Commande automatique

Topic : Commande automatique
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Field : Technique
Variant subject headings : Automatique
Commande automatique -- Appareils et matériel
Commande automatique -- Équipement
Commande automatique, Systèmes de
Conduite automatique
Contrôle automatique
Régulateurs automatiques
Régulateurs industriels
Régulation industrielle
Sistemi di controllo automatici (italien)

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Large scale systems
CIFA 2008
Les sciences industrielles pour l'ingénieur
Communications numériques pour les systèmes de mesure et de commande, bus de terrain utilisés dans les systèmes de commande industriels Partie 2
CIFA 2004
Régulateurs de distance Partie 2
Régulateurs de distance Partie 1
Actes des JNA 2003. - [organisées par le GDR-MACS, Modélisation, analyse et conduite des systèmes dynamiques] à l'université de Valenciennes les 25-26-27 juin 2003. - [2]
Regul 4

Books (844)

Manuel de sciences industrielles de l'ingénieur
Automatique de base
Manuel de sciences industrielles de l'ingénieur
Droit des systèmes autonomes
Régulation industrielle
Fault diagnosis and sustainable control of wind turbines
Aviation plus automatique, interconnectée
Advanced control of doubly fed induction generator for wind power systems
Instrument and automation engineers' handbook
Régulation prédictive
Distributed cooperative control
Electrical engineering and automation
Le carnet du régleur
Control of imperfect nonlinear electromechanical large scale systems
La commande numérique des trains
Substation automation systems
Interactive Collaborative Robotics
Intelligent Robotics and Applications
Régulation en génie climatique
Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems
Controlling synchronization patterns in complex networks
Safe robot navigation among moving and steady obstacles
Intelligent Robotics and Applications
Continuum deformation of multi-agent systems
Control engineering in development projects
Design, control and application of modular multilevel converters for HVDC transmission systems
Fuzzy neural networks for real time control applications
A Construction Manual for Robots' Ethical Systems
Frequency-Shaped and Observer-Based Discrete-time Sliding Mode Control
Nonholonomic mechanics and control
CONTROLO'2014-- Proceedings of the 11th Portuguese Conference on Automatic Control
Developments in Model-Based Optimization and Control
Instrumentation et régulation en 30 fiches
Stabilisation and motion control of unstable objects
Fractional Order Differentiation and Robust Control Design
Stabilization and Control of Fractional Order Systems
Randomized Algorithms in Automatic Control and Data Mining
New Trends in Mechanism and Machine Science
Handling Uncertainty and Networked Structure in Robot Control
Filtering and Control for Classes of Two-Dimensional Systems
Instrumentation et régulation en 30 fiches
Principles of cyber-physical systems
Asynchronous control for networked systems
Two-degree-of-freedom control systems
Digital control of high-frequency switched-mode power converters
Control Problems of Discrete-Time Dynamical Systems
Fehlerbaumanalyse in Theorie und Praxis
Progress in Systems Engineering
Modelling and precision control of systems with hysteresis
Power plant instrumentation and control handbook
Fluiddynamischer Planarantrieb für drei Freiheitsgrade
Spacecraft Momentum Control Systems
PID and predictive control of electrical drives and power supplies using MATLAB/Simulink
Variance-constrained multi-objective stochastic control and filtering
Low-complexity controllers for time-delay systems
Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2014
Automatique pour la robotique
Control and estimation methods over communication networks
The 8th International Conference on Robotic, Vision, Signal Processing & Power Applications
Advanced control, automation and robotics
Le carnet du régleur
Coordination control of distributed systems
Advances in intelligent vehicles
Introduction to type-2 fuzzy logic control
Robust and Optimal Control
Addressing techniques of liquid crystal displays
Bio-inspired Computation in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Le grand guide des systèmes de contrôle-commande industriels
Introduction to mobile robot control
Fault Diagnosis and Fault-Tolerant Control and Guidance for Aerospace Vehicles
Modern Mechanical Engineering
Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Systems
Analysis and synthesis of fault-tolerant control systems
Régulation industrielle
Optimization and Control Methods in Industrial Engineering and Construction
Automatique pour la robotique
Cyber-physical systems
Computationally Efficient Model Predictive Control Algorithms
Operator-based nonlinear control systems
Set-theoretic fault-tolerant control in multisensor systems
