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Intensification des procédés et méthodes d'analyse durable
Applied homogeneous catalysis with organometallic compounds
Sustainable catalysis
Catalyse et procédés catalytiques
Effects of nanoconfinement on catalysis
Nanotechnology in catalysis
Lewis base catalysis in organic synthesis
Catalytic kinetics
Reagents for organocatalysis
Sustainable catalysis
Zeolites in sustainable chemistry
Electrochemistry of N4 macrocyclic metal complexes
Industrial catalytic processes for fine and specialty chemicals
Heterogeneous photocatalysis
Advanced biofuels
Sustainable catalysis
Site-selective catalysis
Liquid Phase Aerobic Oxidation Catalysis
Nanostructured carbon materials for catalysis
Asymmetric functionalization of C-H bonds
Catalytic hydrogenation for biomass valorization
Catalytic arylation methods
Multicomponent reactions
Ruthenium-NHC-katalysierte asymmetrische Arenhydrierung
Direkte Methanisierung von CO2 aus dem Rauchgas konventioneller Kraftwerke
Biosynthetische Bildung des Ambruticin Ostfragments
Eine neue Strategie zur C-O-Bindungsbildung
Mesoporous Organic-Inorganic Non-Siliceous Hybrid Materials
Einführung in die Heterogene Katalyse
Methane Combustion over Lanthanum-based Perovskite Mixed Oxides
Asymmetric Brønsted acid catalysis
Advances in mathematical chemistry and applications
Advances in catalysis 58
Sustainable catalytic processes
Modern alkyne chemistry
Cooperative catalysis
Bioinspired catalysis
Organometallic fluorine chemistry
Asymmetric Synthesis of Bioactive Lactones and the Development of a Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis of [alpha]-Aryl Ketones
Zinc catalysis
Iron Catalysis II
Industrial catalysis and separations
Chimie verte
Solid acid catalysis
Optimisation des modes de séparation, d'activation, de synthèse et d'analyse
Investigation into High Efficiency Visible Light Photocatalysts for Water Reduction and Oxidation
Electrochemistry in Ionic Liquids
Homogeneous Gold Catalysis
Synthesis and Application of Organoboron Compounds
Industrial catalysis
Atomically-precise methods for synthesis of solid catalysts
Urea-SCR technology for deNOx after treatment of diesel exhausts
Understanding organometallic reaction mechanisms and catalysis
Catalyse et procédés catalytiques
Modeling and simulation of heterogeneous catalytic processes
Creation of new metal nanoparticles and their hydrogen-storage and catalytic properties
Development of New Catalytic Performance of Nanoporous Metals for Organic Reactions
Iron-catalyzed synthesis of fused aromatic compounds via C-H bond activation
Cyclometalation Reactions
Organometallic reactions and polymerization
Olefin metathesis
Homogeneous catalysis
Catalysis vol. 26 Volume 26.
