Espaces métriques

Topic : Espaces métriques
Source file : RAMEAU
Field : Mathématiques
Variant subject headings : Spazi metrici (italien)

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Analyse dans les espaces métriques
Metric measure geometry
Theory of hyperconvex metric spaces
Metric modular spaces
Convex analysis and optimization in Hadamard spaces
Metric spaces, convexity, and non-positive curvature
Mathematical tools for data mining
Analyse fondamentale
Nonlinear potential theory on metric spaces
Analyse fondamentale
Optimization on metric and normed spaces
A nonlinear transfer technique for renorming
Inégalités à poids sur les espaces métriques mesurés
A nonlinear transfer technique for renorming
Introduction to metric and topological spaces
Gradient Flows
Mathematical tools for data mining
Mathematical analysis
Metric Spaces
Algebra and Analysis for Engineers and Scientists
Metric spaces
Metric spaces
Dictionary of distances
Metric spaces
Markov chains on metric spaces
Gradient flows
Bitopological spaces
Topics on analysis in metric spaces
Heat kernels and analysis on manifolds, graphs, and metric spaces
Lectures on coarse geometry
A course in metric geometry
An introduction to metric spaces and fixed point theory
Lectures on analysis on metric spaces
Triangular norms
Convergence of probability measures
Introduction to the analysis of metric spaces
Fractured fractals and broken dreams
Geometry of cuts and metrics
Nonstandard logics and nonstandard metrics in physics
Lectures on spaces of nonpositive curvature
Initiation à l'analyse appliquée
Metric spaces of fuzzy sets
Invariant distances and metrics in complex analysis
Topologies on closed and closed convex sets
Probability metrics and the stability of stochastic models
Kähler metric and moduli spaces
Linear operators in spaces with an indefinite metric
Metric spaces
Operators in indefinite metric spaces, scattering theory and other topics
Weak convergence of measures
Metric methods for analyzing partially ranked data
Metric linear spaces
Ergodic theory on compact spaces
Embeddings and extensions in analysis
The geometry of metric and linear spaces
Économie urbaine et espaces métriques
Exposés de géométrie
Convergence of probability measures
Probability measures on metric spaces
Die innere Geometrie der metrischen Räume
Méthodes topologiques dans les problèmes variationnels
Les espaces métriques fondés sur la notion d'aire

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