Groupes, Théorie des

Topic : Groupes, Théorie des
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Field : Mathématiques
Variant subject headings : Groupes (algèbre)
MSC 20-XX (1991)
Teoria dei gruppi (italien)
Théorie des groupes
The year : 1991

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Les maths ne sont qu'une histoire de groupes
A century of representation theory of finite groups

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Topological methods in group theory
Group theory in particle, nuclear, and hadron physics
Group representation for quantum theory
Finite groups
Group theory of chemical elements
3-manifold groups
Metodi matematici della Fisica
Lectures on functor homology
Introduction to sofic and hyperlinear groups and Connes' embedding conjecture
Reversibility in dynamics and group theory
Beauville Surfaces and Groups
Structure Theory for Canonical Classes of Finite Groups
Algebraic K-theory of crystallographic groups
Groupes, anneaux et corps
Monoidal topology
Algebraic K-theory of crystallographic groups
Éléments de théorie des groupes
The compressed word problem for groups
Applications of group theory to atoms, molecules, and solids
Extended Abstracts Fall 2012
Tensorial methods and renormalization in group field theories
Automorphic Forms
Jusqu'à ce que l'algèbre nous sépare
Markov's Theorem and 100 Years of the Uniqueness Conjecture
Lectures on finitely generated solvable groups
Probabilistic group theory, combinatorics, and computing
Symmetry and Economic Invariance
Résumés des cours au Collège de France, 1973-2000
Geometric methods in representation theory
Probabilistic group theory, combinatorics, and computing
Fundamentals of group theory
Lecture notes on O-minimal structures and real analytic geometry
Symmetry-adapted basis sets
Symmetries and group theory in particle physics
Théorie des groupes
How groups grow
Histoire philosophique de l'algèbre moderne
Gruppi, anelli di Lie e teoria della coomologia
An introduction to Hopf algebras
Endliche Strukturen
Symmetries and conservation laws in particle physics
Zwischen zwei Disziplinen
Algèbre, théorie des groupes
Representation Theory of Algebraic Groups and Quantum Groups
An introduction to enumeration
Representations of Hecke algebras at roots of unity
An introductory course on group theory and chemical applications
Groups, algebras, and applications
Voting paradoxes and group coherence
Finite geometric structures and their applications
Computational group theory and the theory of groups, II
Algebraic methods in statistics and probability II
Groupes et représentations
Profinite groups
Introduction to complex reflection groups and their braid groups
Group identities on units and symmetric units of group rings
Groups and symmetries
Cellular automata and groups
Elementary number theory
Ischemia and loss of vascular autoregulation in ocular and cerebral diseases
Groups, rings, and group rings
Stochastic models, information theory, and lie groups, volume 1
Hyperbolic manifolds and discrete groups
A course in formal languages, automata and groups
Group and ring theoretic properties of polycyclic groups
Limits of graphs in group theory and computer science
Lower central and dimension series of groups
Combinatorial number theory and additive group theory
Noncommutative spacetimes
Lower central and dimension series of groups
Introduction to group theory
Topological Groups and Related Structures
Zeta functions of groups and rings
Symmetry rules
Algebraic groups and lie groups with few factors
Symmetry theory in molecular physics with Mathematica
Topological methods in group theory
Computational group theory and the theory of groups
Groupes, corps et théorie de Galois
Residually weakly primitive and locally two-transitive geometries for sporadic groups
Naive lie theory
Geometry and dynamics of groups and spaces
Linear differential equations and group theory from Riemann to Poincare
Zeta functions of groups and rings
Invitation à l'algèbre
Cohomologie galoisienne
Algebras, Rings and Modules volume 2
Topologie Générale
Algebras, rings and modules Volume 2
Théorie des groupes
Polynomial Representations of GLn
Symmetry and structure
Group theory for physicists
Groups St Andrews 2005
Linear algebra and group theory for physicists
Springer Tracts in Modern Physics, Volume 37
Groups, rings and algebras
Topological and asymptotic aspects of group theory
Groups of homotopy classes
Multiplicative ideal theory in commutative algebra
Automorphic forms on GL (2)
Theory of association schemes
Infinite groups
Fourier transforms of invariant functions on finite reductive Lie algebras
Fuzzy Group Theory
Group theory and numerical analysis
Linearity, symmetry, and prediction in the hydrogen atom
Quantum Groups
Group Theoretical Methods in Physics
Conformal Groups and Related Symmetries Physical Results and Mathematical Background
Group Theoretical Methods in Physics
Felix Klein: il programma di Erlangen
Infinite words
Applications of the theory of groups in mechanics and physics
Group theory, statistics, and cryptography
The Theory of Symmetry Actions in Quantum Mechanics
Group theory and constellations
Linear groups
Physical and mathematical aspects of symmetries
Elementary number theory, group theory, and Ramanujan graphs
Groups, combinatorics & geometry
Groups St. Andrews 2001 in Oxford
Groups with prescribed quotient groups and associated module theory
Classical groups and geometric algebra
Group-theoretic methods in mechanics and applied mathematics
Group representation theory for physicists
Groups with the Haagerup property
Molecular symmetry and group theory
A Generative Theory of Shape
Théorie des groupes
Stable groups
Chimie et théorie des groupes
Graphs of groups on surfaces
Graphic apology for symmetry and implicitness
Profinite groups
Linear differential equations and group theory from Riemann to Poincaré
La théorie des groupes en chimie
The theory of classes of groups
Summer School in Group Theory in Banff, 1996
The theory of groups
Elements of the representation theory of the Jacobi group
Selected papers on harmonic analysis, groups, and invariants
Derived equivalences for group rings
Molecular symmetry and group theory
Profinite groups
Groups and geometries
Notes on infinite permutation groups
Exercices corrigés sur les formes quadratiques et groupes classiques
Groups, representations, and physics
Group theory in physics
Stable groups
Leçons sur la théorie des équations selon Galois
Symétrie et structure
Atomes, ions et molécules Première partie
Model theory of groups and automorphism groups
Group theory in physics
Robert Steinberg, collected papers
Algèbre Tome 1
Green functors and G-sets
Algebraic homogeneous spaces and invariant theory
Linear pro-p-groups of finite width
Groups and characters
Group theory in subnuclear physics
Cyclic renormalization and automorphism groups of rooted trees
Almost-Bieberbach Groups
Twin buildings and applications to S-arithmetic groups
Translation Group and Particle Representations in Quantum Field Theory
Topics in cohomology of groups
A course in group theory
Topics in cohomology of groups
A compactification of the Bruhat-Tits building
Éléments de théorie des groupes
Symplectic fibrations and multiplicity diagrams
Groups and symmetry
Symmetries in physics
Group theory and its applications in physics...
Oscillator Representation in Quantum Physics
Wreath products of groups and semigroups
Finite geometry and character theory
Chemical group theory
Topology and combinatorics of 3-manifolds
La théorie des groupes en physique et chimie quantiques
Groups and representations
Group theory in physics
Group theory
Symmetry in science
Foundations of quantum group theory
Clifford algebras and the classical groups
An introduction to the theory of groups
Electromagnetic symmetry
Groupes, algèbres et géométrie Tome 2
Symmetry and structure
Group theory in chemistry and spectroscopy
The Hilton symposium 1993
Constitutive equations for anisotropic and isotropic materials
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