Génie industriel

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Topic : Génie industriel
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Field : Économie politique. Travail
Variant subject headings : Génie technique
Ingegneria industriale (italien)
Ingénierie industrielle
Techniques industrielles

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Défis de l'automatisation des systèmes sociotechniques
Modeling and simulation in industrial engineering
Lean en ingénierie
Transactions on engineering technologies
Les grands événements de l'année
New perspectives on applied industrial tools and techniques
Industrial design engineering
Management avancé
Introduction to industrial engineering
Outils avancés pour le management
Statistical methods for quality assurance
Materials research for manufacturing
Applied Systems Theory
Handbook of Sustainable Luxury Textiles and Fashion
Social Life Cycle Assessment
Roadmap to sustainable textiles and clothing
Transactions on Engineering Technologies
Une France industrieuse et industrielle
Encyclopedia of Systems and Control
Mechanical, information and industrial engineering
Data Envelopment Analysis
Le monde du génie industriel au XXe siècle
Neue Entwicklungen in der Additiven Fertigung
Einführung in die Heterogene Katalyse
Baustellenmanagement im Anlagenbau
Schlanker Materialfluss
Veränderungsprozesse erfolgreich gestalten
Wörterbuch der Fertigungstechnik. Dictionary of Production Engineering. Dictionnaire des Techniques de Production Mécanique Vol. I
Wörterbuch der Fertigungstechnik. Dictionary of Production Engineering. Dictionnaire des Techniques de Production Mécanique Vol. I
Metal Matrix Composites
Manufacturing of Natural Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites
Modular System Design and Evaluation
Advances in Robust Fractional Control
Competition and Conflicts on Resource Use
Modeling and Control of Greenhouse Crop Growth
Recombinant Enzymes - From Basic Science to Commercialization
Stochastic Modeling of Thermal Fatigue Crack Growth
Complex system modelling and control through intelligent soft computations
Material Selections by a Hybrid Multi-Criteria Approach
Enhancing Synergies in a Collaborative Environment
Autonomous Guided Vehicles
Applied Simulation and Optimization
Colloid process engineering
Service Orientation in Holonic and Multi-agent Manufacturing
Ceramic Materials from Coffee Bagasse Ash Waste
Smart Milan
Design and Modeling of Mechanical Systems - II
Research Advances in Industrial Engineering
Foundations & Principles of Distributed Manufacturing
Exploring sustainable behavior structure in higher education
Production and Efficiency Analysis with R
Additive Fertigung mit Selektivem Lasersintern (SLS)
Herstellung metallisch gebundener Schleifscheiben für das Schleifen von Riblets
NX 9.0 für Maschinenbauer
Process simulation using WITNESS
Proceedings of 2013 4th International Asia Conference on Industrial Engineering and Management Innovation (IEMI2013)
Assessment of carbon footprint in different industrial sectors Volume 2
Lévy processes and their applications in reliability and storage
CIRP encyclopedia of production engineering
Werkstoff Glas
Das Ingenieurwissen
Service science
Prozesskette Präzisionsschmieden
Kommentierte Formelsammlung Bioverfahrenstechnik
Engineering verfahrenstechnischer Anlagen
Mathematical formulas for industrial and mechanical engineering
Design and Development of Knowledge Management for Manufacturing
Dynamische Regelselektion in der Reihenfolgeplanung
Enterprise Interoperability VI
Optimization and Control Methods in Industrial Engineering and Construction
The Motor Car
Pulver und Schüttgüter
Praxiswissen Schweißtechnik
Engineering asset management 2011
Lean manufacturing in the developing world
Industrial cloud-based cyber-physical systems
System identification and adaptive control
Projektmanagement für Ingenieure
Annals of Industrial Engineering 2012
Produktionslogistik/Produktionssteuerung kompakt
Advances in Product Family and Product Platform Design
Design, Modeling and Control of Nanopositioning Systems
Governare i processi per governare l'impresa
Materials Management
Quantitative Models for Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking
Data-driven design of fault diagnosis systems
Towards the internet of services
Scheduling of Power Generation
Protonendotierung von Silizium
Innovationsprozesse zyklenorientiert managen
Vacuum Drying for Extending Food Shelf-Life
