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"Anglii konec"!
British orientalisms, 1759-1835
Dimensions of settler colonialism in a transnational perspective
The British and French in the Atlantic 1650-1800
Transnational geographies of the heart
A history of emigration
Provincial society and empire
Brexit and its consequences for UK and EU citizenship or monstrous citizenship
Victorian Christianity and emigrant voyages to British colonies c.1840-c.1914
Last outpost on the Zulu frontier
Insanity, identity and empire
Africans and Britons in the age of empires, 1660-1980
Paris britannique
A very different land
Impressions of Southern Italy
A sentimental journey
The British abroad since the eighteenth century
British and Irish experiences and impressions of Central Europe, c.1560-1688
The accidental city
The British in Egypt
Innocenti all'estero
The Anglo-Irish experience, 1680-1730
Brothers born of one mother
Civilizing the wilderness
Políticas y disputas por el control de la Alta California
The British in rural France
Sex and sensibility
The roots of English colonialism in Ireland
Sentiment and self
Imperial entanglements
Digging and dealing in eighteenth-century Rome
Les migrations assistées et forcées des Britanniques au XIXe siècle
Land of big rivers
British Travel Writing
Passport to Peking
Another country
Sweet and bitter island
Settlers and expatriates
A history of the British presence in Chile
The children who fought Hitler
Accession and migration
The British in France
An expatriate community in Tunis 1648-1885
St Petersburg and the British
The making of modern Afghanistan
Informal empire in Latin America
Indian Ink
The entring book of Roger Morrice Volume VI
Une enfance en Toscane
Las invasiones inglesas en su bicentenario
Britain & Japan Volume VI
Imperial connections
Age of atrocity
Britons in Spain
Britain in India, 1765-1905
Au secours, les Anglais nous envahissent !
Freedom's mercenaries, British volunteers in the Wars of Independence of Latin America Volume I
Freedom's mercenaries, British volunteers in the wars of independence of Latin America Volume II
The grand slave emporium
Shameful flight
Decentring Empire
Adventuring through Spanish colonies
Theravada Buddhism and the British encounter
Starting a business France
L'aristocratie anglaise à Nice à la Belle époque
Doctors at sea
Images of empire
Britische Migration nach Russland im 19. Jahrhundert
Pioniere in Australia
Histories of the hanged
Comunidad extranjera y puerto privilegiado
Imperial Reckoning
Anglosasi, Francuzi i Polacy
Nelson's duchy
Warri city & British Colonial rule in Western Niger Delta
Britain's gulag
Britain & Japan Volume V
Dancing with strangers
Ten pound poms
Britain and Barbary, 1589-1689
The English Atlantic in an age of revolution, 1640-1661
Fish into wine
Early English encounters in Russia, West Africa, and the Americas, 1530-1614
Our hidden lives
Empire families
Une petite Angleterre ?
British volunteers in the Spanish Civil War
Thomas Coram, Gent., 1668-1751
At the edge of empire
Diplomatics wanderings
Postcolonial Indian writing
A story of Patagonia
Le départ à l'époque victorienne
Life and death in the age of sail
Living with colonialism
Inostrancy i ih potomkiv Peterburge
Sacred traces
The Cavaliers in exile, 1640-1660
History and legend
Tea and wine
Englishmen transplanted
Anglo-Chinese encounters since 1800
Household ceramics at Port Royal, Jamaica, 1655-1692
Britain & Japan Volume IV
The lion and the sphinx
Helen Maria Williams and the age of Revolution
L'empire des Plantagenêt
Strangers in the land
Les illusions perdues en Palestine
Inostrancy v Peterburge
The English amongst the Persians
Queen Victoria and the discovery of the Riviera
Gli Anglo-Americani a Firenze
English-speaking communities in Latin America
Divided against Zion
L'aristocratie anglaise à Nice à la Belle époque
Letters of life in an aristocratic Russian household before and after the Revolution
The British on the Costa del Sol
Ploughing sand
The Anglo-Irish War, 1916-1921
Migration and the origins of the English Atlantic world
Britain in China
The last days of Dublin Castle
Sexual encounters in the Middle East
The English in Rome, 1362-1420
Britain & Japan Volume III
Who was who in British India
Literature, travel, and colonial writing in the English Renaissance, 1545-1625
Fighting slavery in the Caribbean
Into the heart of the fire
The unappeasable host
Ireland in the age of the Tudors, 1447-1603
Victoria's stepchildren
Gentlemen capitalists
Das Bild der Germanen und Britannier
Mandate days
By the banks of the Neva
The local correspondence of the Royal African Company of England, 1681-1699
Grand tour
Britain and the Spanish Civil War
The Elizabethan conquest of Ireland
Histoire de la Colonie Isle de France - Ile Maurice
Japan and Britain in Shanghai, 1925-31
Las islas de la ilusión
Australia, Britain, and migration, 1915-1940
Cairo in the war 1939-1945
Les Anglais dans nos campagnes
Le voyageur étranglé
Adapting to a new world
Les Anglais à Paris au 19e siècle
The dictionary of national biography
The dictionary of national biography
The dictionary of national biography
The dictionary of national biography
The dictionary of national biography
Britain at the Cape
Sea changes
The rhetoric of English India
Die mächtigen Diener der East India Company
Sur la route de Nairobi
A different vision
Building the union
Un voile de poussière
Au service du roi de Siam
Mad tales from the Raj
British beginnings in Bengal (1600-1660)
British Christians, Indian nationalists and the Raj
The dictionary of national biography
L'occupation anglaise du rocher du Diamant, 1804-1805
Possessing Albany, 1630-1710
I generali inglesi clandestini a Cervia
Minorca, the illusory prize
A comunidade britânica do Porto durante as invasões francesas
Le Chic anglais
Bonds of silk
The dictionary of national biography
English and Irish settlement on the river Amazon
Albion's seed
The dictionary of national biography
Fatal success
The China consuls
Sur la route de Nairobi
The Settler handbook
A presença britânica no Brasil
British relation with the chiefs and Rajas of Orissa
The dictionary of national biography
Las Tierras de los Ingleses en la Argentina
Outposts of the war for empire
British historiography on the Sikh power in Punjab
The dictionary of national biography
India and Tibet
Nigeria and its British invaders, 1851-1920
Les anglais à Chamonix
The British in the Sudan, 1898-1956
Roanoke Island
Los Británicos en el Paraguay
British social life in ancient Calcutta, 1750-1850
Bailie's party of 1820 settlers
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