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Topic : Biopsie
Source file : RAMEAU
Field : Médecine
Variant subject headings : Biopsia (italien)

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Choriocentèses et placentocentèses des 2ème et 3ème trimestres
Macrobiopsie du sein par aspiration ou mammotome

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Biopsy interpretation
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Transbronchial and endobronchial biopsies
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Prostate biopsy
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Biopsy interpretation of the upper aerodigestive tract and ear
Atlas de pathologie rénale
Handbook of renal biopsy pathology
Muscle biopsy
Biopsy interpretation of the gastrointestinal tract mucosa
Diagnosis of endometrial biopsies and curettings
Diagnosis of endometrial biopsies and curettings
Selective sentinel lymphadenectomy for human solid cancer
Biopsie médullaire osseuse en pratique quotidienne
Biopsy interpretation of the liver
Interpretation of breast biopsies
Sentinel lymph node biopsy
Color atlas of nerve biopsy pathology
Biopsy pathology of the endometrium
Liver biopsy interpretation
La biopsie hépatique en pathologie non tumorale du foie
Biopsy pathology and cytology of the cervix
Biopsy pathology of the oral tissues
Electron microscopy for fine needle aspiration of tumors
Diagnostic histopathology of the bone marrow
La biopsie rénale
Interpretation of breast biopsies
Diagnosis of non-palpable breast lesions
Bladder biopsy interpretation
Histopathologie de la moelle osseuse
Clinical nephrology
Bone marrow biopsies revisited
Bone marrow biopsies updated
Die Knochenmarkbiopsie
La Biopsie testiculaire
Biopsie und Operationspräparat
Cytopathologic interpretation of transthoracic fine-needle biopsies
La Biopsie osseuse
Biopsies et cytologie
Technique de la biopsie

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