Philosophie de l'esprit

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Topic : Philosophie de l'esprit
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Field : Philosophie
Variant subject headings : Esprit, Philosophie de l'
Esprit, Théorie de l'
Mentalisme (philosophie)
Philosophie cognitive
Philosophy of mind
Théorie de l'esprit

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Philosophy of mind in the nineteenth century
Philosophy of mind in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries
Philosophy of mind in antiquity
Désaturer l'esprit
Philosophy of mind in the early and high Middle Ages
Vices of the mind
Towards a new human being
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Philosophy of mind in the early modern and modern ages
Soziale Kognition bei Kindern mit einer Autismus-Spektrum-Störung
Theory of mind across the lifespan
Wittgenstein in the 1930s
Evaluative perception
The elusive brain
How we understand others
Freud and philosophy of mind Volume 1
Come funzionano le emozioni
Reflexivität und Erkenntnis
Las ilusiones metafísicas de un cerebro primate
Pieces of mind
Spirit's actuality
Extended epistemology
Transparency and self-knowledge
Consciousness and physicalism
Elements of surprise
The imagination in Hume's philosophy
Ted Honderich on Consciousness, Determinism, and Humanity
In the light of experience
The phenomenal basis of intentionality
EroicaMente Vico
Heidegger and the problem of consciousness
A process model
Les autres dimensions de l'esprit
Nietzsche's metaphysics of the will to power
Vorstellen und Darstellen
Themes, issues and problems in African philosophy
Ich ist nicht Gehirn
Rationality and reflection
The Routledge handbook of Franz Brentano and the Brentano school
Wittgenstein's anthropological philosophy
Extended cognition and the dynamics of algorithmic skills
Aufruhr des Geistes wider die Natur
Sellars and contemporary philosophy
Consciousness and meaning
The natural problem of consciousness
La philosophie et le miroir de la nature
Questions on the soul by John Buridan and others
From bacteria to Bach and back
Panpsychism in the West
The language of thought in late medieval philosophy
Der Empirismus und die Philosophie des Geistes
Real fourdimensionalism
Diskretes und Unbewusstes
Locke's science of knowledge
Enciclopedia de las ciencias filosóficas en compendio (1830)
Der Untergrund des Denkens
Brentano's mind
Descartes and Cartesianism
Wittgenstein on aesthetic understanding
Subjectivity and selfhood in medieval and early modern philosophy
Nietzsche on consciousness and the embodied mind
From the knowledge argument to mental substance
Structure and the metaphysics of mind
Parenting and theory of mind
The poet's voice in the making of mind
Cognitive pluralism
Aquinas's theory of perception
Conscience et représentation
Cervello, mente, anima
Thinking thinking
Philosophy of mind and phenomenology
Mental files in flux
Percepire apprendere agire
The tides of mind
Reasons why
Phenomenology of thinking
The unexplained intellect
Il cervello in azione
Debating self-knowledge
Cuestiones de metafísica
Rethinking thought
Content and consciousness revisited
Narrative naturalism
The mind's construction
Computational Creativity Research
William James, sciences of mind, and anti-imperial discourse
Cognitive phenomenology
Pretense and pathology
Greek models of mind and self
Knowledge and virtue in early Stoicism
Handbuch der Philosophie des Geistes
The varieties of consciousness
Husserl and Heidegger on Reduction, Primordiality, and the Categorial
Content and consciousness revisited
Modest Nonconceptualism
A Pluralist Theory of the Mind
Re-Thinking Time at the Interface of Physics and Philosophy
Externalism and the mental
Externalism, self-knowledge, and skepticism
Das Prinzip Glück
Inborn knowledge
Die Vermessung der Seele
The biological mind
Talking to our selves
Simulation theory
Action, knowledge, and will
Funktionen der Seele
Physicalism and the Mind
Unifying the mind
Kant on mind, action, and ethics
Active Perception in the History of Philosophy
Mind, Values, and Metaphysics
Spatio-temporal intertwining
Philosophy of mind
This is philosophy of mind
Consciousness inside and out
Sourcebook for the history of the philosophy of mind
Krister Segerberg on Logic of Actions
Conjunctions of mind, soul and body from Plato to the Enlightenment
The Routledge handbook of embodied cognition
The laws of the spirit
Une brève histoire de l'esprit
New waves in philosophy of mind
Mentale Verursachung
L'esprit dans un monde physique
Le silence des sens
Partitioning the soul
Psychische Funktionen
Reflective thinking in educational settings
Active perception in the history of philosophy
Does perception have content?
Was ist Geist ?
Advances in experimental philosophy of mind
Wittgenstein's philosophy of mind
A sentimentalist theory of the mind
Krister Segerberg on logic of actions
Current controversies in philosophy of mind
Autonomy and the self
Cognition through understanding
Philosophy of mind
The ontology of psychology
The intellectual powers
The Ontology of Psychology
Istinto e logica della mente
Theory of mind in the Pacific
De Kant à Hegel
A cognitive approach to John Donne's "Songs and sonnets"
Matter and consciousness
Causality and mind
Le mental et le social
Storytelling and the sciences of mind
Solving the mind-body problem by the CODAM neural model of consciousness?
Transzendentale Genesis des Bewusstseins und der Erkenntnis
Origins of mind
The ontological foundation of ethics, politics, and law
Risk and rationality
The intellectual powers
Natur und Geist
In and out of each others' bodies
The rules of thought
Seemings and justification
The conceptual link from physical to mental
The phantom of the ego
Mind, matter, and nature
La philosophie de l'esprit
Wittgenstein on the human spirit
From psychology to phenomenology
La mente humana
Elisabeth Anscombe
Die Bedeutung der Sprache für den Prozess des naturwissenschaftlichen Denken und Handelns
La métaphysique possible
The phenomenological mind
Passion, death, and spirituality
Philosophy of mind
Ungegenständliches Erkennen
Gehirnleben und Relativitätsbewußtsein
Evolutionary psychology and the propositional-attitudes
Brains, Buddhas, and believing
Plato and the divided self
Homo immortalis
Feminism, psychoanalysis, and maternal subjectivity
Natural fabrications
Beyn śapah lpiylwswpyah
The formation of reason
Medieval skepticism, and the claim to metaphysical knowledge
Embodied cognition
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