Topic : Helminthes
Source file : RAMEAU
Field : Zoologie
Variant subject headings : Vers intestinaux parasites

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Vers intestinaux

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Helminth infections and their impact on global public health
How helminths alter immunity to infection
Adolpho Lutz e a Coleção Helmintológica do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz
Foodborne parasites
Épidémiologie des maladies parasitaires Tome 2
A color atlas of clinical helminthology of domestic animals
Detection methods for algae, protozoa, and helminths in fresh & drinking water
Helminths of wildlife
Veterinary helminthology
Atlas of medical helminthology and protozoology
Parasite communities

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GUSANOS 92quater A. - [6]
VERMES 92quater B. - [7]
VERS 224bis. - [13]

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