Littérature anglaise -- 450-1100 (vieil anglais)

Topic : Littérature anglaise -- 450-1100 (vieil anglais)
Source file : RAMEAU
Field : Littératures
Variant subject headings : Littérature anglaise du Moyen âge
Littérature anglaise médiévale
Littérature anglaise -- Moyen âge
Littérature anglo-saxonne
Littérature en vieil anglais
Littérature vieil-anglaise
The time : 0450-1100

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The Cambridge companion to medieval English law and literature
From medievalism to early-modernism
Epistolary acts
Undoing Babel
Compelling God
'Charms', liturgies, and secret rites in early medieval England
Transitional states
The experience of education in Anglo-Saxon literature
Writing, kingship and power in Anglo-Saxon England
England, Ireland, and the insular world
The Psalms in medieval English literature
Nonhuman voices in Anglo-Saxon literature and material culture
Conquest and transformation
Inhabited spaces
The making of England
Weaving words and binding bodies
The ecology of the English outlaw in medieval literature
From Old English to Old Norse
Latinity and identity in Anglo-Saxon literature
Imagining the Jew in Anglo-Saxon literature and culture
Strategies of identity construction
Teaching Beowulf in the twenty-first century
Ancient Germanic literatures
The Anglo-Saxons
Between earth and heaven
The Anglo-Saxon literature handbook
A history of old English literature
The Cambridge history of early medieval English literature
Writing women saints in Anglo-Saxon England
Inconceivable beasts
Old English literature and the Old Testament
Land and book
Biblical paradigms in medieval English literature
Opening up Middle English manuscripts
Translating the past
Secular learning in Anglo-Saxon England
Saints and scholars
Palimpsests and the literary imagination of medieval England
Anglo-Saxon psychologies in the Vernacular and Latin traditions
Fact and fiction
Anglo-Saxon England and the continent
Rome en Angleterre
La formule dans la littérature et la civilisation de l'Angleterre médiévale
The sea and Englishness in the Middle Ages
Chronicles of the reign of Alfred the Great Part I
Chronicles of the reign of Alfred the Great Part II
Monsters, gender, and sexuality in medieval English literature
Thise stories beren witnesse
Anglo-Saxon culture and the modern imagination
The poetics of old English
Levinas and medieval literature
Women and the divine in literature before 1700
Stealing obedience
New readings in the Vercelli book
Striving with grace
The propur langage of Englische men
Cultural diversity in the British Middle Ages
Beowulf and beyond
Text, image, interpretation
Source of wisdom
The grounds of English literature
Constructing nations, reconstructing myth
Death and violence in old and middle English literature
Transmission and transformation in the Middle Ages
People and texts
Ruling women
A place to believe in
The place of the cross in Anglo-Saxon England
Literary landscapes and the idea of England, 700-1400
Texte(s) et contexte(s)
The power of words
Odd bodies and visible ends in medieval literature
Writing and texts in Anglo-Saxon England
Creation, migration and conquest
How tradition works
The epistemology of the monstrous in the Middle Ages
L'articulation langue-littérature dans les textes médiévaux anglais
Latin learning and English lore
Readings in medieval texts
Jeunesse et vieillesse
The Cambridge Old English reader
Worlds made flesh
Old English literature
The footsteps of Israel
The grounds of English literature
Sex and sexuality in Anglo-Saxon England
La complémentarité
Adversus judaeos
A history of old English literature
The paradox of the mystical text in Medieval English literature
Textual and material culture in Anglo-Saxon England
Apocryphal texts and traditions in Anglo-Saxon England
Surface et profondeur
Anges et démons dans la littérature anglaise au Moyen âge
Paroles et silences
Unlocking the wordhord
Early medieval English texts and interpretations
Old English literature
Writing gender and genre in medieval literature
A companion to Old and Middle English literature
Old English literature
A companion to Anglo-Saxon literature
The discourse of enclosure