Industrial moisture and humidity measurement
Das Ingenieurwissen
Wide Area 2D/3D Imaging
Technology Roadmapping for Strategy and Innovation
Power from Pellets
Micro Metal Forming
Smart product engineering
Proceedings of the Institute of Industrial Engineers Asian Conference 2013
Re-engineering manufacturing for sustainability
Proceedings of the 37th International MATADOR Conference
Robust Control Design with MATLAB®
Stochastic modeling for reliability
Mass Customization and Sustainability
Case Studies in Control
Coil Coating
MEMS product engineering
A practical guide to the manufacture of sulfuric acid, oleums, and sulfonating agents
Aufgabensammlung Werkstoffkunde
Praxishandbuch Operational Due Diligence
Proceedings of 20th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
Energie- und ressourceneffiziente Produktion von Aluminiumdruckguss
Principles of polymer design and synthesis
Energie- und hilfsstoffoptimierte Produktion
The 19th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
The 19th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
The 19th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
The 19th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
Schlanke Logistikprozesse
The 19th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
Energieeffizienz in der Industrie
Simulation diskreter Prozesse
Proceedings of 2012 3rd International Asia Conference on Industrial Engineering and Management Innovation (IEMI2012)
Control systems with saturating inputs
Industrialisation et systèmes industriels
Fundamentals of digital manufacturing science
Mechanical Design Optimization Using Advanced Optimization Techniques
Healthcare management engineering
Auftragsmanagement der industriellen Produktion
Moderne C++ Programmierung
Optimization for industrial problems
Integrierte Industrielle Sach- und Dienstleistungen
Produktionsplanung und -steuerung 1
Produktionsplanung und -steuerung 2
Montage in der industriellen Produktion
Logistik 1
Smart Engineering
Logistik 2
Biotechnologische Energieumwandlung in Deutschland
Praxiswissen Gleitschleifen
Praxiswissen Intralogistikplanung
Sensoren für die Prozess- und Fabrikautomation
Supply chain engineering
Metallurgical Process Engineering
Glocalized Solutions for Sustainability in Manufacturing
Metodi di ottimizzazione non vincolata
Emulsion-based free-radical retrograde-precipitation polymerization
Wertschöpfung in der Bottom-up-Ökonomie
Integrative Produktionstechnik für Hochlohnländer
Foundations of location analysis
Advanced modeling and optimization of manufacturing processes
Dictionary of Production Engineering/Wörterbuch der Fertigungstechnik/Dictionnaire des Techniques de Production Mechanique Vol IV
Geometric tolerances
Product Lifecycle Management
Sustainable automotive technologies 2011
Digitale Fabrik
Handbook of industrial engineering equations, formulas, and calculations
Advances in human factors, ergonomics, and safety in manufacturing and service industries
Modelling and control for intelligent industrial systems
Optimal design of experiments
Proceedings of the 6th CIRP-Sponsored International Conference on Digital Enterprise Technology
Engineering Asset Lifecycle Management
Production engineering and management under fuzziness
Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Fluidized Bed Combustion
Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2010
Frontiers of assembly and manufacturing
Solid Surfaces, Interfaces and Thin Films
Manufacturing intelligence for industrial engineering
Proceedings of the 36th International MATADOR Conference
Beyond world-class productivity
System design optimization for product manufacturing
Distributed manufacturing
Grain Boundary Segregation in Metals
Progress in industrial mathematics at ECMI 2008
Logic and integer programming
Crystallization Modalities in Polymer Melt Processing
Robot Motion and Control 2009
Control configuration selection for multivariable plants
Discontinuous Control Systems
Design of flexible production systems
Technology Guide
DRM, a design research methodology
Advanced microsystems for automotive applications 2009
Production Systems Engineering
Manufacturing and service enterprise with risks
Scheduled-based Modeling of Transportation Networks
Advances in industrial engineering and operations research
Fundamental numerical methods for electrical engineering
Modeling of adhesively bonded joints
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