Bibliothèques nationales

Topic : Bibliothèques nationales
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Field : Sciences de l'information et de la documentation
Administration publique
Urbanisme. Architecture du paysage
Variant subject headings : Biblioteche nazionali (italien)
Bibliothèques de conservation
Bibliothèques patrimoniales

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15th meeting of the Conference of directors of National libraries, Asia Oceania, CDNL-AO, 2007
Les fonctions bibliographiques d'une bibliothèque nationale

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Die Zukunft der Memoria
Gunnar Birkerts
Storia della Biblioteca nazionale di Firenze
Kunskapens rike
The book of the British Library
Anwāʾ al-maktabāt
Curating the past, Creating the future
Rax me that buik
Scientific libraries
Over koninklijke en andere bibliotheken
National libraries in the knowledge based society
Den store bogtyveri
[Recueil. Documents d'information]
[Recueil. Documents d'information]
Landesbibliotheksbau in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz
Kokuritsu kokkai toshokan Kansai-kan no kenchiku
Les bibliothèques nationales en Afrique francophone subsaharienne au XXI ème siècle
Las bibliotecas nacionales
Disegnare con la luce
Castle of light
Alessandrie d'Europa
Latvijas nacionālā bibliotēka
European national libraries
Lost books of medieval China
Russian library treasures
America's library
[Recueil. Documents d'information]
Kokuritsu kokkai toshokan gojū nen-shi
The National Széchényi library
Treasures of the National Library
The design and construction of the British Library
Les bibliothèques nationales de la francophonie
Nijūisseiki no kokuritsu toshokan
Profile of National libraries in Southeast Asia
Buchhandel, Bibliothek, Nationalbibliothek
National libraries 3
Historia de las bibliotecas nacionales de Iberoamérica
Library automation in Korea
Guide to libraries in Western Europe
I luoghi della memoria scritta
Les bibliothèques nationales de la francophonie
The people's treasures
CNLSA and national libraries
Les grandes bibliothèques de l'avenir
Politique patrimoniale
Structures and roles of National library services in an evolving Southern Africa
The role of national libraries in the new information environment
Guide to libraries in Western Europe
L'avenir des grandes bibliothèques
Great research libraries of the Western world
Proceedings of the Fourth international conference of directors of national libraries in Asia and Oceania
Biographical directory of national librarians
Bibliothèques et services d'information
National library and information needs
Propositions pour une Grande Bibliothèque
Propositions pour une Grande Bibliothèque
Nationalbibliotheken im Jahr 2000
Propositions pour une Grande Bibliothèque
Til guld skal det blive...
A national library in theory and in practice
Guidelines for national libraries
Great research libraries of the Western world
Quelques textes intéressant la Bibliothèque nationale
National libraries
The Role of national libraries in developing countries
International and national library and information services
International and national library and information services
Utilisation of national library resources
Tâches et problèmes des bibliothèques nationales
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