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Topic : Biotechnologie
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Field : Biologie
Variant subject headings : Bioingénierie
Biotecnologie (italien)
Génie biologique
Produits chimiques -- Biotechnologie

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Art et biotechnologie
Les métiers des biotechnologies
Les métiers des biotechnologies
Vous avez dit biotechnologie..?
Vous avez dit biotechnologie ? de la boue des égouts à l'enrichissement des sols

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Ressources marines et biotechnologies bleues
The bioeconomy
Thermophilic fungi
Modern industrial microbiology and biotechnology
RNA therapeutics
Panorama France health tech 2018
Nanomaterials in plants, algae and microorganisms Volume 1
Advances in molecular techniques
Parlons bioéthique
Biotechnology, human nature, and Christian ethics
Biotechnology to enhance sugarcane productivity and stress tolerance
Environmental pollutants and their bioremediation approaches
3D printing in medicine
Game over?
Panorama France health tech 2017
Advances in sugarcane biorefinery
Biomimétisme on n'a rien inventé !
Arte, naturaleza y política en la creación contemporánea
La révolution transhumaniste
La chimie du végétal
Les crimes du futur
Le grand livre du biomimétisme
Phytonutritional improvement of crops
Applied bioengineering
Industrial biotechnology
Nanocellulose and nanohydrogel matrices
Directed evolution of selective enzymes
Biology and engineering of stem cell niches
Fuels, chemicals and materials from the oceans and aquatic sources
Functional hydrogels in drug delivery
Molecular biotechnology
Advances in biomolecular medicine
Construction biotechnology
Colloque Biomimétisme et chimie durable
Microbial biotechnology
Biotechnology for beginners
Penser l'humain
La French Health Tech
Crop improvement
Bio-pigmentation and biotechnological implementations
Fungi in coastal and oceanic marine ecosystems
Microalgal production for biomass and high-value products
Mushroom biotechnology
Microalgae biotechnology
Green biocatalysis
La révolution transhumaniste
Calculations for molecular biology and biotechnology
Panorama 2016 de l'industrie des sciences de la vie en France
Cell biology
Micro- and nanosystems for biotechnology
Industrial biotechnology
Fungible life
Systems biology application in synthetic biology
Protein-based Engineered Nanostructures
Handbook of trace analysis
New biotechnologies for increased energy security
Anaerobes in biotechnology
L'emprise des droits intellectuels sur le monde vivant
Biotechnology fundamentals
Gels handbook
Beyond borders
Bioremediation and bioeconomy
Advances in Biomembranes and Lipid Self-Assembly Volume 23
Advances in biomembranes and lipid self-assembly
Biotechnologies et applications
Carbon nanomaterials for biomedical applications
La marchandisation actuelle du corps humain
The ethics of human enhancement
Ressources marines et biotechnologies bleues
Faits marquants
Biotechnology and society
Fungal applications in sustainable environmental biotechnology
Commercializing biobased products
White biotechnology for sustainable chemistry
Microbial models
Valorization of wine making by-products
La révolution transhumaniste
Investir dans les biotechs
Fundamental bioengineering
Chitosan in the preservation of agricultural commodities
Novel approaches of nanotechnology in food
Bioreactor engineering research and industrial applications
Biotechnology for biofuel production and optimization
Platform chemical biorefinery
Biotechnology and biochemical engineering
Sugarcane-based biofuels and bioproducts
Advanced technologies for protein complex production and characterization
Glossary of biotechnology and agrobiotechnology terms
Rethinking human enhancement
Marine algae
Algal Biorefinery
Biotechnology, agriculture, environment and energy
Corynebacterium glutamicum
Biotechnological inventions and patentability of life
Bioprocédés dans les domaines de la santé, de l'agroalimentaire et de la chimie
Microbiology for minerals, metals, materials and the environment
Schöpfungstheologie und Schöpfungsethik im biotechnologischen Zeitalter
Abrégé de biochimie appliquée
Medicine sciences and bioengineering
Biomimétisme et innovation bio-inspirée
