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Overland journey from India. Musiques du Bundelkhand, de la région indo-népalo-tibétaine de Pithoragarh et de Tripura
Overland journey from India. Musiques de danses et musiques religieuses [Madhya Pradesh, Penjab, Orissa]
Overland journey from India. Musiques des tribus Bhils et Uraon

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Kalavati ou L'art d'être femme dans un village de l'Inde centrale
Musiques du Madhya Pradesh
Annstram, Raju, Utom et les autres

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Le prince de Galles à Bhopal, temple à Sanchi
Monuments à Sanchi, ruines de Chitya [i. e. Chaitya] hall, et au fond le grand stupa
Le prince de Galles à Bhopal, monument de Sanchi, entrée du cimetière de la grande stupa
Le prince de Galles à Bhopal, monuments de Sanchi élevés à la gloire de Buddha

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Early times
Rethinking revolutions
Des images pour les dieux
Encyclopaedia of cities and towns in India Vol. VI
Encyclopaedia of cities and towns in India Vol. VII
Smuggling as subversion
The Niʿmatnāma manuscript of the Sultans of Mandu
Feudal social formation in early medieval India
The development of scheduled tribes in Madhya Pradesh
L'arbre et le lotus
Madhya Pradesh through the ages
Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra
Madhyapradeśa ke prācīna kīrtisthala
Monolithic temples of Madhya Pradesh
Bhil sub-groups in caste milieu
The Rajgonds
Slums in new industrial towns
Gupta art and architecture
Encyclopaedia of India Vol. VI
Madhyapradeśīya-kṣetra ke antararājyīya sambandhoṃ kā adhyayana
Dynastic history of Nalas
Tribal encounter with industry
Fertility and child mortality estimates of Madhya Pradesh
Changing patterns of landuse among the Baigas of Madhya Pradesh
Visages de l'Inde médiévale
Archaeological excavations in Durkadi Nala
Gods of the byways
Madhya Pradesh
Folk tales of India series 12
Survey of Halabi in Madhya Pradesh
Historical geography of Madhya Pradesh from early records

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