Henry Cabot Lodge (1850-1924)

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Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : 12-05-1850
Death : 09-11-1924
Note :
Écrivain. - Sénateur. - Grand-père de Henry Cabot Lodge (1902-1985)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0859 5334

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Selections from the correspondence of Theodore Roosevelt and Henry Cabot Lodge, 1884-1918...
The Pilgrims of Plymouth, an address at Plymouth, Mass., December 21, 1920, on the three hundredth anniversary of their landing, by Henry Cabot Lodge,... with a poem by Le Baron Russell Briggs,...
Address of senator Henry Cabot Lodge,... in honor of Theodore Roosevelt,... before the Congress of the United States. February 9, 1919
Theodore Roosevelt, by Henry Cabot Lodge
War addresses
National defense, a speech delivered before the National security league on January 22, 1916, at Washington... by hon. Henry Cabot Lodge,...
Washington's policies of neutrality and national defense, address delivered... by hon. Henry Cabot Lodge,...
Early memories, by Henry Cabot Lodge...
One hundred years of peace, by senator Henry Cabot Lodge...
George Washington
The Public opinion bill, speech of hon. H. C. Lodge before the Central labour union of Boston, September 15, 1907...
Acceptance and unveiling of the statue of Daniel Webster in Washington on January 18, 1900. Addresses, by senator Chandler, the secretary of the Navy, Hon. John Long, senator Lodge...
The War with Spain, by Henry Cabot Lodge...
The Story of the Revolution, by Henry Cabot Lodge...
Historical and political essays
Boston, by Henry Cabot Lodge,...
George Washington, by Henry Cabot Lodge...
Studies in history, by Henry Cabot Lodge,...
Alexander Hamilton
Daniel Webster
American statesmen 7
George Washington. - [1]
Daniel Webster. - [1]

Éditeur scientifique (3)

Addresses and presidential messages of Theodore Roosevelt (1902-1904). With an introduction by Henry Cabot Lodge
The Works of Alexander Hamilton, edited by Henry Cabot Lodge. [Federal edition. 2d edition.]
The Federalist, a commentary on the Constitution of the United States, being a collection of essays written in support of the Constitution agreed upon September 17, 1787, by the Federal Convention, reprinted from the original text of Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison. Edited by Henry Cabot Lodge,...

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Addresses and presidential messages of Theodore Roosevelt (1902-1904). With an introduction by Henry Cabot Lodge

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The war lovers
Henry Cabot Lodge and the search for an American foreign policy

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Sénateur Henry Cabot Lodge de Mass[achusetts] (Keystone)
Sénateur [Henry Cabot] Lodge (Keystone)

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