Posthuman life
Handbook of bioelectronics
Introduction aux biotechnologies en santé
Applications du développement durable dans les sciences de la vie
Nanotechnology and Plant Sciences
Inquiring into human enhancement
InCIEC 2014
Biotechnology and bioforensics
Life Cycle Impact Assessment
Production of Biofuels and Chemicals with Ultrasound
Production of Biofuels and Chemicals with Microwave
Systems and Synthetic Biology
Plant Hormone Signaling Systems in Plant Innate Immunity
Handbook of anticancer drugs from marine origin
Environmental Management and Governance
Sustainable Production of Bulk Chemicals
Bioinspired Smell and Taste Sensors
Production of Hydrogen from Renewable Resources
Civil Engineering Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar
Bioactive natural products
Chemical biotechnology and bioengineering
Bio- and bioinspired nanomaterials
Specialty oils and fats in food and nutrition
Advances in silk science and technology
Improving and tailoring enzymes for food quality and functionality
Science and Technology Governance and Ethics
Nanoscale surface modification for enhanced biosensing
Carbon nanomaterials as adsorbents for environmental and biological applications
Nanotechnologies in Food and Agriculture
Sustainable Practices for Landfill Design and Operation
Lipid nanoparticles
Toward Sustainable Operations of Supply Chain and Logistics Systems
Advances in Integrated and Sustainable Supply Chain Planning
Biotechnology of Isoprenoids
DNA engineered noble metal nanoparticles
Trait-modified oils in foods
Who owns you?
Nanocellulose polymer nanocomposites
Biotechnology of bioactive compounds
Nanotechnology and functional foods
Fundamentals of food biotechnology
Handbook of Food Chemistry
Industrial biorefineries and white biotechnology
Biochemical engineering and biotechnology
Filaments in bioprocesses
Anlagenbilanzierung in der Energietechnik
Die separate Regulierung zweier Gene mit einfarbigem Licht
Analyse des tumorrelevanten Proteins Survivin
Molecularly imprinted polymers in biotechnology
Biotechnologies and Biomimetics for Civil Engineering
Biotechnological applications of biodiversity
Antifouling Surfaces and Materials
Advances in Applied Biotechnology
Postharvest Quality Assurance of Fruits
Aptamers selected by cell-SELEX for theranostics
Instrumentelle Analytik und Bioanalytik
Advances in Applied Biotechnology
The Role of Biotechnology in Improvement of Livestock
Control of plant-virus diseases
Handbook of marine microalgae
Biorefinery 2030
Biotechnologie in Cartoons
Biogas science and techology
Wildland Fuel Fundamentals and Applications
Marine Protists
Nanobiosensors and nanobioanalyses
Stress Biology of Yeasts and Fungi
Biotechnology and intellectual property rights
Microbial biotechnology - a laboratory manual for bacterial systems
Eco-friendly Polymer Nanocomposites
Microbial factories
Genetic Manipulation in Plants for Mitigation of Climate Change
Lignocellulose biorefinery engineering
Applied plant genomics and biotechnology
Microbial Styrene Degradation
Valorisation et économie des ressources marines
Mendel's ark
Synbio and human health
Simultaneous Multi-Pollutants Removal in Flue Gas by Ozone
Biotechnology of Food and Feed Additives
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Dans les blés
Une bouilloire naturelle
Un moteur plus humain
Une bouilloire naturelle
Les champignons
Insuline et biotechnologies
Biotechnologies 2
Les microbes
Un nouvel univers pour les enzymes
L'essor des biotechnologies 3
Amphi 4
L'essor des biotechnologies 1 et 2 1 et 2
Étude de la cellule
Les cellules entières modifiées
La cellule entière naturelle
La cellule entière naturelle
La cellule entière naturelle
Des Outils biologiques pour une nouvelle industrie agro-alimentaire
Programme français des biotechnologies
Des Bactéries dans le bouillon

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Actes du séminaire 2014 de l'école doctorale RP2E
Les métiers de la chimie, la biologie et la pétrochimie
Insuline et biotechnologies
Discovering and understanding biotechnology applied to crops
OrganiSUMS, Eintauchen in unsichtbare Welten
Découvrir et comprendre les biotechnologies appliquées au monde végétal

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