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Topic : Culture populaire -- Aspect politique
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Field : Sciences sociales. Sociologie
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Le Rock-monologue

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Patti Smiths kosmopolitische Stimme
Die Partizipationsmotive der plebs urbana im spätrepublikanischen Rom
Rock oltre cortina
Heaven can wait
Le savant et le populaire
La plèbe de Rome et sa culture
The Politics of dialogic imagination
Anguish, anger, and folkways in Soviet Russia
Recasting Red culture in proletarian Japan
From Frontiers to Football
The naked communist
Doing democracy
Soviet mass festivals, 1917-1991
Visions of empire
Tintin est-il de gauche ? Astérix est-il de droite ?
Serbian dreambook
Vibrations jamaïcaines
After broadcast news
Pleasure and power in Nazi Germany
Para a história dos tempos livres em Portugal
Paḥad mawwet
Between fear and freedom
Siamo qua con canti e suoni
The new cultural history of Peronism
A commonwealth of the people
Die Macht des Populären
Reframing contemporary Africa
Africans and the politics of popular culture
Cuba in the American imagination
Conspiracy panics
Hans Magnus Enzensberger
Che Guevara
Epic revisionism
Quel bruit ferons-nous ?
Performing justice
Palestine, Israel, and the politics of popular culture
Canzone politica e cultura popolare in America
Critical cultural policy studies
Manifest destiny's underworld
Museum politics
Fight the power!
Life has become more joyous, comrades
Politics and popular opinion in East Germany, 1945-68
To lead the free world
European culture in the Great War
Napoleonic art
The politics of display
Cultures populaires, identités et politique
The cultural front
Cultural remix
Cultures et folklores républicains
Republic of signs
Transforming modernity
From classe struggle to the politics of pleasure
Atatürk'ün kültür kurumu
The rise and fall of the white republic
Le savant et le populaire
La Culture populaire en Grèce pendant les années 1940-1945
La fête de l'Humanité
Cultura popular y lucha de clases
Conformismo e resistência
The frailty of authority
Las Culturas populares en el capitalismo
Sociologia della cultura popolare in Italia

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