Topic : Holisme
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Field : Philosophie

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Fin de millénaire

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Mind and body in early China
La scienza di nuovo incantata
Anthropology's interrogation of philosophy from the eighteenth to the twentieth century
The psychological and cultural foundations of East Asian cognition
Évolution spontanée
La communauté des individus
Inteligencia vital
Rethinking the individualism-holism debate
What holism can do for social theory
Ästhetischer Holismus
Denis Diderots Idee vom Ganzen und die "Encyclopedie"
Sein und Geist
L' olismo nella scienza e nella filosofia
Filozoficzne przesłanki holizmu historiozoficznego w myśli Augusta Cieszkowskiego
Experiments in holism
A more perfect union
Das Paradigma des holistischen Idealismus
Plaidoyer pour la vie sur la Terre
Striving for the whole
Holistic anthropology
The structured self in Hellenistic and Roman thought
Explizite Komplikationen
Une philosophie de la culture
Interpretationale Erkenntnistheorie
Louis Dumont
Le holisme épistémologique de Kant
Holismus und Individualismus in den Wissenschaften
Perception of faces, objects, and scenes
A philosophy of culture
Alle radici dell'olismo
Holism in philosophy of mind and philosophy of physics
Holism and reductionism in biology and ecology
Holism and the understanding of science
The laws of creative evolution
Les fondements empiriques de la signification
Diderot's holism
Évaluation, institution
Reenchanted science
The Churchlands and their critics
Les institutions du sens
La mutation du futur
Lire Davidson
Lire Davidson
Manzilaẗ al-kullī fī al-falsafaẗ al-ʿarabiyyaẗ
L'univers est un hologramme
Holism, language and persons
Donad Davidson and the mirror of meaning
Bewusstsein in Beziehungen
Der (un)teilbare Geist
A morally deep world
Le Temps du changement
The wholeness principle
Bewusstsein in Raum und Zeit
Vers une conscience planétaire
Die Einheit der Welt
Marxism and totality
The Content of social explanation
The Reenchantment of the world
Das Neue Bewusstsein
Holistic explanation
Holism and evolution

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