Arthur Evans (1851-1941)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : 08-07-1851
Death : 11-07-1941
Note :
Field : Archéologie. Préhistoire. Histoire ancienne
Variant of the name : Arthur John Evans (1851-1941)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0871 7805

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Arthur Evans's travels in Crete, 1894-1899
Inscriptions in the Minoan linear script of class A
Index to The Palace of Minos with Arthur Evans (1851-1941) as Éditeur scientifique
The Palace of Minos... at Knossos, by Sir Arthur Evans,...
L'Italie et les Yougo-slaves, une situation dangereuse, par Sir Arthur Evans. Traduction du "Manchester Guardian" des 26 et 28 décembre 1918
Les Slaves de l'Adriatique et la route continentale de Constantinople. Traduit de l'anglais par P. de Lanux
Scripta Minoa, the written documents of Minoan Crete, with special reference to the archives of Knossos, by Arthur J. Evans...
The European diffusion of primitive pictography. - [5]
Anthropology and the classics. Six lectures delivered before the University of Oxford... Edited by R. R. Marett,... with Arthur Evans (1851-1941) as Autre
The European diffusion of primitive pictography.... - [3]
The prehistoric Tombs of Knossos. I. The cemetery of Zafer Papoura. II. The royal tomb of Isopata. By A. J. Evans
The Prehistoric tombs of Knossos. I. The cemetery of Zafer Papoura. II. The royal tomb of Isopata. By Arthur J. Evans,...
The British lake-village near Glastonbury, letters and papers relating thereto and now published by the Glastonbury antiquarian Society, by Robert Munro,... Prof. W. Boy Dawkins,... Arthur J. Evans,... Arthur Bulleid,... 4th edition,...
The Mycenaean tree and pillar cult and its Mediterranean relations, with illustrations from recent Cretan finds, by Arthur J. Evans,...
The Athenian portrait-head by Dexamenos of Chios
Cretan pictographs and prae-Phoenician script, with an account of a sepulchral deposit at Hagios Onuphrios near Phaestos in its relation to primitive Cretan and Aegean culture, by Arthur J. Evans,...
The History of Sicily from the earliest times, by Edward A. Freeman,... with Arthur Evans (1851-1941) as Éditeur scientifique
The "Horsemen" of Tarentum, a contribution towards the numismatic history of Great Greece, including an essay on artists', engravers' and magistrates' signatures, by Arthur J. Evans,...
Through Bosnia and the Herzegóvina on foot during the insurrection, August and September 1875, with an historical review of Bosnia and a glimpse at the Croats, Slavonians, and the ancient republic of Ragusa, by Arthur J. Evans,...
Dalmatia and the Jugoslav movement, by count Louis Voinovitch. With a preface by Sir Arthur Evans,... with Arthur Evans (1851-1941) as Préfacier

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Ancient Illyria

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Restoring the Minoans
Sir Arthur Evans and Minoan Crete
Knossos and the prophets of modernism
Engraved gems from Dalmatia
Minos et la Crète ou le Secret de la civilisation européenne
The Bull of Minos

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