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Topic : Colonies britanniques
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Field : Géographie du reste du monde
Histoire du reste du monde
Variant subject headings : Colonie inglesi (italien)
Colonies anglaises
Colonies -- Grande-Bretagne
Empire britannique
Empire colonial anglais
Empire colonial britannique
Grande-Bretagne -- Colonies

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Victorian Christianity and emigrant voyages to British colonies c.1840-c.1914
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Ireland in an imperial world
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Mistress of everything
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Periodical press and colonial modernity
Rencontres avec d'autres cultures
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The 1857 Indian uprising and the British Empire
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Masters and servants
Ruling minds
Communism and nationalism in postwar Cyprus, 1945-1955
Communal violence in the British Empire
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La nación imperial
Indigenous evangelists and questions of authority in the British Empire 1750-1940
The rag race
The new journalism, the new imperialism and the fiction of empire, 1870-1900
The new journalism, the new imperialism and the fiction of empire, 1870-1900
Histoire secrète de l'oligarchie anglo-américaine
The trouble with empire
The British Empire
The British Empire and the Hajj, 1865-1956
Engines for empire
Colonial naval culture and British imperialism, 1922-67
Artist and empire
Imperial leather
Country houses and the British empire, 1700-1930
The second British Empire
Emancipation and the remaking of the British imperial world
Liberalism in empire
La décolonisation britannique
Medicine and colonialism
An Anglican British World
Loyalism and the formation of the British world, 1775-1914
Fight or flight
Colonization and the origins of humanitarian governance
Legacies of British slave-ownership
Empire's children
Neo-Victorianism and the memory of empire
L'Empire britannique
A shifting empire
A Problem of Great Importance
Broadcasting empire
From plunder to preservation
Empire, migration and identity in the British world
Imperial gothic
Evaluating Empire and confronting colonialism in eighteenth-century Britain
Africa, empire and globalization
Gandhi's printing press
Unfinished empire
Assimilation and empire
Ramparts of Empire
Britain's oceanic empire
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Le siècle britannique
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Citizen soldiers and the British Empire, 1837-1902
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Transculturation in British art, 1770-1930
Ireland and Empire, 1692-1770
Britain's experience of empire in the twentieth century
Aspects of empire
Missionary discourse
British decolonisation, 1919-1984
Das Britische Empire
Indigenous peoples of the British dominions and the first world war
Britain and its empire in the shadow of Rome
La décolonisation britannique
Genteel women
Transnational networks
La décolonisation britannique
Curating empire
Race, racism and development
Racial crossings
Colonial virtue
Wales and the British overseas empire
The Aborigines' Protection Society
Liberty's exiles
Servants of empire
Habwlešet ḥwqeret
Globalising British policing
Free at last ?
Le siècle d'Albion
Kingdom and colony
Human encumbrances
Empire to nation
Illustrating empire
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Imperial landscapes
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The white man's world
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British engineers and Africa, 1875-1914
Film and the end of empire
The new A-Z of empire
Imperial endgame
Dewigged, bothered, and bewildered
Britain's empire
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Patterns of empire
Scotland and the British Empire
God's empire
Ghosts of empire
L'histoire coloniale en débat
Distant drums
Discovering indigenous lands
The British labour movement and imperialism
Classics and imperialism in the British empire
Settlers and expatriates
Migration and empire
Race, nation and empire
Exclusionary empire
The price of emancipation
The iconography of independence
Churchill's empire
Sir John Malcolm and the creation of British India
Understanding the British Empire
Purifying Empire
Discours de circonstance sur la question noire
Unlearning the colonial cultures of planning
Staatsbürger, Untertanen und Andere
Child, nation, race and empire
Museums and empire
L'abolition de l'esclavage au Royaume-Uni, 1787-1840
Health and medicine at sea, 1700-1900
Missionary imperialists?
Ambiguities of empire
The empire project
Geographies of regulation
Le débat sur l'abolition de l'esclavage
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The wishful thinking
The Ismailis in the colonial era
Portraits of a prince
Gender, labour, war and empire
Women and empire, 1750-1939
The British Empire and its contested pasts
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World englishes
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Empires of religion
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26-4-29, arrivée de la mission Simon
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26-4-29, arrivée de la mission Simon

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