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Topic : Philosophie comparée
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Field : Philosophie
Variant subject headings : Philosophie -- Méthode comparative

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Calibrating Western philosophy for India
De l'écart à l'inouï
La pensée chinoise
Logos et analogia
Chinese and buddhist philosophy in early twentieth-century german thought
Theories of truth in Chinese philosophy
Existence and heritage
Soznanie, logika, âzyk, kulʹtura, smysl
Hikaku shisō kara mita Nihon Bukkyō
The moon points back
De l'être au vivre
L'hexagone et l'archipel
The common good
On the death of the pilgrim
Nothingness and desire
Kyoto-Schule - Zen - Heidegger
Chinese & french views on knowledge and society today
Auf der Suche nach Methoden interkulturellen Philosophierens
The Axial Age and its consequences
Gandhi and the stoics
Cette étrange idée du beau
Dialogues on relativism, absolutism, and beyond
Dialogically speaking
After appropriation
La dimension imaginaire du réel dans la philosophie de Husserl
Les transformations silencieuses
Intercultural philosophy
Analytic versus continental
What Is enlightenment ?
Integral pluralism
Methodologies of comparative philosophy
Comparative and intercultural philosophy
Essays on Indian philosophy in comparative perspective
Nishida and Western philosophy
Deleuze, Whitehead, Bergson
Les transformations silencieuses
Ritual and deference
Kierkegaard and Japanese thought
American and European values
Schopenhauer and Indian philosophy
Crossing horizons
Expanding process
La pensée antique
Formen des Philosophierens
Islamic philosophy and occidental phenomenology on the perennial Issue of microcosm and macrocosm
Analogy in Indian and Western philosophical thought
Au moyen du Moyen âge
Heidegger, Rorty, and the Eastern thinkers
Liberation as affirmation
Catégories de langue et catégories de pensée en Inde et en Occident
Chemins qui mènent ailleurs
Agir, non-agir en Chine et en Occident
Philosophie comparée, Grèce, Inde, Chine
Masaʿwt piylwswpiyyim
Comparative essays in early Greek and Chinese rational thinking
Shen qing song zi xuan ji
John Dewey, Confucius, and global philosophy
Georges Dumézil, un naturel comparatiste
Boston Confucianism
Referring to God
Genèse de la pensée en Occident
The Tao encounters the West
The symposium of Chinese-American philosophy and religious studies Vol. 1
Komparitive Philosophie
Philosophie aus interkultureller Sicht
Understanding in human context
Oriental philosophy
Aristote de Bagdad
The bounds of freedom
Emotions in Asian thought
Knowing from words
L'itinéraire d'un profane
The body, self-cultivation, and ki-energy
Les illusions de l'identité
Knowing words
Becoming bamboo
The politics of skepticism in the ancients, Montaigne, Hume, and Kant
Culture and modernity
Diligence philosophique
Pour l'incertain
East of existentialism
Ouvertures du logos
Die Stellung der Philosophie in der Universitas Litterarum
Comparative philosophy and the philosophy of scholarship
La filosofía del estado de vigilia
Science and comparative philosophy
L'âme et son mécanisme
Philosophy in world perspective
Interpreting across boundaries
Harmony and strife
The self in its worlds
The Logic of unity
Third eye philosophy
Knowledge and intervention
The Idealistic philosophy of Śaṁkara and Spinozā
The East-West understanding of man
Philosophie iranienne et philosophie comparée
Buddhism and American thinkers
La Logique des Orientaux
Gegenwart der Antike
Religion and the One
Process metaphysics and Hua-yen Buddhism
Indien und Europa
Sinologische Anmerkungen zum europäischen Philosophiebegriff
L'Œil de Śiva
Proceedings 2
Philosophies and cultures
Comparative philosophy
Proceedings 1
New keys to East-West philosophy
Philosophie iranienne et philosophie comparée
Man East and West
Études de philosophie et de mystique comparées
Gefahr und Verantwortung
Van het redelijke zijnsbegrip naar de spirituele zijnservaring
Philosophy and culture, East and West
Philosophical systems
La sophistique
Histoire de la philosophie moderne, à partir de la renaissance des lettres jusqu'à la fin du XVIIIe siècle
Histoire comparée des systèmes de philosophie, relativement aux principes des connaissances humaines
Triêt́ lý đôí chiêú

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