Development of New Radical Cascades and Multi-Component Reactions
Organo-di-metallic compounds (or reagents)
Ruthenium in catalysis
Selective catalysis for renewable feedstocks and chemicals
Selectivity in the Synthesis of Cyclic Sulfonamides
N-heterocyclic carbenes
New and future developments in catalysis
The role of catalysis for the sustainable production of bio-fuels and bio-chemicals
Calorimetry and thermal methods in catalysis
Microreactors in organic chemistry and catalysis
Advances in Quantum Methods and Applications in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology
Catalytic process development for renewable materials
Biomass Processing over Gold Catalysts
Alternative Energies
Amination and formation of sp2 C-N bonds
Dynamics in Enzyme Catalysis
Frustrated Lewis Pairs II
Novel synthetic chemistry of ureas and amides
Stereoselective organocatalysis
Catalytic cascade reactions
Modern organoaluminum reagents
Computational Catalysis
Environmental catalysis over gold-based materials
Novel materials for catalysis and fuels processing
Catalysis from A to Z
New and future developments in catalysis
New and future developments in catalysis
New and future developments in catalysis
New and future developments in catalysis
Asymmetric organocatalysis in natural product syntheses
Ionic liquids in biotransformations and organocatalysis
Enzyme catalysis in organic synthesis
Catalysis for alternative energy generation
New strategies in chemical synthesis and catalysis
Surface science
Homogeneous catalysis with metal complexes
Innovative catalysis in organic synthesis
Alkane C-H activation by single-site metal catalysis
Catalyse et procédés catalytiques
Catalysis by gold for biomass transformations
Chimie verte
Nanomaterials in catalysis
Organometallics as catalysts in the fine chemical industry
Organometallics and renewables
Epoxidations and hydroperoxidations of [alpha], [beta]-unsaturated ketones
Bismuth-mediated organic reactions
Multiscale molecular methods in applied chemistry
Homogeneous catalysis with metal complexes
Transition metal catalyzed enantioselective allylic substitution in organic synthesis
Advances in catalysis Volume fifty five
Catalysis vol. 24
Computational mechanisms of Au and Pt catalyzed reactions
Asymmetric catalysis from a chinese perspective
Solid base catalysis
Higher Oxidation State Organopalladium and Platinum Chemistry
Enantioselective Organocatalyzed Reactions I
The chemistry of the Morita-Baylis-Hillman reaction
Catalyzed carbon-heteroatom bond formation
Chemistry of the Morita-Baylis-Hillman reaction
Advances in catalysis Vol. 54
Phosphorus compounds
Ruthenium oxidation complexes
Green approaches to asymmetric catalytic synthesis
The power of click chemistry for molecular machines and surface patterning
Cinétique et catalyse
Nanostructured catalysts
Chemical and biochemical catalysis for next generation biofuels
Heterogenized homogeneous catalysts for fine chemicals production
Green metathesis chemistry
Zeolites in industrial separation and catalysis
Zeolites and catalysis
Novel concepts in catalysis and chemical reactors
Catalysis without precious metals
Recent developments in asymmetric organocatalysis
Carbohydrates in Sustainable Development II
Characterization and design of zeolite catalysts
C-H activation
Asymmetric organocatalysis
Catalysis Vol. 22.
Recent developments in asymmetric organocatalysis
Catalysis in the refining of Fischer-Tropsch syncrude
Zeolites in industrial separation and catalysis
Zeolites and catalysis
Catalytic asymmetric conjugate reactions
Chiral ferrocenes in asymmetric catalysis
Protagonistas de la química en España
Advances in catalysis Volume 53
Advances in catalysis
Chiral sulfur ligands
Carbon materials for catalysis
Phosphorus-31 NMR Spectroscopy
Bio-inspired catalysts
Combinatorial development of solid catalytic materials
Green catalysis vol.1-3
Modern biocatalysis
Innovations in Chemical Biology
Regulated systems for multiphase catalysis
Mechanisms in homogeneous and heterogeneous epoxidation catalysis
Nanoparticles and catalysis
Surface science
Regulated systems for multiphase catalysis
Amplification of chirality
Biocatalysis and bioenergy
Microreactors in organic synthesis and catalysis
Computational modeling for homogeneous and enzymatic catalysis
From zeolites to porous MOF materials--the 40th anniversary of International Zeolite Conference
Organometallic oxidation catalysis
In situ NMR methods in catalysis
Catalysis from A to Z
In situ NMR methods in catalysis
Metal catalyzed reductive C-C bond formation
Micellar catalysis
Science and technology in catalysis 2006
Green chemistry and catalysis
Advances in catalysis Volume 51
Organometallic oxidation catalysis
Spectroscopy in catalysis
Polymer Synthesis/Polymer Catalysis
Catalysis for renewables
Acido-basic catalysis
Advances in catalysis Volume 50
Advances in catalysis Vol. 49
Metal-catalysis in industrial organic processes
Metal-catalysis in industrial organic processes
Les zéolithes, un nanomonde au service de la catalyse
Catalytic production of alternative sweeteners
N4-Macrocyclic Metal Complexes
Kinetics of catalytic reactions
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