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Topic : Ions
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L'effet des ions sur vous
L'effet des ions sur vous

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Ions in solution and their solvation
The encapsulation phenomenon
Ionic interactions in natural and synthetic macromolecules
Osmotic and ionic regulation
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Dissociative recombination
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Solid state ionics
Water and ions in biomolecular systems
Ion and cluster ion spectroscopy and structure
The structures of binary compounds
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Electronic absorption spectra of radical ions
The structure of small molecules and ions
Aberration theory in electron and ion optics
Medium-energy ion reflection from solids
Ion implantation
Les Réactions chimiques en solution aqueuse
Ions, cell proliferation, and cancer
Interpretation of mass spectra
Handbook of atomic data
Ions-cyclic nucleotides-cholinergy
Cation flux across biomembranes
Ions and ion pairs and their role in chemical reactions
Introduction to electron and ion optics
Ionic interactions
Multiplets of transition-metal ions in crystals
Atom und Ionen
La solvatation des ions
La théorie de l'ion amphotère
Activité et interaction ionique
La théorie des ions et l'électrolyse

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