorian travelers and the opening of China, 1842-1907
Ke jia yu jin dai Zhong guo
Modern China
Wan qing qi shi nian
Zhong guo jin dai shi tong jian (1840-1949)
Die Kaiserin-Witwe Cixi
T'seu-Hsi, impératrice des boxers
La grande révolution chinoise
Jin dai zhong guo de chu lu
Li Hung-chang and China's early modernization
Historical dictionary of revolutionary China, 1839-1976
Historical dictionary of revolutionary China
Rents, taxes, and peasant resistance
The Chinese revolution in historical perspective
Rebellions and revolution
La Grande révolution chinoise
The land of the lamas
La Chine moderne 1840-1983
Modern China
Discovering history in China
Histoire de la Chine moderne
Histoire de la Chine 4
Histoire de la Chine 3
Histoire de la Chine 2
Histoire de la Chine 1
L'Extrême-Orient de 1840 à 1914
La politique missionnaire de la France en Chine
T'seu-hsi, impératrice des Boxers
Souvenirs chinois
La Chine entre en scène

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