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Topic : Galaxies
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Field : Astronomie
Variant subject headings : Galassie (italien)
Nébuleuses extragalactiques

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Voyage sur les flots de galaxies
Unveiling galaxies
Les galaxies
The Cambridge photographic atlas of galaxies
Studying distant galaxies
Petite excursion dans le cosmos
Outskirts of galaxies
Étoiles et galaxies
From the realm of the nebulae to populations of galaxies
Voyage sur les flots de galaxies
Bildatlas der Galaxien
Galactic Encounters
Dynamics of galaxies
Extragalactic astronomy and cosmology
Old stellar populations
The formation and evolution of M33 as revealed by its star clusters
Planets, stars and stellar systems
Planets, stars and stellar systems Volume 6
Planets, stars and stellar systems Volume 5
Fundamental questions of practical cosmology
The spectral energy distribution of galaxies
Environment and the formation of galaxies
The secret deep
Astrophysics of galaxy clusters
Etoiles et planètes
Stars and galaxies
The multiwavelength atlas of galaxies
Stars and galaxies
Galaxies and their masks
Grand challenges in computational astrophysics
Alla scoperta delle galassie
Kosmische Kollisionen
Cosmic collisions
Galaxies et cosmologie
The emission-line universe
El jardín de las galaxias
Shrouds of the Night
High-redshift galaxies
Stars and galaxies
The evolution of galaxies through the neutral hydrogen window
Galaxies in the local volume
Shrouds of the night
Mapping the galaxy and nearby galaxies
The light/dark universe
Panoramic views of galaxy formation and evolution
Formation and evolution of galaxy disks
Pathways through an eclectic universe
Observer les galaxies et les nébuleuses
Lumières du ciel profond
Mapping the galaxy and nearby galaxies
C'è vita nell'universo?
À la découverte des galaxies
Galaxien und Kosmologie
The obscured universe
Complete CD guide to the universe
Galaxies and how to observe them
The de Vaucouleurs atlas of galaxies
Diffuse matter from star forming regions to active galaxies
Highlights of Spanish Astrophysics IV
Hidden treasures
Galaxies in turmoil
Galaxies and How to Observe Them
Astrophysics in a nutshell
Highlights of spanish astrophysics IV
Mass profiles and shapes of cosmological structures
Chasing Hubble's shadows
White dwarfs
Voyage au bout de la galaxie
Étoiles et galaxies
After the beginning
The IGM/Galaxy connection
Galaxies at high redshift
Astronomy in depth
Galaxies and chaos
An introduction to galaxies and cosmology
Galactic & stellar dynamics
Galaxies and the cosmic frontier
Disks of galaxies
The Caldwell objects
The shapes of galaxies and their dark halos
The dynamics, structure, and history of galaxies
Galaxies and cosmology
Étoiles et galaxies
An atlas of local group galaxies
The physics of extragalactic radio sources
Deep fields
Galaxy disks and disk galaxies
Tetons 4
Exploring the gamma-ray universe
Mapping the hidden universe
The nearby field galaxy survey
3-D atlas of stars and galaxies
New perspectives in astrophysical cosmology
3-D atlas of the stars and galaxies
Dynamics of galaxies
Galaxies in the universe
Exploring the universe
Theoretical astrophysics
Le point sur les amas de galaxies
XVth [fiftheenth] IAP meeting dynamics of galaxies
Clustering at high redshift
Photometric redshifts and high redshift galaxies
The low surface brightness universe
Star formation in early-type galaxies
International symposium on astrophysics research and science education
The radio galaxy Messier 87
The radio galaxy Messier 87
Galaxy dynamics
The evolution of galaxies on cosmological timescales
Spectrophotometric dating of stars and galaxies
Galaxy morphology and classification
Stellar astrophysics for the local group
Deep photometry of galaxies
After the first three minutes
Galactic astronomy
Large scale structure
Les galaxies
The impact of near-infrared sky surveys on galactic and extragalactic astronomy
Galactic halos
Proper motions and galactic astronomy
International symposium on origin of matter and evolution of galaxies
Galaxy scaling relations
Les noyaux actifs de galaxies
Les galaxies et la structure de l'univers
Star formation near and far
Young galaxies and QSO absorption-line systems
Cosmic clouds
The interstellar medium in galaxies
New extragalactic perspectives in the new South Africa
New light on galaxy evolution
Mapping, measuring, and modelling the universe
Wechsewirkungen im klumpigen Interstellaren Medium
Barred Galaxies and Circumnuclear Activity
Galaxies in the Young Universe
Les plus belles curiosités célestes
Des planètes aux galaxies
L'univers des galaxies
The deep universe
Stellar populations
QSO absorption lines
A view of the universe
International Workshop on Large Scale Structure in the Universe
Astronomy and astrophysics
Wide field spectroscopy and the distant universe
Galaxies and cosmology
The Physics and Chemistry of Interstellar Molecular Clouds
Physics of the gaseous and stellar disks of the galaxy
Stability of collisionless stellar systems
Mass-transfer induced activity in galaxies
Voyage to the Great Attractor
Galactic Dynamics and N-Body Simulations
Galactic bulges
Jets in Extragalactic Radio Sources
Sky surveys
A view of the universe
The stellar populations of galaxies
Variable stars and galaxies
Bau und Physik der Galaxis
Variabilities in stars and galaxies
Physics of nearby galaxies
Stars and galaxies
Morphological and physical classification of galaxies
Gravitational lenses
Variability of blazars
The X-ray background
Third reference catalogue of bright galaxies
Dynamics of galaxies and their molecular cloud distribution
Warped disks and inclined rings around galaxies
Galaxies et cosmologie
Large-scale structures and peculiar motions in the Universe
Colliding galaxies
Étoiles et galaxies
Windows on galaxies
Stars and galaxies
Visual astronomy of the deep sky
Notre voie lactée et les autres galaxies
The interstellar medium in galaxies
Hot Spots in Extragalactic Radio Sources
Les Galaxies
Catalogue of principal galaxies 3
Structure and Dynamics of the Interstellar medium
Catalogue of principal galaxies 1
Catalogue of principal galaxies 2
Morphological cosmology
The outer galaxy
Large scale structures of the universe
Towards understanding galaxies at large redshift
The color atlas of galaxies
Atlas of deep-sky splendors
Nearby galaxies catalog
Comets to Cosmology
Galaxies and cosmology
The extragalactic distance scale
La Galaxie, l'univers extragalactique
Astronomie du ciel profond
Molecular Clouds in the Milky Way and External Galaxies
Large-Scale Structures in the Universe Observational and Analytical Methods
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Lumière et poussière dans les galaxies
Un jour tu seras grand
De la poussière, des étoiles et des galaxies
Les galaxies, quasars et amas de galaxies
La preuve par cinq
Le big bang
[Jean-Claude Pecker]
Voyage dans l'univers
Imagerie à haute résolution de galaxies

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Étoiles, galaxies, trous noirs
Les galaxies

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De l'atome aux galaxies
Les Galaxies
Optique, amas d'étoiles nébuleuses et galaxi
Étoiles, nébuleuses et galaxies

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PGC-ROM 1996
Etoiles et planètes

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