Littérature anglaise -- 1100-1500 (moyen anglais)

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Topic : Littérature anglaise -- 1100-1500 (moyen anglais)
Source file : RAMEAU
Field : Littératures
Variant subject headings : Littérature anglaise du Moyen âge
Littérature anglaise médiévale
Littérature anglaise -- Moyen âge
Littérature anglaise (moyen anglais)
Littérature en moyen anglais
Littérature moyen-anglaise
The time : 1100-1500

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Manuscripts in Christ's, Emmanuel, Jesus, Selwyn and Sidney Sussex Colleges, Peterhaouse and Trinity Hall, Cambridge
Truth and tales
Sanctity as literature in late medieval Britain
Learning to die in London, 1380-1540
Romancing treason
Transparences médiévales
Women's writing in Middle English
Middle English texts in transition
Wales and the medieval colonial imagination
Romance and the gentry in late medieval England
Scribal correction and literary craft
Narrating the Crusades
Sexual culture in the literature of medieval Britain
New directions in medieval manuscript studies and reading practices
Fragments and assemblages
Fantasies of the other's body in middle English oriental romance
Answerable style
Cultural difference and material culture in Middle English romance
Scribes and the city
Renaissance retrospections
The culture of inquisition in medieval England
Recursive origins
Humorous structures of English narratives, 1200-1600
A handbook of Middle English studies
Relics and writing in late medieval England
Traditions and innovations in the study of medieval English literature
Authorising history
Animal encounters
Fatherhood and its representations in Middle English texts
Voix (et voies) du désordre au Moyen âge
Translating Troy
Die mittelenglische Romanze zwischen Imitation und Innovation
Popular reading in English c.1400-1600
Translating the past
Sartorial strategies
The medieval Python
The presence of medieval English literature
Convergent approaches to mediaeval English language and literature
John Trevisa and the English Polychronicon
English manuscript studies, 1100-1700
Transmission and generation in Medieval and Renaissance literature
Biblical paradigms in medieval English literature
An introduction to British Arthurian narrative
English manuscript studies, 1100-1700
The Virgin Mary in late medieval and early modern English literature and popular culture
La formule dans la littérature et la civilisation de l'Angleterre médiévale
The sea and Englishness in the Middle Ages
Rethinking the "South English legendaries"
Divine ventriloquism in medieval English literature
Revisiting decadence
In strange countries
Fairies in medieval romance
Narrative developments from Chaucer to Defoe
Fact and fiction
Listen, o isles, unto me
Other nations
Representations of Eve in antiquity and the English Middle Ages
Living death in medieval French and English literature
Looking in holy books
Crafting Jewishness in medieval England
The Trojan mirror
Radical pastoral, 1381-1594
Palimpsests and the literary imagination of medieval England
Wonderful to relate
Medieval Latin and middle English literature
Fleshly things and spiritual matters
Women and writing, c.1340-c.1650
Géographies du monde, géographies de l'âme
Thise stories beren witnesse
Acts of recognition
Monsters, gender, and sexuality in medieval English literature
Sacred and profane in Chaucer and medieval literature
Textual cultures
The claims of poverty
Antimercantilism in late medieval English literature
Heresy and orthodoxy in early English literature, 1350-1680
Imagining an English reading public, 1150-1400
Rhetorics of bodily disease and health in medieval and early modern England
Occasions for writing
Communicating early English manuscripts
The Oxford handbook of medieval literature in English
Monstrous women in Middle English romance
A companion to medieval popular romance
A concise companion to Middle English literature
Printing in England in the fifteenth century
From Aesop to Reynard
Women and the divine in literature before 1700
Translations of authority in medieval English literature
Between medieval men
Tudor manuscripts, 1485-1603
Crafting the witch
Ethics and eventfulness in Middle English literature
Levinas and medieval literature
The rituals and rhetoric of queenship
The milieu and context of the Wooing group
The medieval British literature handbook
Body against soul
The mutable glass
The familiar enemy
Violence and vengeance in Middle Welsh and Middle English narrative
The post-historical Middle Ages
Poverty in late Middle English literature
Maintenance, meed, and marriage in medieval English literature
The Cambridge companion to medieval English literature
Cultural diversity in the British Middle Ages
Design and distribution of late medieval manuscripts in England
The medieval poetics of the reliquary
The propur langage of Englische men
Sexuality and its queer discontents in Middle English literature
Lay piety and religious discipline in Middle English literature
Medieval writers and their work
Medieval romance and the construction of heterosexuality
The visual object of desire in late medieval England
The religions of the book
Later medieval English literature
Histoire de la littérature anglaise Tome I
Authority and subjugation in writing of medieval Wales
The sea and medieval English literature
Literature and heresy in the age of Chaucer
Performing the Middle Ages from "Beowulf" to "Othello"
Clerks, wives and historians
Beowulf and beyond
Transforming talk
A companion to medieval English literature and culture, c.1350-c.1500
Fiction and history in England, 1066-1200
Medieval women's writing
Transmission and transformation in the Middle Ages
Manmade marvels in medieval culture and literature
Death and violence in old and middle English literature
Humanism, reading, and English literature 1430-1530
The grounds of English literature
Chaucerian conflict
Affections of the mind
People and texts
Cannibalism in high medieval English literature
The creation of Lancastrian kingship
Reading the medieval in early modern England
Writing masculinity in the later middle ages
The voice of the hammer
Chaucer and Langland
Key concepts in medieval literature
The erotic in the literature of medieval Britain
Middle English
Hunting law and ritual in medieval English literature
Bonoure and buxum
The surgeon in medieval English literature
Literary landscapes and the idea of England, 700-1400
The Jew in the medieval book
Odd bodies and visible ends in medieval literature
Performing polity
Writings on love in the English Middle Ages
Angels on the edge of the world
A companion to Middle English hagiography
Mindful spirit in late medieval literature
A place to believe in
Studies in late medieval and early Renaissance texts in honour of John Scattergood
Images of matter
The idea of Anglo-Saxon England in middle English romance
A manual of the writings in Middle English, 1050-1500 Volume 11
Saracens and the making of English identity
Representing righteous heathens in late medieval England
Jeunesse et vieillesse
Readings in medieval texts
The epistemology of the monstrous in the Middle Ages
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Simple forms
English biography before 1700
Practicing literary theory in the Middle Ages
Evur happie & glorious, ffor I hafe at will grete riches
From the Norman Conquest to the Black Death
The Middle English romances of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries
Þe comoun peplis language
The Longman anthology of British literature Volume 1A
Regional manuscripts, 1200-1700
Broken lines
Transparence et ambiguité de la "semblance"
Old and Middle English c.890-c.1400
Vernacular literary activity in the Twelfth-century England
The trials and joys of marriage
Medieval English literature
Writing the future
Placing Middle English in context
Des animaux et des hommes
Studies in Middle English saints' legends
The text and tradition of Layamon's "Brut"
Medieval English prose for women
English logic and semantics
Early Middle English verse and prose
Les troubadours et l'Angleterre

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