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Tamilakam (Inde)
Tamilnadu (Inde)

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Overland journey from India. [Manipur, Mahārāshtra, Tamil Nadu]
Religious - India (Sanskrit)

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Jain sites of Tamil Nadu

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Les derniers parmi les hommes
Naga, le serpent sacré
Silk, Muthappar and VHS
Tamil Nadu vanakkam
This world is unreal like a snake in a rope
Pour endormir Lakshmi
Eaux douces, eaux amères
Madras, la comédie du pouvoir

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[A la recherche de la danse en Inde]
[Recueil. Photographies anonymes antérieures à 1914. Topographie de l'Inde]
Demonstracao da Costa do Malavar, e da Bisnaga // e da Isha de Seilao, feita por Ioao Teixera Albernas // Cosmographo Luzitano

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Feeding a thousand souls
Speak, memory
La chair, les hommes et les dieux
Possessed by the Virgin
Death, beauty, struggle
Inde du Sud
Doing style
Religion, caste, and nation in South India
Religion and conflict attribution
Une géographie de la viande au Tamil Nadu, Inde
Reel world
Socio-economic development of Tamil Nadu
Tamil folk music as Dalit liberation theology
Origin and foundation of Madras
Fertile disorder
Sanskrit education and literature in ancient and medieval Tamil Nadu
Sacred groves and local gods
The light of knowledge
Sur la route des Indes
The province of the book
Putuccēri vaḷartta Pāratiyār
The effects of entertainment-education soap operas among the rural women in the state of Tamilnadu
Nandara's children
Medizinische Diversität im postkolonialen Indien
La création d'une iconographie śivaïte narrative
Images of Skanda-Kārttikeya-Murugan
Encyclopaedia of cities and towns in India Vol. XVIII
Recipes for immortality
Au coeur de l'Inde
Tamil cinema
Between preservation and recreation
Veena Dhanammal
Encyclopaedia of cities and towns in India Vol. XIX
Chinese coins from Tamil Nadu
Ancient Greek and Phoenician coins from Karur, Tamil Nadu, India
Women police in a changing society
Rama and Ravana at the altar of Hanuman
Shiva Nataraja
The life-world of the Tamils
Bishop Stephen Neill
De la maison à la ville en pays tamoul ou La diagonale interdite
Le margousier
Tamil geographies
Print, folklore, and nationalism in colonial South India
History and culture of Tamil Nadu
Brahmin and Non-Brahmin
Negotiations with the past
Commanditaires & artistes en Inde du Sud
Stigmas of the Tamil stage
Early capitalism and local history in South India
Emerging dimensions in decentralisation
Cave temples of the Pāṇḍya country, art and ritual
The view from below
The regional roots of developmental politics in India
Periurbanisation in Tamil Nadu
Different choices
Industrialisation and socio-cultural change in the tannery belt of the Palar Valley, Tamil Nadu
Guardians of Tamilnadu
Muslim identity, print culture and the Dravidian factor in Tamil Nadu
A colonial economy in the Great Depression
Early Tamil epigraphy from the earliest times to the sixth century A. D.
They call for us
Temples of Tamilnadu
Buddhism among Tamils in pre-colonial Tamiḻakam and Īḻam
Imagining a place for Buddhism
Islam in Tamilnadu
A re-examination of the palaeolithic archaeological record of Northern Tamil Nadu, South India
Protestant origins in India
Religion against the self
Womanhood in the making
Economics of development in village India
The coinage and history of Southern India Part two
Die "Malabarische Korrespondenz"
Peasant Moorings
The Tamils eighteen hundred years ago
The Political evolution of muslims in Tamilnadu and madras 1930-1947
Passions of the tongue
A guide to low-input sustainable agriculture for the Asian farmer
A century of change
Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu
Kingship and political practice in colonial India
Caste and capitalism in colonial India
Das Universum auf der Bühne
Encyclopaedia of India Vol. XXVIII
The Madras tercentenary commemoration volume
The national movement in Tamil Nadu, 1905-14
Ethnic movement in India
Cinema and the urban poor in South India
Literary genres in Tamil
Gardiens d'infini
The political structure of early medieval South India
Symbols of substance
Arts and crafts of Tamilnadu
Un siècle de démographie tamoule
Au royaume de Nataraja
Afhaengighed og identitet
Industrial dynamics and fragmented labor markets
Land and caste in South India
An expert system for the diagnosis of tank irrigated systems
Hindu and Christian in South-East India
Struggle for independence Series 26
Au royaume de Nataraja
Ancient Tamil country
The history of Christianity in Tamilnadu from 1800 to 1975
History of Christianity in India Vol. IV. - Part 2
The Valayar of South India
Encyclopaedia of Tamil literature
A manual of the Kistna district in the presidency of Madras
The press in Tamil Nadu and the struggle for freedom, 1917-1937
Les Paraiyars du Tamil Nadu
Religion under bureaucracy
Law and order in Madras Presidency 1850 - 1880
Fertility and child mortality estimates of Tamil Nadu
MacLean's manual of the administration of the Madras Presidency Vol. 3
MacLean's manual of the administration of the Madras Presidency Vol. 1
MacLean's manual of the administration of the Madras Presidency Vol. 2
Agrarian radicalism in South India
Heritage of the Tamils 8
The warrior merchants
An Indian rural economy
Tamil temple myths
Buddhism in the Tamil country
Padayachi dialect of Tamil
Kamma dialect of Telugu
L'Iconographie de Subrahmaṇya au Tamilnad
Udayar dialect of Tamil
Folk tales of India series 1
Putuccëri sivasanmarka sabha
Arc Vanattuccinnapparuṭaiya carittiram
Vālar tunai
Vālar pokkiśam
A Phrenologist amongst the Todas, or the Study of a primitive tribe in South India
Tirunāṭkaḷin viḷakkac curukkam

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