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Topic : Bengale-Occidental (Inde)
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Variant subject headings : West Bengal (Inde) (anglais)

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Folk & tribal - Bengal / Folk devotional - Bengal

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Voyage rituel
Singing pictures
Rouge Bengale
Ballade indienne
Jana Sanskriti
Sous le soleil
Painted ballad of India

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[Jeunes femmes du Bengal, Calcutta, 1913]
Jeune femme du Bengal, Calcutta, 1913

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Land dispossession and everyday politics in rural Eastern India
Activism and agency in India
Treize hommes
Neo-Thinking on Ganges-Brahmaputra basin geomorphology
The politics of caste in West Bengal
Redefining tribal identity
Rural politics in India
The Santal women
La force de dire non
The genus Oedogonium link (Chlorophyta : Oedogoniales) in West Bengal, India
La force de dire non
La force de dire non
Painted songs
Revelry, rivalry, and longing for the goddesses of Bengal
Pedagogy for religion
Les vagabonds enchantés
Women of the Tagore household
Decolonization in South Asia
Encyclopaedia of cities and towns in India Vol. XXIV
Encyclopaedia of cities and towns in India Vol. XXIII
Fisheries and fishermen
The genus Bulbochaete C.A. Agardh (Chlorophyta Oedogoniales) in West Bengal, India
Visible histories, disappearing women
Bourgeois Hinduism, or the faith of the modern Vedantists
The spoils of partition
Imperial entanglements and literature in English
Ethnic identity and religion in the India-Bangladesh borderlands
Le naufrage du Ter Schelling
State formation and radical democracy in India
A life less ordinary
Mythes en terre cuite
An annotated archaeological atlas of West Bengal
Socio-economic condition of South West Bengal in the nineteentth century
Changing status of women in West Bengal, 1970-2000
Peindre au Bengale (1939-1977)
Productivity, competitiveness and incomes in Asia
The regional roots of developmental politics in India
Caste, culture and hegemony
Food movement of 1959
Theatre beyond the threshold
Offering flowers, feeding skulls
The bomb in Bengal
A survey of Jainism and Jaina art of Eastern India
Making virtuous daughters and wives
The architecture of the Adina mosque in Pandua, India
Religious revivalism as nationalist discourse
Baṅgāla śailī kī citrakalā
The economics of ecstasy
Inventing subjects
Caste, class and the raj
Le naufrage du "Terschelling" sur les côtes du Bengale
Mit irdischem Schaudern und göttlicher Fügung
Enfants de la déesse
Au risque de tout perdre
Quran, a divine law
Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal Bihar and Orissa
Agricultural land capability of West Bengal
West Bengal & Orissa
Rank and Rivalry
Encyclopaedia of India Vol. XXV
Crafts of West Bengal
Development policy of a Communist government
Land and local kingship in eighteenth-century Bengal
Archaeology of eastern India
The rise of Islam and the Bengal frontier
Peasant labour and colonial capital
The genus spirogyra (chlorophyceae : Zygnemataceae) in West Bengal, India
Banned Bangel
The making of a new "Indian" art
Studies in archaeology
Factions, ideology and politics
The gift of a virgin
Studies in art and archaeology of Bihar and Bengal
The Congress party in west Bengal
District level population projection of Orissa, West Bengal and Goa, Daman and Diu, 1981-2001
Fertility and child mortality estimates of West Bengal
Tribal guerrillas
Agrarian Bengal
Left extremist movement in West Bengal
Constraints in Bengal politics
Rank and rivalry
Les Relations familiales dans le Bengale rural
The Brahmans of Bengal
Folk tales of India series 6
Between Sikkim and Bhutan
From field to factory
The Tiyar, a scheduled caste in West Bengal
The Lepchas of Darjeeling district
The peasantry of Bengal
Kalighat painting

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