Collisions (physique nucléaire)

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Topic : Collisions (physique nucléaire)
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Field : Physique
Variant subject headings : Bombardement par les particules
Chocs (physique nucléaire)
Collisions nucléaires
Particules (physique nucléaire) -- Collisions

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Faisceaux d'ions lourds, collisions nucléaires et macrophysique du noyau
Le noyau atomique, un étonnant microcosme
The search for the W and Z

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Screening constant by unit nuclear charge method
The large hadron collider
Study of quark gluon plasma by particle correlations in heavy ion collisions
Flavor physics at the Tevatron
Charge multiplicity asymmetry correlation study searching for local parity violation at RHIC for STAR collaboration
Collisional narrowing and dynamical decoupling in a dense ensemble of cold atoms
Photon-Atom Interactions
Study of the inclusive beauty production at CMS and construction and commissioning of the CMS pixel barrel detector
Particle accelerators, colliders, and the story of high energy physics
The Large Hadron Collider
The large hadron collider
An introduction to the physics of particle accelerators
Relativistic collisions of structured atomic particles
Trapped charged particles and fundamental interactions
Perspectives on LHC physics
Ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions
Precision electroweak physics at electron-positron colliders
Molecular processes in plasmas
Physique des plasmas collisionnels
Springer Tracts in Modern Physics, Volume 58
Non-linear dynamics and fundamental interactions
Lectures on ion-atom collisions
New Concepts II
New Concepts III
New Concepts I
Latest advances in atomic cluster collisions
Theory of the interaction of swift ions with matter Part 2
Theory of the interaction of swift ions with matter Part 1
CLIC Contribution to the technical review committee on a 500 GeV e+e- linear collider
Cold and ultracold collisions in quantum microscopic and mesoscopic systems
Nucleus-nucleus collisions
Polarization, alignment, and orientation in atomic collisions
Nuclear dynamics in the nucleonic regime
Polarization and correlation phenomena in atomic collisions
Supercomputing, collision processes, and applications
Physique des collisions nucléaires
Collision processes and excitation of UV emission from planetary atmospheric gases
Electron correlation dynamics in atomic collisions
X-ray radiation of highly charged ions
Electron emission in heavy ion-atom collisions
Collider physics
The Partonic Structure of the Photon
Exclusive Production of Neutral Vector Mesons at the Electron-Proton Collider HERA
Computational atomic physics
Relativistic atomic collisions
Relativistic atomic collisions
Reference data on multicharged ions...
Physics in collision 13
Phase transitions of interacting particle systems
Particle production in highly excited matter
Physics in collision 12
Atomic collisions
Frontier topics in nuclear and astrophysics
Resonance phenomena in electron-atom collisions
Dynamical collision theory and its applications
Physics in collision 11
Anomalous nuclear effects in deuterium/solid systems
Advances in nuclear dynamics
Nuclear collisions from the mean-field into the fragmentation regime
Thin films and beam-solid interactions
Computer simulation of ion-solid interactions
Physics in collision 9
Molecular processes in space
Physics in collision 10
Energetic charged-particle interactions with atmospheres and surfaces
Contribution à l'étude de la collision hélion-4 proton et à la spectrométrie de recul élastique
Heavy flavours and high-energy collisions in the 1-100 TeV range
Introduction to the theory of atomic and molecular collisions
Physics in collision 8, Capri, Italy, 19-21 Oct. 1988
Third International conference on nucleus nucleus collisions
Physics in collision 7, Tsukuba, Japan, August 25-27, 1987
Frontiers of particle beams
Collider physics
Optics of charged particles
Collisions of electrons with atoms and molecules
Quantum collision theory
Physics in collision 5
Intermediate quantum mechanics
Atomic collisions and spectra
Nucleon-nucleon and nucleon-antinucleon interactions
Quark Matter '84
Semiclassical descriptions of atomic and nuclear collisions
Applied atomic collision physics volume 2
Theory of slow atomic collisions
Collisions and half-collisions with lasers
Applied atomic collision physics volume 4
Antiproton, proton physics and the W discovery
Photon-assisted collisions and related topics
Programme et communications
Applied atomic collision physics volume 3
Introduction to atomic and molecular collisions
Applied atomic collision physics volume 1
Applied atomic collision physics volume 5
Special topics
Applied atomic collision physics
Atomic physics, accelerators
New Developments in Semiconductor Physics
Atomic physics
Atom-molecule collision theory
Heavy ion collisions
Inelastic ion-surface collisions
Atomic processes and applications
Théorie non-relativiste des collisions
Classical and Quantum Mechanical Aspects of Heavy Ion Collisions
High energy physics
Les méthodes d'approximation variationnelles dans la théorie des collisions atomiques et dans la physique des piles nucléaires

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