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Szechwan (Chine)

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Summer pasture
Le meilleur vin de Chine
Voyage au coeur d'une culture millénaire
Minorities of the Southwest
Folk music

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[Recueil. Photographies positives originales. Oeuvre de Jinlong Bai]
[Portraits de femmes]
[Recueil. Mission archéologique, Chine, 1914. Traversée du Sichuan]
[Recueil. Mission archéologique, Chine, 1914. Ya-ho [Yahe] et environs de Kia-ting [Jiading]]
[Recueil. Mission archéologique, Chine, 1914. Paysages du Sichuan]
[Recueil. Mission archéologique, Chine, 1914. Che-souen t'ang [Shisuntang]]
[Recueil. Mission archéologique, Chine, 1914. Yun ting chan [Yundingshan]]

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Conflict, community, and the state in late imperial Sichuan
The politics of rights and the 1911 Revolution in China
Violence and order on the Chengdu Plain
Buddhist stone sutras in China Volume 4
Rural China on the eve of revolution
Buddhist stone sutras in China Volume 3
Contesting the Yellow Dragon
Mei ge ren de gu xiang dou zai lun xian
"Hua yang guo zhi" xin jiao zhu
Sichuan zhi qing shi
The Gongyang Commentary on the Spring and Autumn Annals
Footbinding and women's labor in Sichuan
A change in worlds on the Sino-Tibetan borderlands
In the land of the eastern queendom
Buddhist stone sutras in China Volume 1
Buddhist stone sutras in China Volume 2
Prosperity's predicament
War finance and logistics in late imperial China
Ritual words
La Chine des minorités ou les peuples oubliés
Jean Basset, 1662-1707
Power and politics in tenth-century China
The spread of Tibetan Buddhism in China
Liang shan li shi bei ke zhu ping
M8.0 Wenchuan earthquake
Quand la terre s'est ouverte au Sichuan
Si chuan qiong lai you zha fang yan ji
Beautiful Sichuan
Religious revival in the Tibetan borderlands
The Sichuan frontier and Tibet
Eating rice from bamboo roots
Poppies and politics in China
Le Sichuan : un nouveau choix en Chine
Si chuan fang yan ci yu zhi yu su yan jiu
Xing cun zhe
Le Sichuan : un nouveau choix en Chine
Zhong guo xi nan de li liang
La France et le Sichuan
Doing business in rural China
The talent of Shu
Liang shan luo yi kao cha bao gao
The Sanxingdui site
San xing dui
Passagère du silence
Der Berg des Lao Zi in der Provinz Sichuan und die 24 Diözesen der daoistischen Religion
The merchants of Zigong
Passagère du silence
Qing mo chuan bian zang qu gai tu gui liu kao
Passagère du silence
Chine, l'énigme de l'homme de bronze
Shen mi de wang guo
Passagère du silence
Passagère du silence
Ways of being ethnic in Southwest China
Une fille de la faim
Si chuan Pen di de qing tong shi dai
Looking for Chengdu
Zhongguo minjian gushi ji cheng
Chinesische Schatten
Ecological situation of high-frigid rangeland and its sustainability
Zhong guo min jian ge qu ji cheng
Gräber in Sichuan von der Tang- bis zur Song-Zeit
The economic role of Szechwan in Sung times (A. D. 960-1279)
Deux années au Setchouen
In praise of Maoist economic planning
Kientchang et Lolotie
Ancient Sichuan and the unification of China
The Highlanders of Central China
Le tour d'Asie
Untersuchungen über die Salzgeschichte von Sichuan (311 v. Chr.-1911)
A Survey of the religious sculptures of Anyue
Du Guangting
Red earth
The country of streams and grottoes
Centre and province in the People's republic of China
Les sculptures millénaires de Dazu
Province and politics in late Imperial China
Ssuch' uan vom 7. bis 10. Jahrhundert
Adventure, sport and travel on the Tibetan steppes
Western China
From Peking to Mandalay
To the snows of Tibet through China
Archaeological studies in Szechwan
Premier exposé des résultats archéologiques obtenus dans la Chine occidentale par la Mission Gilbert de Voisins, Jean Lartigue et Victor Segalen (1914)
San tai Qi jiang ya mu

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