Topic : Ultrasons
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Field : Physique
Variant subject headings : Ondes ultrasonores

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Acoustic technics
Handbook of ultrasonics and sonochemistry
Power ultrasonics
Microscale acoustofluidics
Sonochemistry and the acoustic bubble
Fundamentals of ultrasonic phased arrays
Ultrasonic instruments and devices II
Ultrasonic instruments and devices I
Quantitative ultrasound in soft tissues
Advances in ultrasound technology for environmental remediation
Ultrasonic doppler velocity profiler for fluid flow
Ultrasound technologies for food and bioprocessing
Ultrasonic inspection technology development and search unit design
Bone quantitative ultrasound
Characterization of liquids, nano- and microparticulates, and porous bodies using ultrasound
Basics of biomedical ultrasound for engineers
Ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia and pain medicine
Basics of biomedical ultrasound for engineers
Ultrasonic wave propagation in non homogeneous media
Ultrasonic processes and machines
Analytical applications of ultrasound
Physical acoustics in the solid state
Les ultrasons
Van der Waals complexes in supersonic beams
Comité consultatif de l'acoustique, des ultrasons et des vibrations
Ultrasound and elastic waves
High-intensity ultrasonics
Ultrasonic techniques for fluids characterization
Quelques aspects de la dispersion ultrasonore
Ultrasonic measurements and technologies
Ultrasound in liquid and solid metals
Ultrasons, propagation des ondes ultrasonores
The evaluation of materials and structures by quantitative ultrasonics
Ultrasonic motors
Ultrasonics International 93.
Physical acoustics 21
Ultrasonics International 91.
Les ultrasons et leurs intensités
Ultrasonic testing of materials
Laser ultrasonics
Ultrasound in synthesis
Etude en laboratoire de l'atténuation des ondes longitudinales
Fundamental physics of ultrasound
Physical acoustics Volume XVIII
Ultrasons, propagation des ondes ultrasonores
Ultrasons, propagation des ondes ultrasonores
Ultrasonics international 87.
Ultrasonic absorption
Les Ultrasons
Les Ultrasons
Ultrasonics International 83
Internal friction and ultrasonic attenuation in solids
Colloque sur la diffusion des ondes ultrasonores
Ultrasound, its applications in medicine and biology
Ultrasonic investigation of mechanical properties
Ultrasonic investigation of mechanical properties
Physical acoustics
Ultrasonic Physics
Propriétés piézo-chimiques, physiques et biophysiques des ultra-sons
Enhancing the Role of Ultrasound with Contrast Agents

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