Communication technologies for vehicles
Embedded control system design
Pinning Control of Complex Networked Systems
Informatics in control, automation and robotics
Optimal and robust scheduling for networked control systems
Stochastic networked control systems
Sciences industrielles de l'ingénieur MPSI, PCSI, PTSI
Contrôle-commande dans les systèmes complexes
Designing SCADA application software
Metaheuristic optimization for the design of automatic control laws
Automatique industrielle en 20 fiches
Team cooperation in a network of multi-vehicle unmanned systems
Contrôle-commande dans les systèmes complexes
Model-based fault diagnosis techniques
Robust and adaptive control
Filtering, control, and fault detection with randomly occurring incomplete information
Linear feedback controls
Automatique industrielle
Direct eigen control for induction machines and synchronous motors
Foundations of fuzzy control
Reverse engineering in control design
Projektierung von Automatisierungsanlagen
Grundlagen der Steuerungstechnik
Régulation et automatisme des systèmes frigorifiques
Congestion control in data transmission networks
Regelungstechnik 2
Extremum-seeking control and applications
Robot motion and control 2011
Applied control systems design
Analysis and synthesis of delta operator systems
Control systems with saturating inputs
Sciences industrielles pour l'ingénieur
Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Communication, Electronics and Automation Engineering
Control performance management in industrial automation
Control system design guide
Measurement and instrumentation
Predictive control of power converters and electrical drives
Search and classification using multiple autonomous vehicles
Robotic navigation and mapping with radar
Using LEDs, LCDs, and GLCDs in microcontroller projects
Advanced control of wheeled inverted pendulum systems
Data-driven controller design
Réseaux industriels
Automatique avancée
Régulation et commande des systèmes asservis
Control of solar energy systems
FlexRay and its applications
Commande et diagnostic des systèmes dynamiques
Le carnet du régleur
Tandem cold metal rolling mill control
Control of integral processes with dead time
Distributed coordination of multi-agent networks
Sliding modes after the first decade of the 21st century
Future computer, communication, control and automation
Selected problems of fractional systems theory
Communication technologies for vehicles
Multiagent coordination enabling autonomous logistics
Informatics in control, automation and robotics
Modeling, Diagnostics and Process Control
Modeling, Design, and Simulation of Systems with Uncertainties
Reconfigurable Control of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Fractional-Order Nonlinear Systems
Analysis and synthesis of networked control systems
System engineering and automation
Fault-diagnosis applications
Networked and distributed predictive control
Drives and control for industrial automation
Advances in automation and robotics
Control system trends in turbo-machinery
Control of electric machine drive systems
Automotive mechatronics Volume I
Cooperative path planning of unmanned aerial vehicles
Automotive mechatronics Volume II
Utilisations industrielles des techniques formelles
Chaos in electric drive systems
Dynamical Systems
Optimal control
Stochastic distribution control system design
Hybrid Switching Diffusions
Automotive Control Systems
IEC 61131-3
Developments and challenges for autonomous unmanned vehicles
Modeling and Simulation in Scilab/Scicos with ScicosLab 4.4
Networked control systems
The essential PIC18 microcontroller
Design rules for actuators in active mechanical systems
Fractional-order systems and controls
Sciences industrielles pour l'ingénieur
Instrumentation design studies
Interconnecting smart objects with IP
Internet-based control systems
GNSS for vehicle control
System dynamics
Advanced Materials and Technologies for Micro/Nano-Devices, Sensors and Actuators
Instrumentation et régulation en 30 fiches
Automotive model predictive control
Régulation et automatisme des systèmes frigorifiques
Régulation en génie climatique
System-ergonomic design of cognitive automation
Detection and diagnosis of stiction in control loops
28th European annual conference on human decision-making and manual control
Le carnet du régleur
Automatique des systèmes mécaniques
Robot Motion and Control 2009
Control and automation
Homogeneous Polynomial Forms for Robustness Analysis of Uncertain Systems
Analysis and design of autonomous microwave circuits
Model-Based Control
Logic synthesis for FSM-based control units
Robust control for uncertain networked control systems with random delays
Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics
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