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Proteine (italien)

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Les protéines dans tous leurs états
Les protéines dans tous leurs états

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La structure des protéines
A mathematical approach to protein biophysics
Macromolecular protein complexes
Protein analysis using mass spectrometry
Protein therapeutics
Liquid chromatography Volume 1
Analytical characterization of biotherapeutics
Liquid chromatography Volume 2
Microwave effects on DNA and proteins
Models and Algorithms for Biomolecules and Molecular Networks
Protein moonlighting in biology and medicine
Evolution of the protein synthesis machinery and its regulation
Advanced technologies for protein complex production and characterization
Protein-based Engineered Nanostructures
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Amino acids, peptides and proteins Volume 40
Carbohydrate nanotechnology
Heat shock protein-based therapies
Amino acids, peptides and proteins
Fundamentals of protein structure and function
Protein targeting compounds
Peptide and protein vaccines
High pressure bioscience
Fundamentals of neurodegeneration and protein misfolding disorders
The Hsp60 Chaperonin
Physical biology of proteins and peptides
Protein NMR
Proteostasis and chaperone surveillance
Quantum Modeling of Complex Molecular Systems
Protein modifications in pathogenic dysregulation of signaling
Algorithms in bioinformatics
Vertebrate Myogenesis
Recent Advancements in Gene Expression and Enabling Technologies in Crop Plants
Mammalian Protein Metabolism
Intrinsically disordered proteins
Plant ABC Transporters
Adhesive interactions of mussel foot proteins
Information-theoretic evaluation for computational biomedical ontologies
Genomics and proteomics for clinical discovery and development
Algorithmic and artificial intelligence methods for protein bioinformatics
Protein families
Amino acids, peptides and proteins vol. 38 Volume 38.
Peptidomimetics in organic and medicinal chemistry
Ribosome-inactivating proteins
Protein oxidation and aging
Low-abundance proteome discovery
Proteomic profiling and analytical chemistry
Dynamics of proteins and nucleic acids
Protein-nucleic acids interactions
Biomolecular spectroscopy
Lipid-mediated protein signaling
Advancing methods for biomolecular crystallography
Bioinformatics of human proteomics
The endoplasmic reticulum
Homocysteine in protein structure/function and human disease
Dynamics in Enzyme Catalysis
Electrochemical analysis of proteins and cells
Protein-nanoparticle interactions
Fractal symmetry of protein interior
Single-molecule studies of proteins
Application of selected reaction monitoring to highly multiplexed targeted quantitative proteomics
Genome-wide prediction and analysis of protein--protein functional linkages in bacteria
Biophysics for therapeutic protein development
Characterization of protein therapeutics using mass spectrometry
Bioconjugate techniques
Mass spectrometry for drug discovery and drug development
Proteins in solution and at interfaces
Marine proteins and peptides
JAK-STAT signaling
Farm animal proteomics
Ionic liquids in biotransformations and organocatalysis
Protein and peptide mass spectrometry in drug discovery
Protein engineering for therapeutics Part B
Therapeutic protein drug products
Farm animal proteomics
Cellular trafficking of cell stress proteins in health and disease
Therapeutic proteins
Protein-ligand interactions
Amino acids, peptides and proteins vol. 37
Secretions and exudates in biological systems
NMR of proteins and small biomolecules
Protein-protein interactions
Protein engineering for therapeutics Part A
Protein Dimerization and Oligomerization in Biology
Multistate GTPase control co-translational protein targeting
Protein NMR spectroscopy
Introduction to proteins
Protein purification
Peptide and protein delivery
Advancing theory for kinetics and dynamics of complex, many-dimensional systems
The unfolded protein response and cellular stress Part C
Biophysical chemistry of proteins
The unfolded protein response and cellular stress
Protein and peptide analysis by LC-MS
Multiscale approaches to protein modeling
Protein surface recognition
Advances in protein chemistry and structural biology Vol. 79
Constitutive activity in receptors and other proteins Part A
Fluorescent proteins
Cholesterol binding and cholesterol transport proteins
Protein bioinformatics
Protein phosphorylation analysis by electrospray mass spectrometry
Protein metabolism and homeostasis in aging
Sensory Evaluation of Food
The physics of proteins
Introduction to protein structure prediction
Protein misfolding diseases
Protein engineering and design
Structure and function of intrinsically disordered proteins
Constitutive activity in receptors and other proteins Part B
Advances in protein chemistry and structural biology Vol. 80
Protein mass spectrometry
Protein crystallization
Advances in protein chemistry and structural biology Vol. 78
SUMO regulation of cellular processes
From molecules to medicines
Intracellular traffic and neurodegenerative disorders
Prediction of protein structures, functions, and interactions
High-field EPR spectroscopy on proteins and their model systems
Trafficking inside cells
Protein engineering handbook
From protein structure to function with bioinformatics
Amino acids, peptides and proteins in organic chemistry
Protein folding and misfolding
Engineering the bioelectronic interface
Protein mass spectrometry
Guide to protein purification
Protein discovery technologies
Non-natural amino acids
Bacterial secreted proteins
Modulation of protein stability in cancer therapy
El nacimiento de la química de proteínas
Non-protein coding RNAs
Amino acids, peptides, and proteins in organic chemistry
Basic methods in protein purification and analysis
Structure et fonction des protéines
Tissue proteomics
Structural genomics Part A
Bioconjugate techniques
Globins and other nitric oxide-reactive proteins
Protein crystallography
Protein folding, misfolding and aggregation
Molecular modeling
Protein evolution
Computational and structural approaches to drug discovery
Computational structural biology
Lecture notes on computational structural biology
Molecular modeling of proteins
Gene and protein evolution
Principles of protein X-Ray crystallography
Protein interactions
Fundamentals of protein structure and function
Gene sharing and evolution
Protein misfolding, aggregation and conformational diseases Part B
Structure in protein chemistry
Current topics in innate immunity
Fundamentals of protein structure and function
Molecular motors
Protein purification
Proteome research
Handbook of proteins
Methods in protein structure and stability analysis Part C
Protein condensation
Structure-based drug discovery
Protein trafficking in neurons
Peroxiredoxin systems
Less Common Metals in Proteins and Nucleic Acid Probes
Proteins at solid-liquid interfaces
The proteasome in neurodegeneration
Protein structure prediction
Crystallography made crystal clear
Crystallography made crystal clear
Fibrous proteins
Ubiquitin and protein degradation
Proteomics and peptidomics
Fibrous proteins
Nuclear Import and Export in Plants and Animals
Protein movement across membranes
Nuclear import and export in plants and animals
Informational biopolymers of genes and gene expression
Protein analysis and purification
Fibrous proteins
Protein-lipid interactions
Electrochemistry of nucleic acids and proteins
From cells to proteins
Nuclear magnetic resonance of biological macromolecules Part C
Applications of Evolutionary Computation in Chemistry
Structural aspects of protein synthesis
Proteins in food processing
Protein structure and function
Practical bioinformatics
Protein purification protocols
Protein bioinformatics
Structure and dynamics of macromolecules
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