Opérateurs linéaires

Topic : Opérateurs linéaires
Source file : RAMEAU
Field : Mathématiques
Variant subject headings : MSC 47AXX (2000)
Operatori lineari (italien)
The year : 2000

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Semigroups of linear operators
Hilbert space and quantum mechanics
Theoretical foundations of functional data analysis, with an introduction to linear operators
Practical linear algebra
Foundations of the complex variable boundary element method
Dynamical systems generated by linear maps
From linear operators to computational biology
Generalized solutions of operator equations and extreme elements
Mathematical concepts of quantum mechanics
Projection matrices, generalized inverse matrices, and singular value decomposition
Intermediate spectral theory and quantum dynamics
Observation and control for operator semigroups
Optimal domain and integral extension of operators
Algebraic multiplicity of eigenvalues of linear operators
Operator theory in inner product spaces
Methods of Nonlinear Analysis
Selected preserver problems on algebraic structures of linear operators and on function spaces
Stable approximate evaluation of unbounded operators
Algebra and Analysis for Engineers and Scientists
History of Banach spaces and linear operators
History of Banach spaces and linear operators
Selected preserver problems on algebraic structures of linear operators and on function spaces
Stable approximate evaluation of unbounded operators
Interpolation, Schur functions, and moment problems
Infinite matrices and their finite sections
Recent advances in operator-related function theory
Operator theory and indefinite inner product spaces
Operator theory, systems theory, and scattering theory
Similarity Problems and Completely Bounded Maps
Spectral properties of noncommuting operators
Linear operators and linear systems
Spectral properties of noncommuting operators
Means of Hilbert Space operators
C₀-semigroups and applications
Operator functions and localization of spectra
Convolution operators and factorization of almost periodic matrix functions
The theory of fractional powers of operators
Similarity problems and completely bounded maps
Invitation to linear operators
Linear algebra and linear operators in engineering
One-parameter semigroups for linear evolution equations
On the geometry of diffusion operators and stochastic flows
On the geometry of diffusion operators and stochastic flows
Multivalued linear operators
Banach spaces and operators which are nearly uniformly convex
Analyse fonctionnelle & théorie spectrale
Numerical range
Linear functional equations. Operator approach
Perturbation theory for linear operators
Existence families, functional calculi, and evolution equations
Time-varying discrete linear systems
Best approximation in spaces of bounded linear operators
Linear operators
Theory of linear operators in Hilbert space...
Linear partial differential operators in Gevrey spaces
Mathématiques pour la physique Tome 3
Théorie des opérations linéaires
The Adjoint of a Semigroup of Linear Operators
Group theoretical methods and their applications
Linear operator in function spaces
Extension and interpolation of linear operators and matrix functions
Functional analysis and linear operator theory
Convolutional calculus
The analysis of linear partial differential operators I
Nonlinear functional analysis and its applications II
Classes of linear operators
Linear operators in spaces with an indefinite metric
Special classes of linear operators and other topics
Linear operators Part III
Linear operators Part 2
Linear operators Part I
Analyse mathématique et calcul numérique pour les sciences et les techniques 4
Semigroups of linear operators
Theory of linear operations
Factorization of linear operators and geometry of Banach spaces
Positive operators
Spectral theory of linear operators and related topics
Algebraic methods for Toeplitz-like matrices and operators
Random linear operators
The method of orbits in interpolation theory
Topics in operator theory systems and networks
Calderón-Zygmund operators, pseudo-differential operators, and the Cauchy integral of Calderón
Spectral Theory of Banach Space Operators
Radical Banach algebras and automatic continuity
Spectral approximation of linear oprators
Linear equations in Banach spaces
Extension of positive operators and Korovkin theorems
Geometry and probability in Banach spaces
Operator ideals
The Ruelle-Araki Transfer Operator in Classical Statistical Mechanics
Physique quantique et opérateurs linéaires
The structure of nuclear Fréchet spaces
Theorie des opérations linéaires
Nonlinear Operators and the Calculus of Variations
Lineare Operatoren in Hilbertträumen
Introduction to spectral theory in Hilbert space
Holomorphiegebiete, pseudokonvexe Gebiete und das Levi-Problem
Linear operators and approximation II
Locally compact semi-algebras
Iterative Methods for the Solution of a Linear Operator Equation in Hilbert Space - A Survey
The approximation of continuous functions by positive linear operators
Lectures on Operator Algebras
The multiplier problem
Opérateurs linéaires dans l'espace d'Hilbert
Unbounded linear operators

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