Lexis and texts in early English
Le sezioni poetiche della "Cronaca anglosassone"
Satan unbound
Pilgrimage in medieval English literature 700-1500
Germanic texts and Latin models
Humour in Anglo-Saxon literature
Imagining the Anglo-Saxon past
The Anglo-Saxon warrior ethic
Rewriting Old English in the twelfth century
Parcours judaïques V
Literary appropriations of the Anglo-Saxons from the thirteenth to the twentieth century
The recovery of Old English
The Cambridge history of English literature Vol. 1
La chronique d'Ingulf
Motherhood and mothering in Anglo-Saxon England
Women's writing in English
Text and gloss
Of giants
La ronde des saisons
Sharing story
Fe y literatura en el periodo anglosajon (ss. VII-XI)
Words and works
Minding the body
Heathen gods in the old English literature
Images of faith in English literature, 700-1500
Reading Old English texts
Anglo-Saxonism and the construction of social identity
L'anglais médiéval
Traditionen der klassischen Rhetorik im angelsäschsischen England
Pagans and christians
An invitation to Old English and Anglo-Saxon England
The editing of Old English
The editing of Old English
Alexander the Great in the literature of medieval Britain
The New Pelican guide to the English literature 1. - Part one
Old and Middle English literature
Histoire de la littérature anglaise du Moyen âge
The Penguin history of literature Volume 1
Old English literature
English literature before Chaucer
The tomb of Beowulf and other essays on Old English
Anglo-Saxon literature
Chapters on Old English literature
Assays Volume VII
Anglo-Saxon women and the church
Old English prose of secular learning
Life of St. AEthelwold
The middle ages
Speaking two languages
La littérature de la pénitence dans l'Angleterre anglo-saxonne
The Cambridge companion to old English literature
Pagan words and Christian meanings
Literacy and power in Anglo-Saxon literature
La letteratura del Medioevo inglese
Literacy and power in Anglo-Saxon literature
Religion and literature in Western England, 600-800
Poets and prophets
Catalogue of manuscripts containing Anglo-Saxon
Verbal dueling in heroic narrative
Desire for origins
Sources of Anglo-Saxon literary culture
The New Pelican guide to English literature 1. - Part two
Migration and mythmaking in Anglo-Saxon England
Allegories of war
Anglo-Saxon England 18
Mündlichkeit und Schriftlichkeit im englischen Mittelalter
The beginnings of English literature to Skelton, 1509
Anglo-Saxon England 17
Old English and Medieval literature
The Phoenix at the fountain
On Old English
An Annotated bibliography of North American doctoral dissertations on old English language and literature
English literature before Chaucer
Learning and literature in Anglo-Saxon England
A Collection of papers with emphasis on old English literature
Altenglische Literatur und ihre Geschichte
A New critical history of old English literature
Modes of interpretation in Old English literature
Woman as hero in old English literature
Dictionary of Old English
Studies in earlier old English prose
Sources of Anglo-Saxon culture
Art and doctrine
Sex aetates mundi
A Microfiche concordance to Old English
Learning and literature in Anglo-saxon England
A Microfiche concordance to Old English
"Beowulf"'s Wealhtheow and the valkyrie tradition
Approaches to teaching Beowulf
Old English literature
Medieval literature : the European inheritance
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An introductory grammar of Old English with an anthology of readings
Evur happie & glorious, ffor I hafe at will grete riches
The Longman anthology of Old English, Old Icelandic and Anglo-Norman literatures
The Longman anthology of Old English, Old Icelandic and Anglo-Norman literatures
The Longman anthology of British literature Volume 1A
Chronicles of the dark ages
Anglo-Saxon prognostics, 900-1100
The Anglo-Saxon world
Old and Middle English c.890-c.1400
L'articulation langue-littérature dans les textes médiévaux anglais
Poems and prose from the old English
Des animaux et des hommes
'Tis all in peeces, all cohaerence gone'
Anglo-Saxon England 16
Anglo-Saxon England 15
True Tales of the olden time

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